Saturday, 17 September 2016

Bye Bye Bygel!

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to recommend any products, just sharing our latest little organizing project and hopefully some smiles too x

Hi Honeys
I know today is supposed to be day seventeen of the fabulous Blogtember challenge, and you can see everyone's posts, as well as our host, Bailey Jean's vlog too of course, here, but I don't vlog dear ones.  I have no idea how and even if I could figure it out, well, I'm no where near confident enough I'm afraid.

However, the point of Blogtember is that we should try to post every day for the month of September, so even if I can't join in with the vlogging challenge, I wanted to post today so I've decided to share a mini homemaking project that's made me smile today :)

Saying A Sad Farewell To Ikea's Bygel Range Which Is No Longer On Sale

You might remember that I recently complained mentioned :) that Ikea, my happy place, had discontinued one of my favourite organizing ranges, the Bygel range.  We have the rails, baskets and containers from the Bygel range all over our home and I absolutely adore them.  

Ikea have now replaced Bygel with a similar range of products called Sunnersta.  The Sunnersta range again includes a rail and containers.  I was undecided at first, I don't cope well with change honeys (I need to work on that someday...) but on our last visit we bought two of these new rails and some containers just to compare them.  We've a long ways to go before our home can be described as organized so we knew they'd be used somewhere :)

I posted recently showing our entryway/mudroom make-over and as part of that project Hubby had used one of the Sunnersta rails under the cupboard which houses our electric meter...

Sunnersta rail and containers in the entryway/mudroom
Having decided that I liked the Sunnersta rail in our little entryway/mudroom I had an idea :)  "What if...."  I asked Hubby, "we replace the Bygel rail in the bathroom with the new Sunnersta rail?"  My darling Hubby didn't even ask why he just did exactly what he always does when I ask him to do something, he just smiled and said "OK honey" bless him :)

Why change one perfectly good rail, and it's containers, with a different rail and containers I hear you ask dear ones, well, The Bygel rail is a silvery grey colour, as you can see.....

Bygel rail and containers act as extra useful storage in our small bathroom

Whereas the Sunnersta rail is white and blends in rather better with the mini shelf it sits under in our bathroom...

Sunnersta rail and containers act as extra storage in our bathroom

As you can see too, the square shape of the Sunnersta's containers also seems to fit in a little better somehow than the Bygel's rounder containers.

I really am ridiculously happy with this tiny project honeys (thank you sweetheart for changing the rails around for me x)

So, what did I do with the now spare Bygel rail then?  Again I asked Hubby (seriously, thank you sweetheart, I don't deserve you x) if he'd add the rail to the inside of the door to my little closet upstairs and of course he did :)

A second Bygel rail added to the inside of my closet door

The top rail (also a Bygel rail) was originally here, it's the second, lower rail which Hubby has added today. As you can see I've used this to store my scarves (which I originally had on the upper rail.) This is so great because it's allowed me to space them out a little and give them more room.

The rest of the upper rail has a Bygel container (home to two pairs of gloves which have matching scarves) and an "s" hook which has two of my favourite necklaces.

Other jewellery is stored in a jewellery box on the shelf which sits just behind the hanging rail in the closet...
Jewellery, hair accessories etc are stored on a narrow shelf which sits behind the hanging rail

This tiny closet is still working so well and it's a joy to get dressed in the morning honeys.  So many tiny organizing systems in this tiny space make using this closet a dream, I adore it.  If you'd like to see how I organized this closet you can see the post here honeys. 

There is also a post showing how I organized my own little "boutique" for my handbags on the closet door itself :)  My "going out" shoes are also all in this tiny closet too on shelves above the hanging rail.  It's, as I said honeys, a joy to get dressed in the morning :)

So, that's my little organizing project for today honeys.  Till tomorrow, when I'll be back with day eighteen of blogtember, stay warm (it's starting to get chilly at night) smile lots and hug even more, huggles always dear ones xx


  1. I really need to organize my closet. You have made use of space effectively. I can see how getting ready would be a joy with your organized closet.

    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you! I haven't ever had anything like this little space all to myself before. That's a woman thing I think, we put everyone else first and when it comes to doing things for ourselves, well we always seem to end up way back at the end of the queue. I feel very spoiled even though it's only a teeny, tiny cupboard I still love using it . I've just read your modern conveniences post Rhonda and those photos so scared me! I have a terror of basements anyway (too many horror movies when I was young :) but I'm so glad you have your own laundry room (bliss! if I could plan my dream home, a laundry room would be my first space planned :) and that you're safe now because that must have been horrendous! Having to go down into that creepy basement might even have put me off doing my laundry, and I do it for fun :) Thank you so much for visiting and please organize a wee space just for you? Something to make you feel as special as you absolutely are dear wee friend, huggles always xxx

    2. Hi...we have Bygel rails and I love them. Do you know if the Sunnersta Bins will fit on the Bygel rail? Needing more baskets. Thanks!

    3. Hi there, I'm sorry it's taken me a few day to reply, I'm battling health issues and didn't see your lovely comment till now. I just popped into the kitchen to try adding a new Sunnersta bin onto the Bygel rail there and it snapped on perfectly! This is great to know actually because I need a couple more little bins for the Bygel rail in my little closet in the bedroom so thank you too :) Thank you so much for visiting and for saying hello, I hope you're having a great day and looking forward to a wonderful weekend, hugs xx

  2. I need to convince you to come to Australia. I sorely need your skills.

    1. Hi Yvonne, aw bless you! I need several large skips and lots of help to clear this house out :) Aw honey I so wish I could get it all organized and keep it that way. I won't stop trying tho and every wee project feels great when we complete it but there is just too much stuff in our space :/ I'm working on it though, but I have a feeling I'll be in my 90s and still filling bags & boxes to go to the charity shop :) Sending heaps of huggles honey xxx

  3. Please come help me organize all my little stuff that is constantly floating around our place!!!

    1. Hi Heather, your home is gorgeous! So much better than our wee mess of a place! Aw angel you need to come help me clear out here! I so wish our home looked as beautiful as yours does, huggles dear wee friend xxx