Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How To Organize Beautiful Pashmina Scarves & Shawls Beautifully!

Hi honeys, 
Today I thought I'd share my most recent organizing project.  Do you adore pashmina scarves/shawls as much as I do? I don't have very many but I needed to find a way to store them carefully in order to take care of them.  

Let's see what I did shall we? 

How to safely organize pashmina scarves & shawls

Until recently I owned two pashmina scarves/shawls and stored them, folded carefully, in a drawer. Then a dear friend, <hugs Francine so tightly>  bought me another two, which I absolutely love! They are just beautiful and way too nice for me!

So, being too terrified to take them out of the bag in case anything happened to them, but so wanting to be able to see them :) I wanted to figure out a safe way to store them and I think I have :)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Heavenly Hasselback Potatoes Stuffed With Sliced Mozzarella & Tomato

Hi Honeys
Do you adore baked potatoes as much as I do?  Have you heard of Hasselback potatoes?  This  Swedish method has got to be the best way to cook a baked potato and has so many pluses and no minus whatsoever 😊

It's simply extra yummy-ness on a plate!

Yummy Hasselback Potatoes Stuffed With Sliced Mozzarella & Tomato.

Don't they look fabulous honeys?  There are so many different posts of this recipe all over Pinterest and when I first saw it mentioned I thought "why haven't I seen these before?" It was something different for dinner, looked interesting and given my love for all things Nordic it was bound to be a winner... and was it ever!

It's such a simple recipe and they are so incredibly delicious that they're bound to be a hit with the whole family. A dear friend's son has nicknamed them "hedgehog potatoes" and I LOVE that, it's adorable because to a child's eye I suppose they do look like little hedgehogs 😊

This has become one of my husband's favourites since I've played around with this method of making baked potatoes trying to find the perfect way (for us anyway) to make them and so far our favourite way of preparing them is:

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How not to let "fibro fog" steal your joy of reading!

Hi Honeys,
Have you ever read a book and found yourself so absorbed by it that time passes unnoticed, coffee goes cold and pages can't be turned quick enough to find out what happens next?  If so perhaps you'll understand my overwhelming and lifelong love affair with the printed page J 

 I spent a large chunk of my childhood curled up on the fireside rug with my very best friends.... my books.  I adore books.  A truly great book can make reality melt away. You'll love/hate the characters, feel their fears and joys. You'll travel their path with them and by the books end feel a genuine sense of grief at the loss of their world and the return to your own.

In previous posts here  and here I spoke of coping with a chronic illness. The pain, headaches & fatigue might stubbornly refuse to go away but I'll be damned if I let them beat me and you shouldn't either!  In this post I wanted to share something that's helped me keep literature in my life in spite of the dreaded "fibro fog." 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Organizing: ceramic planters as bathroom storage

Hi Honeys 
Well, here I go!  My very first, and hopefully not my last organizing post! I've decided to start with what was possibly my easiest, and fastest organizing project :) 

Ceramic planters used as beautiful bathroom storage

A while ago I was in Poundland and saw the loveliest set of two ceramic planters in the most gorgeous shade of teal.....

How ceramic planters can become useful storage...

Loved them! Took them home and they sat on the kitchen table for a while, one inside the other waiting for me to figure out what to do with them until I was in our very small bathroom cleaning one afternoon and inspiration hit!

Then this happened.....

Never Let A Chronic Illness Steal Your Happiness!

Hi Honeys, 
I Love Laundry!!  There. I said it. I really do adore doing laundry J The arrival of summer is met every year with my checking the weather report every morning. Will it stay dry? (we do get a LOT of rain) if so my morning is set! I walk around the house looking for anything I can add to my normal daily laundry of towels from myself & hubby's morning shower, whatever we've both worn day before, nightwear etc.

Coping with a chronic illness: Keep your happy place!

In the summertime it isn't at all unusual for me to change my bedding most mornings just because I can have them hanging outside to dry :) Such joy! And the smell when I bring them inside again just cannot be matched by the finest perfumes or the sweetest flowers :) Such a mundane home making task I know, but one that's ever more important to me as each year goes past.