Friday, 28 December 2018

Happy Holidays Honeys x

Hello Honeys
I hope you've had a wonderful time over the Holidays and are looking forward to Monday's New Year's Eve celebrations 💖

Happy Holidays from our sweet furbaby Jade x

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'm trying my best to cope with entirely drained body batteries.  Even sitting here typing this is more than I'm able to do right now but this poor blog has been sitting here, being neglected and from my page views, readers continue to visit, thank you so much for that dear ones, it means more than I can say💖 and I do feel as if, after all of the work I've put into my much loved blog, that I'm letting my blog, myself and most importantly you honeys, all down.  That hurts me.

I'm still working, only two days a week but they're long and very tiring shifts and they really do knock the stuffing out of me now, so I get through my shifts and spend the rest of the week trying to re-build my energy levels back to their now constantly near-drained level. That really is as good as it gets honeys. 

It's so infuriating to feel this way because in my drafts folder I have 55 posts, in different stages of preparation, some have photos done and are waiting to be written, some are mostly written and are sitting there waiting to be edited... 

Draft posts waiting to be completed.

For over 20 years I've been battling rheumatoid arthritis, and for the past few years also osteoarthritis in the base of my spine too.  In the past I've always been able to find ways to cope with the limitations they put on me but the pain in my spine is proving especially difficult to live with right now.  I'm sorry honeys, this is turning into one of my least favourite things, a pity party, I don't mean it to I just want to explain what's happening. 

I'm determined not to let it beat me honeys, I promise I'll post when I can and hopefully far more regularly than I have this past year.  Here's to a better year ahead for everyone.  Only a few weeks now, 14 to be exact, till the clocks change and we're back into British summer time and the days will get longer, hopefully a little warmer and best of all, the gardens will start to wake up from their long winter nap. I so miss our roses in the winter.

Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx

Huggles Always Honeys, Rosie x