Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 16: Most People Don't Know This But....

Hello again honeys :)
Welcome to day 16 of the lovely Bailey Jean's blogtember challenge, today's prompt is: Sept 16th: "Most people don't know this but..."

Blogtember 2014 Day 16 Halloween

So, the above graphic might have given you a clue but... I LOVE Halloween :)

I love Halloween the way some people love Christmas. I love the weeks of preparation, popping a few sweeties (candy) & goodies into our grocery shop each week to be put away for trick or treaters, the cheesy horror movies on TV, spending hours making up little "goodie bags" to hand out whenever the door is knocked, seeing pumpkins & peanuts arrive in the shops, deciding what costume to wear, lots of fun when I get to wear it to work if I have a shift that day :)

I love everything about Halloween :)  A recent prompt in this blogtember challenge asked about traditions and Halloween is a holiday that definitely has traditions for us.  One of my favourite of these is our little goody bags for trick or treaters.  A lot of thought & planning goes into these little bags & it's such fun putting them together.

Hubby & I, a stack of little bags to fill & usually 7 or 8 carrier bags, each containing a variety of treats. One carrier bag might have little individually wrapped mallows, another might have snack size choc bars, there is always a bag containing Halloween balloons & toys such as plastic spiders, whistles etc.  If you picture making party bags for a birthday party, then you've pretty much got the idea :)

Each little goody bag is filled with something from each carrier bag & then sealed them with a halloween sticker.  Making these little bags is so important to me. It continues a tradition I had with my beloved Grandmother. For so many years we made these bags together every year, & I carried on as a way of keeping her with me.  These days though it's something Hubby & I do together & we love it. I hope my Grandmother would be pleased that we're keeping her tradition going for her.

Some years all of our goody bags are gone & some years we have some left over (we do make a lot :) Scottish weather can be dismal in October & this affects how many trick or treaters visit, but should there be any left over hubby takes them to work and leaves them in the break room as a treat for co-workers :)

Hope you're all having a great day honeys, till next time, which will be on the 18th.  Tomorrow's prompt is to make a vlog, but I have no idea how to do that I'm afraid. I'm still learning & haven't learned that yet, maybe someday :) So, till Thursday dear ones, sending you heaps of hugs as always xx

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