Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Blogtember Day 30: A Farewell Coffee Date & Blogs To Follow

Hi honeys
Oh no! It's the final day of Blogtember for 2015!  I'm so sad to be writing this because it's been such a great month, I've met lots of lovely fellow bloggers and had so much fun! It's all thanks to the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.
Blogtember Day 30 Lovely Blogs To Follow
So, here we are honeys, day 30 of the blogtember challenge.  Today's prompt is: A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies. If you'd like a prompt: how did the Blog-tember Challenge go for you? Any surprises? What was your favorite prompt, or what would you like to see included next time?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blogtember Day 29: 10 Blog Topics...

Hi Honeys
Oh no! Tomorrow is the final day of Blogtember! Thank you so much to Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog for organizing it again this year for us, it's been a hoot and I'm already looking forward to next year :)
Blogtember Day 29 Blog Topics
Today's prompt is: Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.  This will be fun! OK, here we go....

Monday, 28 September 2015

Blogtember Day 28: A Day in the Life...

Hi honeys,
Welcome back for another post in the blogtember challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Blogtember has been such fun this year!

Blogtember Day 28 A Day In The Life

Today is day 28 and our prompt is: A day in the life. Take us through it with you. OK, I have to warn you, Hubby and I might be the most boring people on the planet, but we're happy in our boringness :)  Also I'm going to write this from the assumption that the day we go through is a "good" day.  A day where I am coping with the assorted baggage which accompanies living with a chronic illness.  So we'll assume I am managing to get around the house and carry out daily chores. On not so good days the arthritis does tend to kick my butt so we'll gloss over that and concentrate on a good day instead.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Blogtember Day 27: Shopping Wish List..

Hi honeys
How is everyone? All well I hope. We're into the last few days of the lovely Bailey Jean's Blogtember Challenge. Hasn't it been a joy this year? I feel so sad that it's almost over but I've found lots of lovely blogs to follow and met lovely bloggers too.  Thank you Bailey Jean, you're awesome <hugs> x
Blogtember Day 27 Shopping

So, today's prompt, for day 27 is: What's on your shopping wish list? Share links so we can shop too.. Off we go then honeys on our virtual shopping trip :)

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blogtember Day 26: What's On Your To Read List? What have you read recently?

Hi Honeys
Back again for day 26 of the blogtember challenge linking up with the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog. Today's challenge is all about my favourite objects... books!
Blogtember Day 26 Recent Reads & Soon To Be read
Todays prompt is: what's on your to read list? What have you read lately?  Such joy!  When I looked to see what today's prompt was I grinned and I'm still grinning :) I simply adore books and I could bore for Britain on them, but I'll try not to :)

Friday, 25 September 2015

Blogtember Day 25: 3 songs I'm connecting with right now..

Hi Honeys
Blogtember Day 25 Music
Today's prompt asks: Three songs you are connecting with right now.  I adore music! Earlier this week I asked Hubby if he'd help me find my MP3 player because I hadn't been able to find it in three days.  Three days without my music honeys, that's catastrophic! I can't be without my music.  Luckily, Hubby bless him had the idea of looking behind the sofa and sure enough, there it was :) Thank you sweetheart xx

So, now that order is restored to my world and I have my music back :) on to today's prompt.  I decided I would just clear my head and see what songs appeared in it and this is what I came up with....  

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Blogtember Day 24: Favourite Bloggers!

Hi honeys
I'm back again, having skipped yesterday's blogtember guest post prompt.  I haven't ever done a guest post before or asked anyone to write one for me, not because I'm against the idea or anything more because I'm not sure how that works :)  So yesterday I enjoyed a lovely restful day hugging our furbaby Jade and watching TV. It was bliss :) Today then we're on to day twenty four of Bailey Jean's blogtember challenge.

Blogtember Day 24 My Favourite Blogs
Today's prompt has to be one of my favourites of last year! Bailey Jean asks: Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?

Again, as with last year's blogtember challenge prompt on our favourite blogs, it's really, seriously difficult to only choose five!  I can only promise to try honeys, so here we go....

Some Of My Favourite Blogs...

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Blogtember Day 22: Get Creative! Share Your Creative Side..

