Friday, 30 December 2016

Mini Travel Cup For Spoonies, Moms, furbaby parents.....

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share my latest ever so helpful find x

Hi Honeys
Just a quick post as I dash around getting ready for my shift today.  It's so, so cold outside right now and my yearly chest infection has appeared 😩  Very (really very) little sleep last night because of all of the coughing, my head feels as if someone's been using it as a football and I have to work till 11pm tonight. Yuk.

Please wrap up warm honeys, add an extra layer or two, especially if you have to go outside to run errands or anything else, OK?

Being a spoonie can be challenging, even on days when your lungs aren't trying to give up thanks to a chest infection, so finding something, any little thing that can help make life easier can be a real blessing.

Mini Folding Travel Cup For Spoonies

Have you ever been outside,away from home, and needed a cup to take, or mix, medication?  I have. Many, many times.  As a money saving measure my workplace recently partially closed our break room. We're still able to use the break room itself but there are no meals served there anymore, just vending machines.  While there are bowls, plates and mugs available for our use, the dishwasher has been decommissioned and placed out of service too.

This means everyone relies on co-workers to thoroughly wash any cups and dishes they've used in hot water and to rinse well too.  This doesn't always happen I'm afraid and so many times I've looked for a cup to dissolve my effervescent  medication and the cups available sometimes look very dingy to say the least.

Goodness, I do sound like a princess don't I honeys?  In fact, in order to treat my rhuematoid arthritis I take a drug which intentionally flattens my immune system, prevents it from working as it should. This is necessary because in RA the bodies own immune system attacks the joints.

So, even if using cups which may not have been washed properly didn't completely gross me out, which it so does, I have no immune system to battle common everyday germs.

Enter the wonderful little gadget which has changed my life... or at least my breaks at work 😊

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Joy of Christmas Roses...

Hi Honeys
Happy holidays!  I hope you've had a fabulous time over Christmas and that Santa brought you lots of surprises πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

Today I thought I'd share a sweet surprise I was given this week at work.  It so made me smile...

The Joy Of Christmas Roses

A dear friend (thank you Karen x) surprised me with the most perfect, beautiful miniature roses in a pot...

Perfect Miniature Roses

Aren't they simply perfect honeys?  There were wrapped in an adorable plastic sleeve with a smiling Santa on it which I've removed of course to allow them room to breathe.  They're now on the window sill in the kitchen so they'll be warm and also get the best of what (very) little sunlight there is here in Scotland at this time of year.

The little pot they're in is already far too small though so I'll be re-potting them into a larger pot and once Spring arrives and it's warmed up outside I'm hoping to plant them in the front garden, in one of the trellis planters we have by our front door.

Thank you Karen, I adore these little roses and they make me smile every time I see them 😊  I was blessed with a couple of other precious surprises this week but I'll share those in another post x

What's made you smile over the holidays honeys?  I hope you're having a fabulous time, hugging lots and smiling even more 😊  Till next time dear ones, huggles always xx


Friday, 23 December 2016

Fairies, Fairies, Everywhere...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to endorse or promote any products, just sharing my latest smiles in the hope they'll make you smile too x

Hi Honeys,
I'm writing this as storm Barbara arrives on the West coast of Scotland.  It's getting wild out there. The rain is battering against the windows driven by the winds which seem to be picking up by the hour.

I need to take my mind off the weather, especially since I have a busy (and late finishing) shift ahead of me tonight and will need to wrap up against the elements to make my way to work soon.  What better way to distract myself than by sharing pretty fairies...

Fairies Fairies Everywhere

I've adored the magical, mystical world of fairies for as long as I can remember. As a child I truly wanted to believe every garden was home to fairy folk who spent their days frolicking and dancing on tiny shimmering wings and cared for the flowers and any animals they met too of course.

As an adult I still want to believe that they co-exist somehow with us clumsy humans on this tiny planet, making good our careless foot steps in their garden homes.  We have tiny fairies (and angels) sprinkled throughout our home in pewter, crystal and glass, peeping out from shelves and bookcases.

I've been known to write (terrible) poetry in their honour and I'm still planning a fairy garden outside, hopefully we'll start work on it in the Spring when the weather gets better but for now we have the sweetest solar powered little log fairy home living on a shelf in our entryway/mudroom, which I'm hoping with be at it's heart....

Solar Powered Fairy Home

It looks adorable at night when the windows glow with a soft, warm light and I think it will look fabulous as part of our fairy garden.  I'll take photos to share honeys, promise x

I've just added to my fairy collection and one of the items I've wanted for such a long time and silly though it seems I can't wait to add it to our home and I know exactly where it will be placed too 😊

Let's take a look at the latest fairy themed additions to our home decor shall we?

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Picture Perfect Project: The Final Post

Hi honeys
I'm sorry this post is late, it should of course have been published on the second Thursday of the month, that would've been last Thursday, but I had my dear and much loved Brother in Law visiting last week and I haven't been feeling very well at all this past week. The cold and damp is playing havoc with my arthritis I'm afraid. Enough of my moans though, on with today's huge post πŸ˜ƒ

The Picture Perfect Project December The Last Post

I feel really sad to be writing this final post in this wonderful series.  I've had so much fun taking part in this project, which challenged bloggers to take more photographs, improve their photography skills and in doing that, improve their blog too.  Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who hosted the Picture Perfect Project for letting me take part. It's been a joy.  

This project has left me with a wonderful record to treasure of a year in the life of our much loved garden.🏑  I'm so grateful for that honeys.  It's like having the past year stored inside a little time bubble to re-visit time and again.

I had been hoping to have some snow to show you, to bring our little project to a close.  A blanket of beautiful snow covering our garden, and we did actually have some snowfall recently.  It didn't last though I'm afraid.  It fell in late evening and by early next day it was gone.

