Saturday, 6 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 6: I'm Currently....

Hi honeys
Beautiful blue skies outside, a lovely soft breeze and I'm busy typing this between hanging laundry outside :)

So, todays writing prompt for the lovely Bailey Jean's Blogtember Challenge is:  Sept 6th: A "currently..." post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.

Current Project: 

A brief glimpse through this blog will show we're trying to get control of our clutter, and re-organize our home. It's on-going, one room at a time and we're resigned to the fact it'll take a while, but we're having fun doing it. We're re-discovering things we'd forgotten we even had in cupboards, filling bags to take to the charity shop, and loving the treasures (and memories) we're finding along the way.

Currently Watching:

All three series of Father Ted, honestly we get to the last episode and start over from the first again.  Adore it and always will :)

All nine episodes ever made of "The Tick"  This so makes me smile! Only ever available on region one dvd (our copy is region one, bought from amazon) but all of the episodes can be watched on you tube.  Worth checking out honeys, it's wonderful :)

UK comedy series Dinner Ladies: Another complete box set, another that we'll watch right through and start over again :) Joy in a box set. Again you can watch these on You Tube

Currently Pinning:

My Boards can be found here but among my current favourites are Recipes lots of yummy things there, Home Organization board, my shoes, bags & accessories board, and of course my Blogging board. I'm still relatively new to blogging and I have so much to learn, so I'm pinning lots of wonderful tutorials and advice on this board in the hopes it will help me figure out what I'm doing.

Currently Loving:

Sundays. On Sundays, the only day of the week that hubby & I don't work, we've been spending the afternoon in the kitchen. Just us, a recipe (we're going to try key lime pie next, I'll blog the results :) and a lot of smiles :) Later we'll meet up online with my dear friend (Hi Meme sweetheart <waves> love you!) and my Brother Paul (long, long ceased to be my Brother in Law, just my Brother now, I adore him) for a chat and giggles :) Sunday makes me happy,  I spend the rest of the week looking forward to Sunday :)

So, these are my current favourite things to do honeys, can't wait to get online tomorrow to read yours. This challenge is such fun! Thank you so much to Bailey Jean for setting it. I have to dash to work now but till tomorrow, sending heaps of hugs everyone xx

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