Hello again honeys
Well, here we are again for day twenty two of the Blogtember challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Blog Love.
Blogtember Day 22 Get Creative
Today's prompt asks: Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance, play music, whatever then give us a glimpse. This is such a fun prompt! Anything that involves crafting is sure to be fun :)  

Monday, 21 September 2015

Blogtember Day 21: Favourite Quotes..

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, anything mentioned in this post is here because I love it x

Hi honeys
September has started to show her colours, the leaves now starting to fall from the trees are changing shades and our furbaby Jade is having a great time playing with them and trying to catch them :) She adores leaves, loves them.  Most of all she loves to watch her daddy raking them up into a pile and then run through it :) Jade running through leave piles that is, not her Daddy :)  The best thing is that Hubby loves her so much he doesn't even complain :)

Time for Day 21 of the Blogtember challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Blog Love.
Blogtember 2015 Day 21 Favourite Quotes
Today's prompt is: A favourite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.  I have to admit that I had a problem with this prompt honeys, I simply couldn't only choose one quote! I tried, honestly I did :)  So I choose my absolute favourites and thought because they are all beautiful I'd let them share the roses from our tiny garden. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blogtemeber Day 20: My Guilty Pleasure...

Hi Honeys
Another day another fun challenge in Blogtember month organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog :)  Todays prompt is:  "It's guilty pleasure time! Shows, books, songs, foods, whatever it may be."
Blogtember Day 20 Whats your guilty pleasure
 Have you guessed what mine is yet honeys? yep, it's the scourge of all diets, the ultimate comfort food, it's also (unfortunately) too yummy to be fair, it's... Chocolate! 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Blogtember Day 19: One of The Best Days of My Life..

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a fabulous weekend full of sunshine and hugs :) Can I add an extra hug? <throws huge cuddly hug> x  Hugs have to be my absolute favourite way to say hello or to wish someone a fabulous day :)

A simple wee hug has the ability to lift a person's mood (always does with this person :) and to change a day from a "meh" kind of day to a smile filled one :)  Do you know anyone who might need a hug honeys?  The world, and our lives, are so busy and time passes so fast without us even noticing it.   Before you know it children have grown up or you've lost people you really love and you'd give anything to have the chance to go back and talk a little more and to hug them more.  Why not grab the chance now? 

Today is day nineteen of the Blogtember Challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.
Blogtember day 19 One of the best days of our lives
Today's prompt asks us to talk about one of the best days of our lives.  When I sat down to write this post and asked myself the question, what was the best day of your life? the first day to jump immediately into my mind, like many others I'm sure, was our wedding day.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Smiles! Let's Make A Sunny Friendly Pet Cloud..

Hi Honeys,
taking a break from Blogtember today because today's prompt is to make a VLOG and I'm nowhere near confident enough to try that, so I thought I'd share a wonderful craft project I found on Pinterest and just had to try :)
Friday smiles lets make a pet cloud

Is anyone old enough to remember the craze of Pet Rocks?  I always wanted a pet rock but the closest I ever got was the prettiest pebble Hubby found for me on a trip to the beach before we got married.  I still have that pebble now, it's one of my treasures :) Which brings me back to todays post.

Have you ever thought about having a pet cloud? Not all clouds are rain clouds, some are bright, sunny, blue skies & laundry day clouds :) I was on Pinterest and saw the most beautiful, most charming, most adorable, cute as a button craft project :) Having seen it, I just knew I had to try it and I did!  This is the result....
Pet Clouds
Aren't they adorable honeys?  To make these gorgeous little clouds I followed a tutorial by the lovely Jenn of Rook No. 17 which you can see here.  Jenn even has a link to download the tab top for the packaging which has the sweetest little poem on it:

"In the whole wide world
With everything in it
You're one of a kind
The sky is the limit"

Wouldn't these make perfect little gifts? maybe a cute little craft to pop into a card to make a loved one smile?  Whoever received one of these would surely be smiling :)

Do say hello to Jenn if you visit. Her blog is wonderful and such a friendly place to visit.  You can find Jenn's blog here and the link to her beautiful pet cloud craft project is here.  If you're on Twitter why not say hello to Jenn here.  Thank you Jenn, you so made me smile and I'm sure I'll be making these little clouds for a long time to come <hugs> x

Tomorrow when we're on to day nineteen of the Blogtember challenge, where we describe one of the best days of our lives.  Till then dear ones, hugs always xx

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Blogtember Day 17: My Latest Obsessions..

