Monday, 22 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 22: A Few of My Favourite Fabulous Blogs

Hi honeys
This has to be one of my favourite prompts so far in the Blogtember Challenge. Sept 22nd: Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!   Thank you to the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love for organizing this Blogtember Challenge.  All of the prompts have been fun, some challenging but this one is just wonderful! What a great way to share the love, so here are a few of my favourite fabulous blogs.

I really do love this prompt! It's so great to be able to recommend some of the places I love to go hang out. Places that inspire me & make me smile (even on not so great days.) The only problem I had was to only pick five! Here they are though, some of my favourite wonderful, fabulous, beautiful blogs, do visit & say hello.  Let's all share the love honeys xx


There are no words for how stunningly beautiful the Decoist blog is. It's my go-to place when I want to relax & immerse myself in beautiful design, gorgeous photos of dream homes & inspirational DIY ideas.  You can browse by room if like me, you enjoy seeing images of beautiful bedrooms, dream kitchens (& accessory ideas), luscious living rooms & delectable dining rooms  Wait till you see some of the dreamy outdoor spaces.  It's a slice of paradise on the internet and I urge you to visit. Take a coffee though, you'll be there a while, enjoy!

Just Me, Leah 

Leah's blog is like a ray of sunshine. I love it there. It's so full of love & smiles & I always feel like I've been hugged when I'm there :) You'll find marvellous make up & beauty recommendations Leah's gorgeous OOTD posts, (Leah, if you read this I still adore this dress, you look beyond stunning in it.) 

Leah shares life stuff, (do check out Leah's visit to St Thomas the Martyr Church in Winchelsea the photos are fabulous) blogging advice & she is a wonderful advocate for positive body image, do check out her Love Every Body Body Positivity Workshop I found myself reading posts, nodding & in turns smiling & crying because I recognised so much in myself.  Like me, Leah is a spoonie too, but she doesn't let it slow her down. You're an inspiration honey & I so wish I could cope so well <hugs> xx

Hazel Jane

Hazel is a new blogger like me, but you certainly can't tell from her blog. She writes a wonderful fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog that also includes, reviews, recipes & my very favourite feature, her fabulous Self Confidence Series Do stop by and say hello she's such a lovely person and her blog is definitely one to watch, it's already beyond awesome.

Everyone Wants To Smile

If you haven't been to Emma's fabulous, full of sunshine & smiles blog yet RUN don't walk! Emma's recently been writing about her travels around Vietnam this summer and she's included lots of gorgeous photos too. What an amazing holiday! Other highlights on Emma's blog include wonderful motivational posts & quotes, & blogging advice.  I really can't say enough good things about Emma or Everyone Wants To Smile why not go say hello?

Decorating Files

At the Decorating Files blog Peggy writes about decorating & organizing, as well as DIY & tips/hints on how to elegantly entertain. There are also lots of useful printables  Peggy is such a lovely lady & just like the Decoist blog, the decorating files site is a place to find so much inspiration & stunningly beautiful photos.

So, there you have them honeys, a few of my favourite places to hang out & be inspired.  I could have filled pages & pages with lots of my favourite blogs, but the prompt asked for five. It was so tough to only choose so few! If you haven't visited them already I so hope that you will, and say Hi.

Till next time dear ones, sending you heaps of hugs xx


  1. Oh my days, thanks so much! I'm beyond stoked!! You are so lovely., Big (gentle) hugs. x x x

    1. thank you honey, you're such a lovely, sweet, generous person (stop shaking your head, be told woman :) & your blog is such a lovely welcoming place. Keep being you honey, because you're amazing xxx