Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wondering What To Do With Left Over Candy Canes?

Hi Honeys
Has everyone started the great tidy up after Christmas?  Christmas might be fun but good grief it does make a mess of a lassie's house :) No matter how much we tidy up and try to keep on top of clearing away the wrapping paper and packaging and all of the other assorted litter of the holidays, it's never enough to make the house tidy again and you know what? That's fine!  It's the holidays :)

Are you nuts Rosie? I hear you ask, If I don't stay on top of it the house will be in chaos! Know what honeys? Maybe a wee bit of chaos is a good thing? Just a wee bit mind :) There'll be time for housework later, the house (or the housework) isn't going anywhere :) What about, just for today, you make time for you?

What To Do With Left Over Candy Canes

Still have candy canes lying around?  Have a look, there might be a couple still on the tree...  OK, having found a candy cane, off we pop to the kitchen to gather the following supplies...

1 large mug
Your favourite cocoa mix
and of course.... your candy cane :)
Optional extra: some lovely cream :) Bonus points for remembering the can of squeezy cream in the fridge left over from making the Christmas day trifle :)
  1. Warm your milk until it's lovely and warm.
  2. Mix through your cocoa till it's all combined with the milk taking care not to burn yourself.
  3. Add your cream to the top if you want to (this is supposed to be a wee treat after all, a reward for all of your hard work making the holidays fabulous for everyone else :)
  4. Pop your candy cane into your mug and take your lovely creamy hot chocolate to somewhere comfy and put your feet up. 
  5. Relax and enjoy! The candy cane will melt quite quickly so use it to stir your hot chocolate and you'll be left with the most delicious, yummy minty hot chocolate :) 
Put your feet up and relax

Why not make some yummy hot chocolate, gather candy canes and share with loved ones? Children will love stirring their hot chocolate with a candy cane.  Forget about the housework for a while honeys, make some yummy hot chocolate, and some lovely memories and get to the housework later :)

Yummy Minty Hot Chocolate

Till next time dear ones, huggles always xxx


  1. i love candy canes....yum!! I hope you are putting your feet up and relaxing too Rosie!!

    1. I was pretty much forced to have a sofa day yesterday honey, awful pain in my spine (have osteo in my lower spine) and ended up with a migraine at one point - ick! Better day today though thankfully, got some laundry done which believe it or not is fun to me :) Happy new year honey! Just noticed the time :) Hubby and I are watching Avengers: Age of Ultron here :) Sending heaps and heaps of huggles xxx

  2. My candy canes were eaten by the hoards of teenagers lol

    1. Oh no!! They didn't leave you a single wee candy cane? OK more candy canes are needed! Wish I could send some over the internet for you! I still have 4 precious candy canes sitting in the kitchen :/ Happy, happy new year wishes Yvonne I hope 2016 is full of fabulous things for you, huggles xxx

  3. Mmmm love minty hot chocolate in the holidays!

    1. Rhonda! Hello honey! How are you? Juniper is beautiful! I'm so, so happy for you & Hubby :) Congratulations :) I haven't been able to stop smiling for you :) Please rest and take care of you ok and darling Juniper of course :) Sending you mountains of love and hugs, oh what a fabulous start to the new year! Congratulations dear one huggles xxx