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, these are just things I love :)
Hi Honeys,
I hope you're having a fabulous week :) Well, since I don't have work today I've been spoiling myself by having a DVD marathon of Miss Marple episodes, as played by the fabulous Geraldine McEwan. I've always adored Ms McEwan since seeing her brilliant portrayal of Jean Brodie in the Scottish Television (STV) Production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in the late 70s.  She was also beyond wonderful as the acerbic Lucia in the early 1980s Channel Four production of Mapp & Lucia

I always have to rest on Thursdays because I work a late shift on Fridays & Saturdays which tends to knock the stuffing out of me so this has been a fun way of spending the day.  Hugging our furbaby on the sofa and watching some wonderful whodunits :)  Today then we're onto day 17 of the Blogtember challenge organized by Bailey Jean of Brave Blog Love.
Blogtember Day 17 Whats your latest obsession?
Today Bailey Jean asks: "Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?"  What fun! Off we go then honeys :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Blogtember Day 16: Real Me vs Online Me

Hi Honeys
Welcome to Day 16 of the Blogtember challenge link up, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Can you believe we've just passed the halfway point of Blogtember honeys?  It dawned on me as I sat down to write this that we're now nearer the end than we are the beginning :/ Then I thought "hang on, Ms pouty! we still have half the month to go! there's lots more fun to be had and lots more friends to meet!" And there so is honeys :)

Blogtember Challenge Real you vs online you
With that happy thought, onwards to today's post then dear ones.  Today's prompt is: The real you vs the online you? are they the same or different?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Blogtember Day 15: What's in Your Handbag?

Hi honeys
Back again for day 15 of the blogtember challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  We're halfway through the month and it's been such fun so far! 
Blogtember Challenge Day 15 What's In Your Handbag

Today's prompt asks: What's in your bag? Pick up your purse and peruse its contents, then share with us!  Cool! OK, off we go then on today's journey honeys... 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Blogtember Day 14 Five Books That Changed My Life

Hi honeys

Back again for Day Fourteen of Blogtember Challenge linking up with the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love Blog.  Today's prompt is: the top five books that have impacted your life the most.  
Blogtember Challenge Day 14 Books that changed my life
A prompt about books! I adore books! Today's post is going to be such fun! Without further ado then honeys, onto my list :)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blogtember Challenge Day13 Rosie's Mood Board

Hi Honeys
Hope everyone is well and loving the blogtember challenge too, it's been such fun so far and I've discovered some wonderful new blogs to follow too.  Thank you Bailey Jean, I'm loving Blogtember :)  Yesterday was such a busy day.  I was awoken a little before 4am by a photo album, containing photos from my College days, landing on my head! What a way to start the day! We then spent the day delivering all of the boxes of things we'd spent most of this week de-cluttering from our home to our local charity shop and then some grocery shopping around a crazy busy supermarket.  A very busy, but smile filled day :) 

Today then we're onto day thirteen of the blogtember challenge hosted by the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love Blog.
Blogtember Day 13 Rosies Mood Board
Day thirteen's post asks: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life.  How much fun is that?  I love this prompt because it asks us essentially to look at where we are in life and at what we hold dear.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blogtember Challenge Day 12 What Are You Up To?

Hello again honeys,
Day 12 of the blogtember challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Can you believe we're almost half way through already? It's been such fun again this year :)
Blogtember challenge day 12
Today's prompt is: What are you up to currently?  Well honeys Hubby and I both booked time off this week to tackle our guest room.  That is to say to de-clutter and organize all heck out of it.  What is it about rooms not used every day? They seem to turn into clutter traps or end up being used as a storeroom for items that clearly belong elsewhere.

We actually have a couple of rooms we want to change around a little but we're making an extra effort with the guest room in time for my much loved BiL's visit early December.  December is months away I hear you say! Well yes and no dear ones, it is a couple of months but really only 11-12 weeks or so and we want his room to look perfect for him.

