Friday, 24 May 2019

Meal Prepping For An Easier Week Ahead...

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products or a certain store in this post, I just wanted to share what we've been doing this past couple of weeks and how awesome we think it is πŸ’–

Hi Honeys
Do you remember I mentioned that I was curious about something I kept seeing mentioned online called "meal prepping"?

In the past I've always made Hubby's lunch the night before of course and popped it into the fridge for him and when making a casserole or lasagne (or anything else) I've sometimes made an additional large lasagne or whatever I'm cooking to freeze for later in the week.  It makes efficient use of not only my time but if the oven is going to be burning away anyway, it's just as easy to make double and save on the eye watering fuel bills.

The form of meal prepping I keep seeing mentioned though is different honeys.  I decided to be brave and try out meal prepping (in the way it's being shown online) to see what all the fuss was about and I have to tell you I'm completely sold on the idea! I just love it!

Meal prepping for an easier week ahead...

We're into the summer months honeys, as I write this I've just pegged out lots of laundry in the gorgeous sunshine outside, and summer months in our house means salads.  Lots (really lots) of lovely crispy, green salads topped with heaps of health boosting fresh tomatoes πŸ˜‹

Something wonderful has happened to our lovely salads though honeys.  Well, it's all sort of happened by accident.  Sort of.

Why not grab a cuppa, and maybe a cookie, and I'll explain....

Monday, 20 May 2019

Chicken, Peppers & Mushroom Bake in the Creamiest Cheese Sauce.... yum!

Hi Honeys
How are you today?  All well and enjoying the sunshine I hope 🌻  This is our second day in a row of beautiful sunshine and, with the company of our furbaby Jade, I've been pottering around the house looking for little projects to do 😊  There's laundry of course, I adore laundry, but I also decided I'd spring clean our tiny bathroom too.  It's been such a wonderful day honeys πŸ’

Today I thought I'd share one of our favourite oven bakes.  It's ideal as a mid week dinner because it really doesn't take too long to make and really feels like a treat too.

We actually had this yummy oven bake last night and Hubby liked it so much he took some to work with him for lunch 😊 

Chicken, Pepper & Mushroom Bake in the Creamiest Cheese Sauce

Let's take a look at how to make this extra, extra cheesy, extra, extra creamy plate of deliciousness then honeys πŸ˜‹  To the kitchen then dear ones...

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Small Item Delivery From Ikea & A Look At What We ordered...

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to share any products I just wanted to share my experience of online shopping at Ikea and what I choose for my first order x

Hi Honeys,
How are you today?  Our furbaby Jade and I did some laundry this afternoon, got it all pegged out and when I went out with my next wash, a gorgeous sherpa throw Jade got for Christmas from her Auntie Miriam (She still adores it honey, thank you x) I felt the rain on my face!

So, that was it, luckily the bedding and towels were all dry but I couldn't help thinking it must be wonderful not to live in the rainiest place in the world πŸ˜„

In yesterdays post I shared a tiny kitchen organising project I'd planned using some items from the Sunnersta range from Ikea.  I recently discovered that Ikea will now deliver smaller items!

I knew our nearest Ikea would deliver large, bulky items, having previously ordered a kitchen cabinet and full size worktop from them, but the fact that I can hop online and order organising project supplies and have them brought to the front door is a real game changer!   

I haven't been to my favourite store in around two years I think honeys, we don't own a car and it's just too far away, so home delivery is just the best news! 😍

So, having discovered this wonderful news, of course I wanted to try their home delivery service, so I went to their website and placed an order... 

Trying out the Ikea home delivery service and a look at what's in our order...

In yesterdays post I promised I'd share the contents of this first order and I'll do that today, so, why not grab a cuppa and maybe a cookie or two and meet me back here in a few minutes honeys?

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

A Mini Kitchen Organising Project With Sunnersta!

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any items, just wanted to share a mini kitchen organising project and being excited that my happy place now delivers smaller items 😊

Hi Honeys,
How are you today?  A rainy day here all day today so no laundry being pegged outside unfortunately but laundry has to be done none the less, so not for the first time I've been so grateful that we bought the couldn't-be-without-it-now pulley 😊

Other than laundry, our furbaby Jade and I spent some time upstairs de-cluttering and tidying and also had some fun in the kitchen on a mini organising project. Well, I say we, Jade keeps me company and is in charge of smiles and bringing me one of her toys to play when I'm busy cleaning or dusting or whatever else I'm doing 😊

On Monday we did have a great pegging-out-laundry kinda day and peg out laundry we did ☼  We were also eagerly awaiting a delivery from my happy place... Ikea 😍   Now we already knew we could order large items and have them delivered (as we did when we partially re-modelled our kitchen by buying and installing a new worktop and storage unit along one wall) but I recently discovered that it's now possible to order smaller items too!

Testing Ikea Small Item Delivery & A Mini Kitchen Organising Project

I can't even tell you how excited this made me honeys, ridiculously excited πŸ˜„

I love to visit Ikea, love it!  Unfortunately we don't own a car and it's quite some distance from our home so we don't get to visit very often.  Then there is my limited mobility to be factored in now too.

Last time we visited I was in pain for days afterwards so the very idea I can just pop online and have items for our organising projects delivered is beyond wonderful πŸ˜„

I decided I'd test the delivery waters so to speak by ordering a few items (I'll write a post sharing my mini haul soon honeys, promise.)  Included in that order were a few items I'd hoped would improve the storage we'd previously set up at the side of our kitchen cabinet.

A Mini Kitchen Organising Project With Ikea SUNNERSTA Items

Do you remember my dismay at the discontinuation of the Bygel range at Ikea?  Ikea replaced Bygel with a new line called Sunnersta and as it turns out, it's incredibly useful.  We even replaced the Bygel rail in the bathroom with a Sunnerta rail (and containers.)

So, for this mini organising project, we ordered a Sunnersta rail, a packet of Sunnerta S hooks and a Sunnersta container.