Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge - Day 2: 10 Things That Make Me Happy :)

Hello again honeys,
So today it's day two of the blog-tember challenge from the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love  Have you joined in yet? If so, do leave me a link in the comments section so that I can read your posts too?

Today's assignment is:
"Sept 2nd: Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers."

This is such a wonderful idea for a post, so I've decided to share 10 things that make me happy :) I blogged this once before, although previously I listed 32 things that make me happy, what can I say, I'm a cheery person :)

1. My Husband

First reason to be happy for me, today, tomorrow & always is my wonderful hubby :) With his stunning blue eyes & his gorgeous smile that lights up a room and still, after all these years, makes my heart skip, he's my world and is my whole happiness in a lovely wee hubby shaped package :)

2. Our furbaby Jade 

Has to be Jade of course :) Our adorable, never fails to make me smile, furbaby :) Isn't she a cutie?  She really is a smile on paws and always knows when her Mum needs a hug.

3. Sundays.

On Sunday mornings my husband cooks breakfast, beautifully it has to be said, and we have a quiet day together. We take a (very) short walk with Jade together, although she gets a much better, and farther, walk with her Dad than when I'm with them because of my mobility issues but she seems to like having us both there. It's our family time :) Later in the afternoon we meet up online with my dear friend (Hi Meme sweetheart <waves> love you!) and my Brother Paul (long, long ceased to be my Brother in Law, just my Brother now, I adore him) for a chat and giggles :) Yep, Sunday makes me happy :) 

4. Friends :)

As with many sufferers of a chronic illness, I am mostly housebound, this can be terribly isolating (as I discussed here ) and because of this my online friends are hugely important to me. Thank you dear ones, you know who you are <hugs tightly> xxx

5. Work.

Yes, I know. Not normally found on a list of things that make a person happy :) As I said, I am mostly housebound, travelling anywhere is difficult, so my part time, two days a week job, even though it exhausts me, makes me so happy :) I have two days each week where I can (almost) fool myself that I'm the "old (pre-illness) me." Two days where I can mix with people, chat, engage and smile. A lot, and I love it :)

6. Cooking.

I love to cook! I spend countless hours reading fabulous cookery blogs & scouring Pinterest looking for recipes to attempt and/or adapt. All of these kitchen experiments are tried out on my wonderful, never complains, ever, husband :) I may not be the best cook but I am enthusiastic and I do love it :)

For a time now, a couple of months, something wonderful has happened :) Hubby has joined me in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and we've been baking together. We're even talking about making our own Christmas cake this year :)

7. Home.

I adore our home. Truly. It is my safe place, my happy place.  It needs re-decorating, we have artex on walls and ceilings, leftover from the previous inhabitant to eventually eradicate (goodness! how expensive is it to have plastering work done?) It is far too cluttered with things collected over our life together, but we're working on it. We're de-cluttering, we're organizing and like everything else, we're doing it together.

8. Laundry.

Yes, you read that right :)  I adore laundry :)   Love it :) Lovely, fluffy, soft, fresh towels, crisp clean bedding, joy!  Standing in the kitchen with a cuppa looking out of the window at lines of  hubbys shirts, bedding, towels, our furbaby Jade's jackets (she has too many but she's not at all a diva about it lol) all fluttering gently in the breeze.  It makes me happier than anyone has a right to be, and oh my! the smell of freshly air dried laundry is better than the finest perfumes, it's just exquisite. Add to that the feeling of climbing into a freshly laundered bed at the end of a tiring day and, oh yes, laundry makes me happy :)

9. Spring.

Who doesn't love Spring? It's the time of year when the garden starts to come to life again, when pretty cardigans start to replace sweaters & mittens, when warming sunshine starts to make everyone shake off the Winter doldrums and feel better, and yes happier. Plus I get to start hanging our laundry outside after a long icky Scottish winter :)

10. Hugs.

I'm a hug addict lol, can't help it, I love to hug and be hugged. A hug from someone you love can sweep away a bad day like nothing else. Best thing is everyone has an inexhaustible supply! The more hugs you give, the more you get right back :) One size fits all & its the only gift you're happy to have returned :) Why not hug someone you love today, it might mean the absolute world to someone and maybe even make their day xx

So, there we have it honeys. My top 10 things that make me happy. I actually tried to think of different things, having done this before, but I simply can't. The reasons listed above make my life not just bearable but happy, full of smiles and just plain old worth living!

Once again, thank you to the lovely Bailey Jean for this link up, Blog-tember is a wonderful way to share posts and to make lots of new friends. I can't wait to read what makes everyone happy today.
Till tomorrow, sending heaps of hugs honeys xx 

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