It's been a lot of work so far, do you remember I'd decided to use this room as my craft room?  Well, as you can imagine the craft supplies started to take over :)  We've re-done the cupboard in the guest room, I'll share a post about that after Blogtember's over honeys. We've added a tower of those plastic drawers to use as craft and sewing storage, as well as a home for all of my candles to live.. what? I love candles and Ikea have gorgeous berry scented ones oooo and their rose scented ones are fab too and the apple ones... there's no hope for me :) 

It really has been great having Hubby home all week.  We've gotten work done in the house and more than that we've spent all week having such a laugh. Jade has loved having her Daddy home too, extra walkies and playing fetch in the back garden with her favourite tennis ball :) I hope your week has been fun too honeys, till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

Friday, 11 September 2015

Blogtember Day 11: Friday Night At Home Plans

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote anything, just my thoughts on what makes a great Friday night in x
Hi Honeys
I hope you're all well and have had a fabulous week so far.  We've been de-cluttering and organizing :) Today is day 11 of the blogtember challenge organized by the lovely Bailley Jean at Brave Blog Love. 

Today's prompt is:  It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?
Blogtember Challenge 2015 Day 11 Friday Night At Home
As you might know honeys I usually work late shift on Fridays so any Friday I'm not working is both rare and precious.  So, what would we do with a rare Friday evening together at home?  Easy, movies!!

Yep, it might not be exciting or glamorous but on a fabulous non working Friday evening, right after dinner I'd be off for a shower with my favourite soapy treats, then into my PJs and onto the sofa to hug Jade and maybe snuggle with Hubby too :)

We'll have nibbles to eat, fruit juice or soda to drink (neither of us drink alcohol) and a handful of DVDs to watch. Bliss!  Viewing might be themed, for instance last weekend we watched the original Star Wars trilogy back to back.   Or maybe a couple of vintage Ealing comedies such as The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)  Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)  Passport to Pimlico (1949) or Whiskey Galore (1949) - such joy!

A recently re-discovered favourite is the wonderful School for Scoundrels (1960).  It follows the lead character Henry Palfrey, played by Ian Carmichael, as he is generally put upon by members of his club, dodgy car salesmen and even his own employees, until he discovers the College of Lifemanship.  He enrols, completes the course and sets out to redress the balance of his life and win back his true love. 
School for scoundrels 1960

There are no words for how fabulous this movie is, I have literally lost count of how many times I've watched it over the years and I still adore it.  You can see a clip here honeys, it's where he sets out to teach the two crooked car salesmen who sold him a monster of a car, a wee lesson :) If you ever get a chance to watch this joyful wee film I would absolutely recommend it.  There was a truly dreadful remake in 2006 starring the usually wonderful Billy Bob Thornton which, like most re-makes is best forgotten entirely.

Movies, nibbles & hugs on the sofa with Hubby & our furbaby Jade - now that's a perfect evening honeys :)   Can't wait to see what everyone else has written for today's post, till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Blogtember Day 10: Ten Items On Your Bucket List?

Hi Honeys
We've reached day ten of the Blogtember Challenge and today's prompt is: 10 items off your bucket list. If you haven't made one, now might be a good time to start.
Blogtember Day 10 Bucket List
This is actually the most difficult post so far for me in the blogtember challenge.  I have tried and tried but I just can't think of ten things I passionately want to do.  I even tried looking for bucket lists online and they all seem to mention things I really, really don't want to do, traveling for instance. I have absolutely no wish to travel or see the world. Does that sound awful honeys? 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Blogtember day 9 Advice to 16 year old me

Hello again honeys
I hope everyone's well and having a fabulous start to the week.  Hubby and I both booked time off work and we're spending this week working on a marathon de-clutter of two rooms.  Yesterday was a good start, and I'm hoping that we can carry on and get through a few more boxes today. 

Hubby is out walking Jade, or maybe it's Hubby being walked by Jade :)  So I thought I'd take advantage of the short break and work on the next post of the Blogtember Challenge.  So honeys,  day 9 of the lovely Bailey Jean's blogging challenge....
Blogtember day 9 letter to 16 year old me
Day nine's prompt asks: Write a letter to 16 year old you.  Any advice or funny stories?

