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Blogtember Challenge Day 12: Our (really boring) Hogmanay Tradition :)

Hi honeys
Todays prompt in the Blogtember Challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love is a fun one. 

Sept 12th: Tell us about a favorite tradition. It could be a family tradition or from a holiday, university, you-name-it. What makes it so special?

blogtember challenge tradition

Being a Scot I thought I'd tell you about our unusual (and to others probably incredibly boring) Hogmanay tradition :) As you might know Hogmanay is the Scottish new year.  As a child I can remember parties with family & neighbours popping in, being given diluted lime cordial to drink and the thrill of being allowed to stay up till after midnight!

Sunday best was worn, my long hair was brushed & braided and at a few minutes to midnight someone, usually male & always dark haired, was given a lump of coal and a huge chunk of fruit cake (or shortbread) and popped outside the front door till after the bells rang. Then (and only then) whoever had been chosen would knock the door and be our "first foot."  Crossing the threshold into our home bringing coal (warmth) and a big chunk of fruit cake or shortbread (food) ensuring that the home would not "go without" in the coming year.

I have so many fabulous memories of hogmanays past. My Uncle who used to sing to me and would always let me dance with him, with me standing on his feet :) Falling asleep on the sofa because when your bedtime is usually 8pm midnight is very, very late :) Every home had Sydney Devine LPs  (so, so many :) and one of them would be playing at some point with everyone singing along. Here's something for any Scot's out there "Tiny bubbles.." If you just had Syd sing that in your head you're a Scot right enough :) 

Fast forward through the years and you'll get to Hubby & I and our Hogmanay tradition which goes back over 25 years. Here comes the boring bit honeys. Feel free to take a nap :)

Neither hubby nor I drink, alcohol that is. Neither are we "party people."  Dull huh? Well, maybe but we're only inflicting our dullness on ourselves :) So, our hogmany tradition is this.  Around 8 - 9pm I go have my shower & put on my pyjamas, we watch TV till midnight, usually dvds (I swear if it wasn't for dvds our TV would rarely be switched on, programming seems so dire these days) and then we just trot off to bed, maybe taking a couple of dvds to watch.  Not exciting, not everybody's "cup of tea" but it's our wee tradition all the same :)

I can't wait to read all of your traditions today honeys, till next time dear ones, heaps of hugs xx

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