Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bathroom Storage Re-Do: Before & After

Hello honeys
I thought I'd share our latest little project in our efforts to de-clutter & organize our home. This time we're in the bathroom.

bathroom storage home organization

Do you remember those little wooden units we bought for the bathroom? Even though they were from the same range, from Argos, they were supplied with different door knobs. Very strange :) but we solved this by replacing the knobs with lovely glass ones. You can read about it here honeys and see photos of the Argos units too.

Well, having previously bought the little under sink unit and matching little stand alone cupboard (& drawer) unit for by the shower, both on sale yaaay! We noticed that the matching tall storage unit was on sale to promote the new Argos catalogue being released. Tape measure found, space measured, off went hubby to pick it up and I have to say I'm so happy with the result.

Our bathroom is the only one in the house and it is so tiny, so space is really limited. Whatever storage is used in the bathroom needs to contain all of our toiletries, cleaning products, towels and everything else that belongs in the bathroom, has to work very hard.

We had been using the Molger unit from Ikea, along with pretty lined baskets, which worked great but did sort of clash a little with the white wooden units from Argos.

We did consider painting the Molger unit white, and might have done if we hadn't spotted the matching tall storage unit in the Argos brochure.  Because it was such a bargain, and because it matches the other two units & makes our bathroom storage uniform & seamless, we thought why not.

It looks like such a narrow tiny unit but it really does hold such a lot. Just the upper shelves alone have managed to contain my Soap & Glory obsession on a single shelf, with the other two shelves (thanks to adjusting the way I folded our towels) now holding fluffy towels ready to grab quickly as we step out of the shower.

The door to the lower unit hides another three shelves....

OK, I feel like I should get the dove obsession out of the way here :) I do like Dove body wash. The scents are lovely & the added moisturisers are a bonus, but I've banned myself from buying any more till we absolutely need to.  This is a wonderful example of how being organized can save money actually. 

The reason we have so many bottles is because I had stored all of our toiletries in baskets, so could not immediately see what we had. So, every time Asda sold Dove at £1 (which they do quite often) I would buy one or two bottles with our grocery shop.  Reasoning behind this being that I do use a lot of body wash, simply because I shower in the morning and again before I go to bed at night.  Had I known how many we had though, I would have quit "stocking up" long ago. At least we have enough to last a while but it's silly, it really is.

Anyway, back to the storage unit :) I've organized each shelf by type, so the top shelf is all body wash. The second shelf is our deodorants, and NOT all Dove! they're just at the front :) The bottom shelf is hair things, so shampoo, conditioner, mouse etc.  I really was surprised by how much fitted into this unit and I'm really pleased that we bought it.

Of course we also changed the door knob for one of the glass ones so that the whole bathroom matches. All of these tiny touches are what makes a home I think.

What do you think honeys?

I do adore the Molger unit, it's strong, sturdy and a great size, so it has now been re-purposed else where, which I'll share in another post. Till then honeys, have a great day everyone, hugs xx


  1. It looks fantastic! I need some bathroom storage help, ha! x x

    1. Hi honey :) hope you've had a fab week & looking forward to the weekend xx It's daft how much I love this unit :) I keep going in and looking at it :) The bathroom has got to be the worst room in the house for clutter, with make up, hairbrushes, rollers, not to mention all the toiletries like shampoos, conditioners, etc etc etc it all gets so out of control so quickly. I threw such a lot out the other day, it felt quite liberating really, and so much better organized now :) Have a fab weekend honey, huggles xxx