Hi Rosie,
Put that book down for a minute, there's a dear.  We've always loved reading, haven't we?  For as long as I can remember our constant companion was a book of some sort.  Do you remember how excited we were to be given our very own library card at the age of nine?  How we'd ride our bicycle to the local library with our best friend Joan every Saturday morning to exchange our books for lovely new (to us) ones. 

I wanted to tell you a few things, oh I know you probably won't listen, we don't listen nearly enough dear one. Not where you are now in our life's journey at least.  There are so many things I wish I could tell you, to spare you (us) so much heartache and pain, but you wouldn't listen even if I did.  You're too trusting Rosie, not something we ever get over I'm afraid. 

The world doesn't play fair, just because you do. Some of the people you trust more than anyone else will eventually hurt you and betray your trust I'm afraid.  Some people you (we) called friends are very much not I'm sorry to say.  You'll see it of course but will keep on making excuses for their terrible behaviour and poor treatment of you (us) because you refuse to see any badness in people. Not even when they make you cry.   

If I could give you any advice it would be to try to be mindful of what you tolerate and maybe to try to be more adventurous.  You'll be offered so many opportunities and you'll either be too afraid to take them or you'll think yourself unworthy of them.  Live a little more and read a little less, yes I know books are our life's blood but I did say only a little less :)    
A little under two years from now you'll meet a boy outside a cinema.  He'll be soft spoken, very well mannered, a fellow sci fi fan and have the bluest eyes you've ever seen.  You'll know the minute you meet him that you have so much in common, you'll absolutely know that you're meant to be friends, but what you won't know, at that moment anyway, is that he's going to be the most important person in your life for, well, forever.  He's a keeper this boy with the beautiful blue eyes, and keep him you (we) will.  He'll be your husband, your very best friend and your companion through all of the ups and downs of life's rocky highway.  He's our greatest blessing Rosie, you'll see.  

Oh, before I go, when you're 29 you decide to go to college, it'll be a blast, best time ever and you'll meet a beautiful girl called Miriam, you guys are going to be such friends! In fact she's going to be your best friend long after college is over. She's another blessing in this life Rosie. You'll see, not all angels have wings you see, some just arrive in our lives at exactly the right time and, more importantly, they stick around through the bad times and not just the good.  You (we) are blessed with lots of lovely people in our life, remember what Gramma said and say thank you every day for your blessings, I (we) still do, every morning.  Stay strong during the bad times, they pass I promise and you have so many books still to read...

Till next time dear ones, love and hugs always xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blogtember Day 8 Favourite Season

Hi Honeys
Here we are on day 8 of Bailey Jean's Blogtember Challenge, the daily blog prompt challenge for the month of September. 
Blogtember Day 8 my favourite season
Today's prompt is: Tell us about your favourite season? Why is it your favourite season and what does it say about you?

Well dear ones, I don't even have to think about it :) You've probably guessed by the above image that my favourite season is Summer :) Oh to live in a sunny, warm climate all year round! What a joy that must be!

I am a Scot honeys, a very proud Scot.  There are many things I love about my wonderful Country but unfortunately Scotland doesn't get to bask in the sunshine terribly often.  This Summer has been particularly miserable with far too few sunny days and it's already starting to get dark earlier in the evenings and stay dark that little bit later in the mornings.

In Scotland during the winter months we don't see daylight in the mornings until around 9am and it will be completely dark again by 3.30-4pm.  I so dislike the constant darkness. I don't cope very well with it at all.  Or with the cold and constant dampness of winter, it plays havoc with arthritis, not to mention the constant terror of slippery streets! I walk with a cane so the fear of falling is awful

I've said so many times that I wish I was a bear :) I could curl up and hibernate from October straight through till February or March until the sun made a reappearance :) 

So, there it is honeys, my favourite season is Summer, I love the long (sometimes sunny) days, I love the warmth on my skin, I love being able to throw all of the windows open, but most of all I love, love, love to hang my laundry outside :) I adore laundry, I really do, it's what I do for fun :)

Oh to live somewhere I could hang out my laundry all year long :) Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Blogtember Challenge Day 7: Where Did Your Blog Name Come From?

