Thursday, 24 March 2016

How To Grate Mozzarella Cheese For Perfect Pizza Topping

Hi Honeys
It's almost time to change our clocks here in the UK to roll over from our dark, dismal winter to a bright (please Mother Nature, I'm begging here!) cheery Spring and I am ridiculously excited!  It's been chucking down with rain for the past two days, the skies are dark and grey and the wind is so chilly it could slice & dice a person at our back door!

The clocks go forward one hour this weekend and surely then we'll see some sunshine and (oh my!) actually feel some warmth!  I'm not kidding here honeys, I've so had it with winter, feeling cold, grey, rainy skies and cardigans! I wanna wear t shirts & peg out laundry in lovely sunshine :)

Enough of my moans though :) After the recent surrealness surrounding my OXO post, I thought I'd share another of my "anything to avoid getting my hands icky" habits :)
How to grate mozzarella cheese for perfect pizza
Seriously honeys, I cannot stress enough how much I dislike even the idea of my hands getting icky! Can't do it. Not even a wee bit.... I know, I'm odd but I like to think I'm odd in a nice way :)

Thing is, I adore mozzarella cheese. It's my second favourite cheese (after perfect Scottish cheddar of course) but it's also packaged in a small bag floating in fluid which means you open the package and it's already in a super icky state!

Mozzarella is also the only cheese (sorry Cheddar) to top homemade pizza and I (if I say so myself) make a pretty mean pizza, using homemade dough, fresh basil, tomatoes and lashings of... grated mozzarella :)

How then to get that icky (but delicious) cheese grated and onto my pizza?

It's so easy honeys! I open the mozzarella packaging, drain the fluid away and place the mozzarella ball into a sandwich bag....  
Mozzarella Cheese drained and placed into a sandwich bag
The bagged cheese is then placed into one of our always present Ikea clip seal bags.  I use these bags for everything, it's how I get rid of packaging clutter :)
Four mozzarella cheese balls in clip seal bag ready to freeze
The bag is then placed into the freezer.  After around half an hour to forty minutes your cheese can be removed from the freezer and should be solid enough to be grated as easily as you would grate cheddar:)
Mozzarella Cheese Ready To Grate
 Grate, grate, grate and you'll have...
Perfectly Grated Mozzarella Cheese
The perfect, lighter than air, grated mozzarella cheese to sprinkle over your lovely fresh homemade pizza, to add to your cheese sauce in macaroni cheese (did that tonight! yumm!) to sprinkle over cheesy scrambled egg on toast or for any other yummy recipe that might require this delicious cheese  :)

I like to always have a couple of mozzarella cheese balls in the freezer ready to use when needed, hence the Ikea baggie in the freezer.  Mozzarella cheese freezes perfectly and if you want it to revert back into it's icky pre-frozen state (I don't judge lol) just remove it from the freezer and either allow to defrost at room temperature or overnight in the fridge to use next day.  It defrosts as perfectly as it freezes.

It's that easy honeys :)  Do you dislike getting icky hands as much as I do?  Do you have any kitchen hacks to avoid icky hands? If so, please share?  Are you a fan of homemade pizza? I've never tasted a shop bought pizza that compares to homemade, plus none of those awful preservatives and E numbers so homemade is far healthier.

Till next time dear ones, stay warm, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xxx

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