Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dr Who Figuirine Collection Issue 27: Ninth Doctor

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, I was just really excited by a surprise gift from my dear hubby and wanted to share.

Hi honeys,
I am completely and stupidly excited! Just when I think hubby can't get any more perfect! look what he brought home for me tonight.....

Now I had heard that MY Doctor, the wonderful Christopher Eccleston was to be featured next in the Doctor Who Figurine Collection but to be perfectly honest, with everything that's happened these past weeks it had gone completely out of my mind.

Bless my sweet hubby he had remembered and had popped into Forbidden Planet today and picked it up for me.   Isn't he a sweetheart? 

I only began to watch Doctor Who because of the beyond fabulous Christopher Eccleston being in it, I've been a huge fan of his for many, many years. So, when he joined the Doctor Who re-boot of course I watched, and LOVED, it. 

Ninth Doctor Who figuirine with packaging

I'm very impressed with the quality of the tiny figurine.  Lots of detail, including his wristwatch being clearly visible. I just love it! As a bonus he is to scale to a little TARDIS we have sitting in our living room.....

Which still has, believe it or not, little individual packages of mallows in TARDIS packaging inside :) So, that's my excitement for today honeys. A genuinely unexpected present from a wonderfully thoughtful and sweetest ever hubby :)

As I said I'm really impressed with the quality of the figurine and will definitely look for the Capaldi  (12th Doctor) one when he is eventually released (I noticed it says on the website that they will include all 12 Doctors in the collection) This issue is available now from newsagents/supermarkets or from specialist shops like Forbidden Planet, or online.  The issues are released every two weeks, priced at £6.99 and full details of the collection can be found here.

Thank you for listening to me waffle on honeys, till tomorrow, for day three of the lovely Bailey Jean's wonderful Blogtember Challege sending heaps of hugs xx

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