Hi Honeys
Day seven of the Blogtember Challenge organized by the lovely Baily Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Are you taking part? It's never too late to join in and it's such fun :)  You can find the list of daily prompts for this month here.

Today's prompt asks:  "Tell us about your blog name?  Where did it come from?"

Blogtember Challenge Day 7 where did your blog name come from

My blog is called Rosie's Cottage.  Even the name makes me smile :) I named my blog after my dream home.  A place that probably only exists in my mind's eye and yet I can see it so clearly, down to the tiniest detail.  It's a tiny, perfect cottage by the sea where I would grow vegetables in the back garden and herbs on my kitchen windowsill. 

The kitchen would be the centre of our home, with pretty red gingham & lace curtains and always full of the smell of freshly made bread.  The back door would constantly be open so Jade could run in and out of the garden, inspecting but never catching (like now) her butterflies & other garden visitors :)
Rosie's dream home by the sea

There would be roses and lavender growing in our front garden and it would have the prettiest little gate with our names on it.  Just a ways along from our cottage would be sand covered steps leading down to the beach.

We'd sit in the garden every morning with a mug of tea and listen to the waves and every evening after dinner Hubby and I would walk down to the beach with Jade so she could play fetch with a favourite ball. 

If I had to write a description of the perfect home for Hubby, Jade & I, well this would be it honeys.  This isn't to say that I don't love our present home, because I so do and every day I'm grateful for what we have because we've both worked hard for it over the years, but someday, somehow, it would be lovely to live in a tiny cottage by the sea...

Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Blogtember Day 6: Share Your Style

Hi honeys
Well, here we are on day six of the Blogtember Challenge 2015, a daily blogging challenge organized by the lovely Baily Jean from Brave Love Blog.
Blogtember Challenge 2015 day 6 vintage fashion
Today's post prompt is: "Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent or avoid? 

I have always said to anyone who'll listen that I was born too late, and I so was.  I am a woman out of my destined time.  I was raised by my Gramma so I grew up listening to The Rat Pack, Jim Reevesthe Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, you know, real music :)

I've always had a passion for vintage fashion too honeys. I spent my entire twenties wearing pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, crisp cotton or lace blouses and high heeled court shoes. I was forever in search of an occasion to wear one of my hats.  I adore pinning to my vintage fashion & beauty board and I so long for the days when ladies wouldn't have left the house without their hat and gloves.

In my post on fashion during last year's blogtember challenge, which you can read here honeys, I shared some of my vintage creations from my Polyvore account.  If you love fashion, Polyvore is beyond heaven, since it allows you to create looks using designer items, high street items, anything in fact you can find online. Polyvore itself has a huge database of looks and fashions to choose from and create with.  If you haven't joined do go check it out :)  

I recently watched a documentary on You Tube called Time Warp Wives which showed modern day women living their lives in vintage fashion, both in their clothing and in their home décor.  If you haven't seen it honeys you can find it here.  It's wonderful and I've watched it a few times now.  If Hubby and I could find one of these interest groups they mention in the programme we'd definitely join. 

A large element of my excitement over my new closet, created & decorated for me by Hubby (thank you sweetheart x) is that I've started wearing dresses almost every day again, even when I'm only going to be at home all day.  I've treated myself to a few pretty dresses over the past couple of months and I so look forward to getting dressed every morning, choosing my accessories, jewellery and hair accessories.
So, there it is honeys.  I adore vintage fashion. I adore glamour (although I'm nowhere near pretty enough to be glamorous myself) I long for the days when ladies dressed like ladies.  As I said, I was born too late :)  Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx  

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Blogtember Challenge Day 5: First 10 songs My MP3 Shuffles :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a great weekend :) We've reached day 5 of the Blogtember Challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Today's prompt asks us to put our music player on shuffle and list the first ten tracks it plays.  This could be fun :)
Blogtember Challenge 2015 Day 5 Music
First thoughts when considering today's prompt was "that's so unfair!! Only ten tracks? What if the shuffle thingie doesn't pick any of my favourites? Hang on, they're all my favourites or they wouldn't be there....." :)  OK, off we go on a musical mystery tour of my MP3 player.... see what I did there?  Couldn't tell I adore the Beatles could you?  