I have a feeling the snow will, like last year, wait until the new year arrives and fall in January.  Last January our back garden looked like this...

Picture Perfect Project Jade is curious about the snow in the garden

I did say this was a huge post and it really is honeys 😊  It's taken me a whole day (literally, I haven't gotten anything else done!) to make collages and pull all of these images together for you but you're worth it and I'm so looking forward to sharing πŸ’™

Why not grab a coffee, and maybe a cookie too, and join me back here in a few minutes?  OK? See you in a mo...

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Soap And Glory: The Whole Glam Lot Limited Edition Set

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing the contents of the latest Soap And Glory Christmas set.

Hi Honeys
It's arrived!  The moment every Soap and Glory fan waits all year for is here!  Hubby went into town very early yesterday morning to pick up a set for me (thank you sweetheart πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–) What can I say honeys it's fabulous as always and in a change to recent years the set is presented in a gorgeous metal retro look flight/vanity case in a collage design made up of many, many individual (and teeny tiny) images.
Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot

As always this years set is beautifully presented.  Inside the case, the products lay flat and are covered, though not wrapped, in a sheet of the gorgeous Soap and Glory tissue paper, fastened together with a little sticker...

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot case interior

Opening the tissue paper honeys, we can see the goodies all packed inside...

Friday, 2 December 2016

8 Ways To Be A Perfect Party Guest

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any companies or products, just trying to help the party season go with a smile x 

Hi Honeys
Well, here we are.  We're in December and the party season is about to begin.  Time to plan party outfits and accessories... what did I do with those cute reindeer earrings?..... it's also time to dust off your planner and be organized about how many invitations you accept and, crucially, that they don't overlap!

How To Be A Perfect Party Guest

Of course there is so much more to consider than sparkly outfits and not accepting so many invitations you end up with no time to do anything else.

When someone invites you to be part of a social gathering or to be a guest in their home it is a compliment.  They are including you in their plans and it should be treated as the mark of respect or honour it is.

The very least you can do then in order to repay your host or hostesses thoughtfullness is to be mindful of their kindness and to be at all times a respectful visitor in their home or guest at their function.  It really is a simple case of etiquette.  Manners not only maketh man they also make the perfect party guest.

8 Ways To Be A Perfect Party Guest

1. R.S.V.P 

Always reply promptly to invitations.  Your host/hostess is making plans after all, they will be investing their time and money into planning this event and may need an accurate head count in order to book a function suite or if the party is in their home they'll still need to know how many guests they'll be catering for in food and drinks. 

2. Keep Your Word 

If you do accept an invitation, go! An unexpected family emergency is an appropriate reason to call your host and cancel, changing your mind because a better party has come up or because you really can't be bothered on the day is most certainly not!  If you do have to cancel, apologise and follow up with a note or a card thanking your host for their invitation.

3. Running Late? 

If you are delayed on the night, call your hosts and let them know.  A little call saying you're stuck in traffic and an estimate of when you'll be with them will be appreciated.  Unless your hosts are very good friends, and maybe you're helping set up, never arrive early.  Your hostess might have spent some considerable time setting up and won't want you to arrive while she's still getting dressed.

4. Show Your Appreciation

Take a small gift for your host or hostess to thank them for including you.  A bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers is usually welcomed or if you want something a little more imaginative you'll find ideas here.  

5. Be A Helpful Guest 

If the party is being held in your hosts home, why not offer to help by passing round canapes or nibbles or by topping up drinks?  Your host will be, on occasion, answering the door to welcome other guests and might be very grateful for your help.  

6. Help The Party Mood 

During the evening make an effort to mingle, try to circulate and chat to as many other guests as you can.  It will help the party mood and you might even meet a new friend.  When chatting with another party guest, concentrate your attention on what they're saying, never glance over their shoulder while they're chatting. Think how you'd feel if someone did it while you were speaking. 

7. Be Mindful At All Times 

Your hosts have paid you the compliment of including you in their plans, show your appreciation.  Be careful not to drink too much. It's easy to lose track when drinks are being passed around and everyone is having fun.  

Try to never be that guest.  The one who spoils things for others.  Be aware of when the party is winding down and others are leaving, let this be your signal to go home.  If you have had even a little to drink, call a taxi/cab to take you home.  Safety first always, for you and for other road users.

8. Always Remember To Say Thank You 

Thank your hosts before you leave for including you and follow up with a card or a note next day. Your hosts will appreciate that you took the time to thank them and a little card can mean a great deal after all of the work involved in planning an event. 

There we have it honeys, perfectly simple ways to be the perfect party guest 😊 Can you add anything to the list? Have I missed anything?  Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun and stay warm, it's getting cold out there!  Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always x

Huggles Always Honeys

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Advent Calendar Fun!

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing a smile x

Hi Honeys
Well here we are, it's the first of December.  Everyone around me at work is counting down to Christmas and the new year and I have a countdown of my own.  On Saturday night it will be exactly sixteen weeks till the clocks go forward an hour in UK.  This marks the beginning of daylight savings time and of course the start of British Summer Time.

Word of my wee countdown is getting around, a couple of co-workers have even asked me what week we're on recently and I'm even thinking about making a little badge that says "ask me when Spring is..." 😊   Sixteen weeks isn't so long really, and it can't pass soon enough for me.

I so desperately long for sunny, warm days to peg out line after line of laundry and of course to see our much loved garden wake up from its long winter sleep.

Back to today though honeys.  The first day of December means opening the first little box on advent calendars... 

Advent Calendar Fun - Make up for me & treat for furbaby Jade :)

Do you remember the make up advent calendar I bought recently? I haven't ever had one of these before and it seemed like such fun.  This is the set I bought...