Friday, 30 January 2015

Starting Work On Our Little Crafting Corner

Hello again honeys
I hope you're staying warm today. Do you have snow? We do. The garden is buried in a thick carpet of snow & our furbaby Jade isn't at all keen, bless her.  She stands at the back door looking out and then looks at me as if I can make it go away for her so she can play in her garden. I so wish I could.

As promised in my last post I thought I'd share how our little crafting corner is taking shape.  It's nowhere near finished yet but I'm making progress, even if it's only a little :)

Do you remember our newly set up book nook?  This corner of the room directly faces the top of the bed, so it's under the same (and only) window in the room as the bed is. So far it looks like this.....

Starting Work On Our Little Crafting Corner: Pride of place is taken up by the sewing machine. It's wonderful to have a permanent place to sew instead of bringing the sewing machine to whichever room I'm going to work in.

As you can see honeys, it's definitely not anything fancy but I can't even think about it without smiling :) This room really is starting to become somewhere I can be really happy.  I'm so enjoying gathering crafting supplies from various cupboards around the house and putting them all together into their own designated area.  I'll try to show how I've made a start in organising this little craft space in a little more detail..... 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Celebration, A Book Nook & A Printable!

Hi honeys
I hope everyone is well and staying warm.  I'm writing this with snow still falling outside and a wickedly chilly wind blowing.  I keep telling myself it's January, it'll be Spring soon and eventually Summer :) I'm so not a fan of the cold. The stork definitely got lost when he delivered me, I belong somewhere warm with a lovely soft breeze and where I can hang out laundry every day :)

Well, if I can't magic myself away to somewhere warm, I can at least snuggle with my furbaby Jade in our newly organized book nook.  Which brings me back to the purpose of this post :) I almost missed a birthday! This week, actually the 27th January, marked one year since the first post in this blog.

Rosies Cottage is one year old!

A whole year! Where did it go? This will be my 128th published post, and I can barely believe it.  I get such joy from writing this little blog.  I originally started it to keep a record of our efforts to organize our home and I didn't really expect anyone else to be interested enough to visit with me.

I can't even begin to thank you for visiting honeys. You've made my little corner of the internet so much less lonely and it means more to me than I can say.  Thank you so much. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love hugs and I wish I could hug you all for being so kind xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Why Our Kitchen Walls Now Make Me Smile :)

Hi Honeys
Back again, as promised, with another post following our recent kitchen makeover, which you can read about here and here.  I know I've waffled about our kitchen but it really has made me so ridiculously happy :)

In this post I wanted to share how we've planned our kitchen walls to include not only extra storage space (always useful) but also to make a place for a few things that make us smile :)

Why Our Kitchen Walls Now Make Me Smile...

As with the rest of the kitchen, we wanted everything to have a function, but a home should have some elements of the personalities of its residents shouldn't it?  To that end we've added tiny personal touches too. With this post honeys I want to try to share the little finishing touches we've added :)

Cutest Tiny Wizard Of Oz Collectible :)

Hi honeys :)
I'm sitting here grinning for a seriously silly reason :) Look what the postman just brought......

The most adorable tiny Wizard of Oz collectable from Running Press.

I'd seen it on Amazon and on a whim had ordered it to add to our little "book nook" upstairs.  I 💖💖💖 Wizard of Oz! I've watched that movie so many times over the years and I swear every time I watch it I love it more 😊

This adorable little collectable is from a company called Running Press. I first discovered them whilst scanning Amazon looking for a few little surprises to accompany my dear Hubby's birthday gift a couple of months ago. I found their "Doctor Who" K9 model, which hubby loved :)

Each little collectable (and these miniature editions are adorably tiny) comes in it's own little box, most of them also have a tiny book included too. 

The most adorable tiny Wizard of Oz collectable from Running Press, the box contains a small book and a light up model of the Wicked Witch of the West.

As you can see from the above photo, the wicked witch's crystal ball (which is filled with a cloudy fluid) glows when the light is switched on. There is a little switch on the underneath which controls the light.  Even looking at this image is making me smile, this has to be the best £6 I've spent in ages 😊

What do you think honeys? Isn't this just the cutest? Do you love "The Wizard of Oz" too? I hope you're having a great week and staying warm. We still have snow, ice and the chilliest winds here.  I so wish Summer would hurry up, or at least Spring so I can see the garden start to wake up again. 

Till next time dear ones, where I'll be showing you the final part of our kitchen makeover, how we've organised our walls to not only give us a little extra storage, but also a few smiles too 😊  Till then, sending heaps of "stay warm" hugs xx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Most Amazing Little (Budget) Kitchen Trolley!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this post, I just wanted to share our latest discovery and how it completed our kitchen makeover.

Hi Honeys,
In my last post I shared the details of our recent kitchen makeover and, as promised, this post will focus on the wonderful little kitchen trolley which just has to be the best thing we've bought in a long time for our home.

The amazing little budget trolley that completed our kitchen makeover.

I really am so ridiculously happy with this useful little trolley.  It blends so perfectly into our kitchen and has already made itself completely invaluable by helping to clear counter clutter & by giving me a way to organise all of my silicone baking things.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Rosie's Too Fabulous (On A Tiny Budget) Kitchen Makeover!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products and all views are my own regarding products we've bought for our kitchen makeover.

Hi honeys
Hope everyone is well and staying warm and safe in this awful weather.  I am so NOT a winter person! You know I've said for a long time that I could see myself being perfectly happy as a grizzly bear. I'd hibernate all through winter and wake up in time to start hanging out laundry in the spring :)

What kind of grizzly bear hangs out laundry I hear you ask, well, if I were a bear, I certainly would, and I'd do it wearing a cute apron too :)

So, I've been grinning happily for weeks now and I hope it's ok if I share the reason why with you?  It really is the silliest thing to be so incredibly happy about but I just can't help it :) We finally put into action a long held plan to add some extra counter top and storage space to our kitchen and the result has made me just so ridiculously happy I could burst!

Rosies Fabulous Budget Kitchen Makeover

OK, so I thought I'd start by showing you how the kitchen looked when we first moved in, and compare that to our first attempt at making it ours :) Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, I only had my phone back then.  

Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year & Coming Soon!

Hi Honeys,
I'm sorry I've been missing for a while.  I hope you've had a fun time during the holidays. We had dear friends visiting and for the last few days we've been seriously de-cluttering & re-arranging our guest room, but more of that soon, I promise :)  I just wanted to let you know I haven't disappeared altogether :)

I'm so excited to share our kitchen update with you and will in my next post, including lots of photos.  My dear hubby did most of the work, bless him, and I so love how it turned out. I keep going in & looking at it :) I have to dash to work right now honeys, but wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend & all good things for you & your family 2015. 

Till next time dear ones, sending heaps of hugs, xxx