Thursday, 25 December 2014

Practical & Pretty Kitchen Wall Storage

Hi honeys
I'm sorry I've been gone so long. In addition to the usual rush of the season, extra hours at work & trying to do the every day chores, we've been doing a sort of mini renovation on our kitchen. 

Much needed and so, so long overdue, I LOVE our kitchen now. It's far more "user friendly" I have a little more storage, can't ever have enough of that in a kitchen, don't you agree? Best of all is that it just seems to "flow" now in ways that it just didn't before. I promise I'll share all in a soon to be written post :)

In addition to installing an additional worktop & cabinet, along with the neatest, coolest, most incredibly useful little trolley I've ever seen, we've set up new systems for everyday annoyances like where to store things that get used all day long & that we have lots of.  Like anti bacterial surface wipes, micro fibre cloths and tea towels.

Practical & Pretty Kitchen Wall Storage...

We have lots of tea towels and micro fibre cloths.  I use them all the time and I wanted to store them where I could easily "grab & go" and where it was equally easy to quickly put them away once washed & dried.

We also tend to buy our anti bacterial wipes in bulk (usually a box of six packs) so we needed a place to store them, but also to be able to grab a fresh pack when needed.

During a recent trip to my own little happy place :) Ikea, we bought metal mesh baskets from the Algot range and the smaller of the wall uprights that they connect to.  The wall uprights are fastened to the wall and there is a huge range of attachments for them, from the mesh baskets we bought, to mirrors, shelves and hooks to hang bags, scarves etc from.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Shortcake Biscuit, Caramel, Banana & Choc Treat

Hi honeys,
You know those little ramekins? Those adorable little stoneware (or glass) dishes intended for individual servings of anything from baked savoury pies, soups & pastas and even desserts :) Well I recently bought a set of lovely little stoneware red & white ramekins and the first thing I made in them was this......

Shortcake Biscuit, Caramel, Banana & Chocolate Treats

These were a breeze to put together, they took no time at all and they can be chilling in the fridge all ready for an after dinner or movie watching marathon treat :) 

So, grab your ramekins honeys and get ready to make something awesome :)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Super Easy Spaghetti Lattice Pie!

Hi honeys
I hope you've had a great week :)  Do you remember the recipe for Scottish Caramel Shortbread I posted recently? A childhood favourite from my school days it seemed to be quite popular so I thought I'd share another little glimpse into a 1970s Scottish Primary School "dinner school."

Spaghetti Lattice Pie - recipe and tutorial

This is such an incredibly easy dish to make and you can be certain that kids, from 1 to 100 will adore it :) You'll also probably have the ingredients in your kitchen already, and kids will love being able to help with the lattice topping too :)