History of Modern - OMD - watch the video here honeys - Title track of the band's latest album. I've loved OMD since Hubby first took me to see a gig the year we got engaged, back when we were doing the "share my interests" thing couples do :) The album for that tour was Junk Culture and that was a wee while ago honeys :) Hubby is a LONG time fan & thinking about it I suppose I am too :)

Come On Over - Shania Twain - watch a live recording here - I love this album, joy in a cd case  

I need to be in love - The Carpenters - watch a recording here - Karen's beautiful voice is such a loss to music. Forever missed.

The Winner Takes It All - Abba - watch the video here - clearly remember bringing this album home and playing it and playing it and playing it.....

Closer To Your Heart - Clannad - watch the video here honeys - Most people remember this amazing band for the hauntingly beautiful theme to Harry's Game or from the wonderful theme to the TV series Robin Hood. Wonderful band. 

Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf - watch the video here honeys - Best. Album. Ever.

Tell Me Why - The Beatles - watch the fab four singing this here - love love love (see what I did there?) the Beatles. Why was I born too late!! Why universe? Why?

All Over The World  - ELO - you can watch a fabulous "flash mob" video here prepare to beam with happiness honeys it's fantastic!

Black Velvet - Alannah Myles - you can watch the video here - There are no words for how much I adore this song!

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe - You can see the video here - This song makes me smile and makes our furbaby Jade wag her tail, also its ridiculously catchy :) Can't stop humming it all day once heard :)

So that's the first ten songs my MP3 shuffled honeys, can I add the 11th track too though, for no other reason than that I LOVE the video :)

Taylor Swift - Love Story - you can watch the video here - it's a great song but I adore this video. It's adorable!  I know what you're thinking, too many BBC costume dramas growing up? Nope, no such thing as too many, hang on, I feel a DVD marathon coming up :)

Well, thank you for joining me on my wee musical road trip honeys, this has really been fun :) With thanks as always to the lovely Bailey Jean for arranging the Blogtember Challenge and lets all meet up again tomorrow :) Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Blogtember Day 4: What Are Your Passions?

Hi honeys
Blogtember is back and I almost missed it! How did I get so out of the loop?  Too much going on recently but this morning I thought I'd check through a few of my favourite blogs and what do I find? The lovely Bailey Jean is running her Blogtember Challenge again this year :) Yaaay! I had the most fun last year with the first Blogtember Challenge :) I was still a very new blogger then and it felt so wonderful to be part of something that was so much fun and created a fabulous sense of community too.

Blogtember is a list of daily prompts, suggested blog subjects/titles, for each day in September.  Don't worry though honeys, you only have to take part in as many as you want to, you can write every day or not it's up to you.   Blogtember is such a fun way for bloggers to get to know each other because once you've written and published your post for that day you can go to twitter and search for #blogtemberchallenge and you'll be able to read other bloggers posts too, remember though honeys if you do, to say hello in the comments section, it really is a fun way to meet fellow bloggers and make new friends :)

Since I've missed the first 3 days honeys, you can find my posts from Blogtember 2014 here:
Day One prompt: introduce yourself
Day Two Prompt: Describe your ideal day - last year's post wasn't an ideal day but a typical one so here it is honeys: A day in the life of Rosie
Day Three prompt: Create a mood board that describes your blog
Blogtember 2015 Blogging Challenge Day Four
Today then is day four of Blogtember 2015, and today's prompt is "what are you passionate about?"

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rosie's Wonderful Wee Closet - The Work Continues..

Hi honeys
Today I thought I'd share the latest little addition we've made to my very much loved (and it so is!) used every single day tiny closet :)
Rosies Closet - the work continues
I really do adore my wee closet honeys.  It's such a pleasure to use, putting laundry away is a breeze and everything I need is right at my fingertips. I used to practically live in yoga pants & tee shirts at one point and now I wear pretty dresses, add accessories, match hair clips & jewellery... even if I'm not going out of the house that day.  I really do look forward to getting dressed every morning :)