Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cuteness Overload at Home Bargains! Would You Like To Join Me On A Shopping Trip Honeys?

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products or the store honeys, just thought you'd like to join me on a very-rare-these-days shopping trip and share some smiles 😊

Hello Honeys,
How are you today?  I've been feeling a bit drained this past few days so I thought I'd snuggle up on the sofa and take a look back over the photos I took during my recent shopping trip with Hubby (I took my tiny Nikon along with me) and then I thought maybe you'd like to come along too 😊

Why not join me on a recent shopping trip to Home Bargains?

I don't get to go shopping very often anymore, my mobility isn't so great.  I have osteo arthritis in the base of my spine and the pain makes walking (and standing) very difficult.  Hubby does our weekly grocery shop (thank you sweetheart x) and he's completely fabulous at it too.

We only went into a couple of shops, I've learned from experience that shopping trips (or any trips) really do completely drain my "body batteries" so even small outings have to be planned ahead and that also means factoring in the day or two of exhaustion and pain that follows too.  Fellow spoonies will understand and are probably nodding as they read this (gentle huggles honeys x)

Our shopping trip then takes place in a far-too-large-for-me-these-days Home Bargains store.  Why not go grab a cuppa, and maybe a cookie, I'll do the same and we can meet back here in a few minutes?

Monday, 16 July 2018

Finally! We Have Rain And I Love It As Much As The Roses Do...

Hello Honeys
How are you?  A wonderful thing happened yesterday.... it rained!  All day! The whole day!  It wasn't heavy rain, it wasn't anywhere near a storm.  It was just gentle, freshening-the-air rain and it was lovely honeys 😊

To hear a Scot bemoaning the lack of rain in Summer is unusual to say the least dear ones 😊  We're more used to almost constant rain on the west coast of Scotland than sunshine, so any break in the grey clouds these past few years has been heartily welcomed with BBQs, ice lollies, everyone wearing flip flops and celebrations πŸŽ‰

At long last, after 6 weeks of warm, humid days, we have rain!

This year has been one of extremes honeys.  In March we had a very disruptive visit from a storm the press called "the beast from the east" which brought with it biting Siberian winds and so, so much snow! It literally brought the country to a standstill and caused absolute chaos. 

Snow storms in March turned a Scottish spring into winter.

It's so odd honeys to think that all of that snow was only a couple of months ago.  To compare the weather in the above photos with the sweltering temperatures we've had for weeks now is more than a little odd. 

Summer temperatures here might reach the highs of 15-17 C or if we're being spoiled maybe even reaching the low 20sC.  For the past few weeks these have been our night time temperatures! Daytime temperatures have been in the high 20s and even reaching 30C! Scots weren't made for temperatures like those! We melt! 😊

It's been (except for the very brief hammering by Storm Hector around a month ago) an almost endless stream of beautiful, perfect, sun soaked days, which I've absolutely loved!  I swear, I'm not complaining!  Hang on to that thought for a second 😊

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sweetest Gift From Hubby: A Wildlife Fairy Garden Set

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote anything nor am I trying to, just sharing a lovely surprise from Hubby that made me smile 😊

Hi Honeys,
I hope you're having a wonderful week and enjoying the beautiful sunshine ☼

I honestly can't remember the last time we've been blessed with a summer like this on the west coast of Scotland. I can say though dear ones that it's been a fair wee while, so everyone's been making the most of the long, warm, beautifully sunny days by doing what they love 😊

In my case that's been finding and doing as much laundry as I can.  I know, odd, but I can't help it, I looooooove laundry 😊  Unfortunately though, our home only has so much laundry each day, so whenever I run out of laundry to do, our furbaby Jade and I have been having such fun out in the garden 😊

Do you remember the little fairy garden I started work on recently? Well Hubby surprised me with the sweetest gift for it...

Smiles abound with the latest additions to the tiny fairy garden...

I'm smiling again 😊 Just seeing the photo has made me smile 😊

Hubby does our weekly shop, bless him.  Once in a blue moon, definitely not very often any more,  I'll go with him but my mobility isn't great anymore and even shopping the three stores our weekly shop needs will leave me very drained and in a great deal of pain so my sweet Hubby does our shop each week. While shopping, my lovely Hubby spotted this...