Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Rosie's Scottish Apple Turnover Recipe

Hello Honeys
How are you today?  I hope your week is off to a great start dear ones. We're definitely heading towards autumn, the temperature has dropped just a little bit and leaves have started appearing on the lawn in our back garden to our furbaby Jade's delight 😊

Jade does love to play with the leaves, bless her πŸ’—  One of her favourite things is to wait until her Dad has piled the leaves up when he's tidying the garden and to jump into them πŸ˜„ Yep, our furbaby goes full on Snoopy and her dad doesn't even seem to mind 😊

Last year Hubby bought one of those ... I have no idea what they're called. It's like a garden vacuum and or blower?  He can use it to just vacuum up all the leaves and then empty them into the garden bin but he doesn't because he knows how much Jade loves her leaves 😊

Instead he'll blow them all into the one area of the garden so that Jade can have fun and after tidying away all of the other garden untidiness such as the fallen twigs and other garden debris he'll tidy the leaves away. Of course by then Jade will have usually gotten bored with playing with them and will be keeping an eye open for squirrels to play with.  So far, not a single squirrel has wanted to play with her, even when she drops her ball at the foot of the fence for them 😍

Enough about the garden then honeys, although todays post is definitely connected to our garden 😊  Today I thought we'd head for the kitchen to make something delicious...

Let's bake some delicious apple turnovers...

Do you remember that I recently gathered our very first real harvest of Bramley apples from our little tree in the back garden honeys?  Our tiny tree is over 11 years old now and over the past couple of years has produced 2-3 apples but this year, no doubt at least in part, thanks to this year's gorgeous summer, and (counting the apples pecked off by our garden birds) there were 31 apples!

So, I thought I'd make some lovely apple turnovers as a treat for Hubby, and also thought I'd share how this wee Scottish lady makes her apple turnovers.  There are as many recipes for turnovers as there are cooks because everyone has little tweaks they make to the recipe that makes their turnovers theirs πŸ˜‹

Let's head to the kitchen then dear ones, why not make a quick cuppa and join me again in a minute or two?

Thursday, 16 August 2018

I've been spoiled! Harry Potter Slytherin Themed Gifts From My Dear Hubby...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products or stores, just wanted to share some gifts bought for me by my sweet Hubby x

Hi Honeys
It's that time of year again πŸ“‘  Last weekend Hubby went off to Comic Con and bless him he brought me back all kinds of Harry Potter related goodies.  I felt completely spoiled, since earlier in the week he'd already popped into one of the larger Primark stores in town and had brought me home some Slytherin goodies!  Thank you sweetheart πŸ’‹

Since I know I'm not the only Potter fan, and since my previous post about Hubby's sweet Slytherin themed gifts was so popular, I thought I'd share what he found this time too.

Honeys I'm being spoiled! Harry Potter themed gifts from my sweet Hubby...
Goodness!  You can see why I'm feeling spoiled honeys 😊 I just made a little squeal noise again when I spotted the adorable little Bowtruckle in the above photo, he's so cute!

Why not grab a cuppa and a cookie dear ones and we'll have a closer look, see you in a minute or two...

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

An Early Harvest For Beautiful Scottish Bramley Apples And How To Store Your Apples Once Gathered...

Hi Honeys
It's harvest time at Rosie's cottage 😊 The extreme summer weather this year, I mean over six weeks of near constant sunshine and above 20C temperatures, for us Scots that's pretty extreme 😊  has been such a blessing! Not just for us but for our precious garden too.

I went into the back garden yesterday and the branches of our little apple tree were literally sagging with the weight of the apples on them!  We've been so blessed honeys 🍎

A beautiful summer has given us an early harvest of apples from our tiny tree.

We planted our little tree in the back garden in Spring of 2007 so it's around 11 years old and it's been a journey watching it grow.  The first apple, a single, perfect apple, appeared in 2014, and each year I've been so excited checking to see if our (still very young) tree would have apples that year.

In 2015 there were three apples and I was so happy 😊  The following year was the first time I was able to make mini apple crumbles using our home grown apples and there are no words for how much it made me smile honeys 😊

Our very first crumbles made using the apples from our own garden in 2016.

Well, this year the tiny apple tree has outdone itself dear ones and in fact Hubby had his own Sir Isaac Newton moment when an apple decided to resoundingly clock him on the head 😍

After that, it was obvious that our extremely hot, humid summer had brought harvest time forward and it was time to collect those apples before they either end up scattered all across the garden by the wind or Hubby (bless him!) our furbaby Jade or myself are taken out by another apple incident!

Let's have a look shall we?