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Blogtember Challenge Day 4: Fashion trends

Hello again honeys
It's day 4 of the blog-tember challenge organized by the wonderful Bailey Jean on Brave Love. If you haven't joined yet, do go look at the prompts, it's such fun!

So, todays prompt is:  Sept 4th: Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

Blogtember Challenge Day 4

I need to tell you I'm re-writing this post. I had begun my prior draft by going through what I have in my wardrobe/closet & explaining why I like a couple of those styles/types of garments, but after re-reading the question, that isn't what's being asked at all!

Obviously I like what's in my wardrobe or I wouldn't have bought (and kept) it.  A quick glimpse through my wardrobe you'll find "fit & flare" dresses, pencil & "A line" skirts, crisp cotton blouses, soft wool cardigans and for relaxing, I have jeans, leggings (great with boots) and t shirts. Very ordinary, very practical & very boring.

Again though, the question asks for a trend I love.  Honestly, if I were to go on a shopping spree (who can afford that these days but we're dreaming here :) I would still buy classic pieces that I know will last, things that will have a long "rail life" in my wardrobe/closet. I'm practical like that :)

In all honesty though, if I were to choose a look I love I wouldn't be able to buy it. I would have to rummage around in (very) vintage shops (after saving for a very long time because they'd be expensive) or make them myself.  I have a long, long term love for all things vintage. I'm convinced that there was a huge cosmic error and I was born far, far too late! I don't belong in the 21st century, I would have been far more at home in the earlier decades of the 20th.

For instance, I adore the beautiful, glamorous, feminine fashions of the 1920s, when women were emerging from the shadows, when they cropped their hair and discovered their own worth and they dressed to suit themselves, not society.  How could anyone not love the dropped waistlines, elaborate headdresses and gorgeous art deco jewellery? Not having a time machine to travel back to shop, it is still, as I said possible, though rather expensive to shop this look.....

1920s style flapper dresses

As important as those gorgeous dresses are the accessories, the coats, shawls thrown over a gorgeous evening dress, beaded handbags that are just beyond stunning.... the details that can just make my heart skip, those are what I love :) I'm lucky enough to own a beautiful beaded evening bag my Grandmother gave me. It's one of my most treasured possessions. Since we're now technically headed back into the 20s can we revive just a little of this glamour please?

1930s fashion and accessories

Whilst I could so easily go on & on about so many vintage eras I adore, can I take a few minutes to share one of my other favourite eras? It is of course the more austere but still incredibly beautiful fashions of the late 1930s to late 1940s. The war years where ration books curtailed shopping and made ladies take up their sewing needles in order to shine were incredibly stylish.

1940s fashion

What defines the 1940s look for me are those gorgeous, fitted, silhouette enhancing suits. With their sharp more formal look and always present hats & gloves. Perfect is the only word I can think of that remotely fits this fabulous look :)   
1940s fashion
A last word then, in favour of vintage fashion. What girl wouldn't, at least once in her life, want to feel like Grace Kelly?  Even her name automatically brings images of floating dresses and the perfect balance of femininity & beauty.  Stunning. Wonderful. Perfect. With a little effort though, it's possible to try to re-create her look and lots of girls do for their proms and even weddings.

Clothing aside, the one passion I've always had & always will have is.... hats! I so wish I was born into an age where ladies wore hats & gloves Such joy! To this day my heart melts when watching period set dramas on tv and...... hats!!  I own a few, both formal (which sit in a hat box, longing for a wedding so they might have a chance of being worn) and more casual which come out in winter. But I own nothing like these beauties....

Vintage Hats
After so much beauty then honeys, on to my most disliked trend. What I object to are patterns, colours, styles that clash! An outfit created using patterns that shouldn't even be in the same room makes my head ache!
I know, honeys. How boring do I sound?  I can't help it though, things that clash just make my head spin and irritate me beyond all reason :) I do have quite an obsessive character though (labels (even those on tins/cans) facing the right way on shelves, no creases on fabric.... yeah, I might have a problem :)
Well dear ones, that's my day 4 in the blogtember challenge. Before I go, and I know I blogged about this before, but if you too want to release your inner designer, and have access to the most amazing virtual closet with which to create your looks, you have to join Polyvore. If you love fashion you won't regret it :)  Till tomorrow's challenge honeys, sending hugs xx 

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