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Blogtember Challenge Day 7: Reading List

Hi honeys
Hope everyone's had a fabulous weekend :) It's been such a beautiful sunny day today, I so hope you've been able to enjoy it. On to day 7 of the lovely Bailey Jean's blogtember challenge. Have you joined in yet? If not, do go here it's such fun!

OK, so today's blog prompt is:  Sept 7th: What's on your current reading list? Or what have you read that you recommend?

Blogtember Challenge Day 7 - Heard Any Good Books Lately?

As I shared previously, I tend to enjoy chilling out with audio books so if it's OK I'll share what I've been chilling out with recently.

Being a terrible insomniac I have a tiny speaker that slips under my pillow so I can listen to my audio books at night without bothering hubby.  On my bedside table I have a little MP3 player, and a CD player (what? I still like to rock it old school LOL)  On the MP3 player are a few of my favourite books, and I also have a bookcase nearby which has the rest of our audio books on it.  Recent audio loves are .....
Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie novels read by the wonderful Jason Isaacs

Three of the Kate Jackson Jackson Brodie novels read by the wonderful Jason Isaacs, who later played Jackson in the BBC TV series named after one of the novels "Case Histories."  The other two audio books are "One Good Turn" and "When Will There Be Good News." 

If you haven't yet met Jackson, in either book form or in the gorgeous shape of Jason Isaacs in the TV series you really should at once. The stories themselves are beyond wonderful, full of twists, turns and "I didn't see that coming" moments. I adore Jackson Brodie, he is everything a woman would like the perfect man to be, men take note! :)

Also living on the bookcase by my bed waiting patiently to be listened to, is 007 himself, Mr Bond.

 007 Reloaded - A new audio book version of classic Ian Fleming James Bond novels.

In this instance read beautifully by Jason Isaacs (again, I know.... there's no hope for me) reading Thunderball, former Doctor Who David Tennant reading On Her Majesty's Secret Service, wonderful Kenneth Branagh reading The Man With The Golden Gun and last but by no means least the lovely Tom Hiddleston reading Octopussy, The Living Daylights & other short stories.  The other stories included are The Property Of A Lady & 007 In New York. The last story is read by Lucy Fleming, the author's niece.

I love these audio books as much as I adored reading the original stories many years ago, but I can't say that having these lovely gentlemen reading them to me doesn't make them special :)  Included on each set is a short interview with each actor too as a little bonus.

Are there any other Mapp & Lucia fans out there?

Marvelous Mapp & Lucia Audio Books

My sweet hubby recently surprised me with audio versions of three of the wonderful Mapp & Lucia books by E.F.Benson, all read by the fabulous Miriam Margoyles.  I so, so love the E.F.Benson books, and oh how I'd love to live among the ladies of Tilling!  Such a joy!

There is a new series, based on the Benson stories, being filmed by BBC due to be broadcast in December and I can't wait to see it.  My heart will always belong though to the original series starring Geraldine McEwan, Prunella Scales & Nigel Hawthorne who were all beyond fabulous in their roles.

These are now next on my list to listen to after I finish working my way through the Bond audio books.

Do you listen to audio books honeys? If so, what are your favourites?  With thanks again to Bailey Jean for this wonderful challenge, till tomorrow honeys, hugs xx

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