Friday, 10 November 2017

Find Your Inner designer With Polyvore

Disclosure:  I haven't been paid to promote Polyvore, I just love to create there and wanted to share x

Hi Honeys
It hasn't been the best week dear ones.  The weather is doing what it (unfortunately) does best to anyone with long term health conditions, in my case arthritis, it's torturing me.  The cold and damp are trying to twist me into a human pretzel.  It's so annoying honeys to have lots of things you want to get done but aren't able to do them because your own body simply won't allow you to.

In order to avoid being driven stir crazy by being trapped on the sofa by joint pain you simply have to find something to keep your mind occupied.  One of the ways I do that is to go create something beautiful on Polyvore 😊

Find your inner designer with Polyvore

Have you discovered Polyvore yet honeys?  It's a perfect place to go when you need to be distracted from life for a while (like when arthritis is trying to tie me in knots) or just to release your inner designer and create your own catwalk of fabulous fashion looks!

Not that Polyvore is only about fashion dear ones, you can create home interiors and designs too, you can see an example of my love of throw pillows & cushions here.  I do really, really love putting together fashion looks though.

Imagine having the biggest wardrobe/closet in the world, stocked with the very best designer labels as well as high street designs. Of course you can also add to the items if you see anything you love too.  Imagine an endless supply of items to choose from to create gorgeous looks. It really is such fun honeys.  Today I thought I'd share a few of my little creations in the hope they might make you smile 😊

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sharing A Smile: Beautiful Harry Potter Gifts From a Wonderful Friend

Hi Honeys
How are you today?  Can you believe we've reached November already?  It's been raining all day outside and it feels so chilly today, even inside with the heating all on.  I'm already counting down to Spring honeys because I really don't like the almost constant darkness, dampness and all around depressing-ness of winter.

Now that the clocks have rolled back again it will be even darker, earlier.  During winter we don't see daylight on the West coast until around 9am and by 3.30 - 4 pm it's entirely dark again.  We rarely see snow anymore and, as someone at work said recently, the only difference from summer is that the rain is colder!  As I said honeys, so depressing.  Is it any wonder I get so excited on the rare occasions when we see a sunny day?  After all... laundry 😊

Yesterday morning we woke up to our first frost of winter.  It was so cold! Our furbaby Jade doesn't even want to go for her walks anymore.  She doesn't like the dark at all, or the rain.  Our baby has issues, bless her.  You can see why then honeys, every year I so desperately long to hibernate till winter's all over and Jade and I can reach spring where we at least have a (slim) chance of warmer, maybe even sunny days.  At least there isn't the constant darkness of winter.

Oh my, enough of this depressing talk!  We need smiles instead 😊

Sharing a smile - Beautiful Harry Potter gifts from a wonderful friend

Today I thought I'd share a happy smile 😊 A very dear friend (hello Jenny honey 😊) recently took a trip down to London to the Warner Brothers Studios Harry Potter tour.  It was a very long trip to get there, and home again, but from her photos she seems to have had so much fun 😊

Imagine my surprise when she brought me a carrier bag with the sweetest gifts she'd brought back for me. I was so surprised, thrilled and just plain happy 😊  Thank you Jenny, you're an angel for thinking of me, really you are <huggles> x

Would you like to see the beautiful gifts Jenny brought me?  They now have pride of place on my desk and have been making me smile every day 😊

Here they are honeys...