Saturday, 20 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 20: A Day in the Life of Rosie

Hello honeys :)
It's a real dreich day here, it's raining outside, a little chilly, & the skies are so grey :/ We do however, thankfully, have the Blogtember Challenge to be getting on with, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love.  Today's prompt is:  Sept 20th: Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

I've been thinking how I can describe an average day in my life for you, without causing you to nod off for a nap :) My life is, on the face of it, quite dull really, but I do love it.  OK, so fetch a pillow and blanket just in case, and here we go :)

My day begins early, before 5am usually. Although I don't sleep well, so I'll have already been up once or twice through the night.  I sit up and switch the TV over to BBC to catch up on the news, read the text news pages and newspaper round up, to see what's happening in the world.  Shortly after I wake up Hubby's alarm will make its usual noisy beeping sound and he'll go downstairs with Jade and they'll head off for morning walkies together. 

I'll take my morning meds (if you're a regular reader, you'll know I'm a spoonie) maybe surf a little on my tablet, which I keep on my bedside table, while waiting for Hubby & Jade to return.  When hubby gets back he'll bring me a cup of tea & if my spine or hip hurts he'll bring me a hot water bottle.  A hot water bottle sitting against the base of my spine can help a little.

When Hubby heads off to work for the day, I'll watch the news for a while before starting my day properly.  I'll go downstairs with Jade, switch the fire & TV on in the living room, have my morning shower & get dressed.

What happens for the rest of the day really does depend on how I feel, how much pain I'm in, how much energy (or not) I have. I have no real control over how each day is. I've said before honeys, I don't do pity parties, but how I feel is a real game changer.

I so miss the days when I could plan things a few weeks in advance & look forward to them. When I used to run from class to class at University, without thinking anything of it.  Oddly enough, even though I can't plan definitively for a shopping trip etc, this also means that Doctors/hospital appointments or even my shifts at work, HAVE to be planned around or I simply couldn't cope. 

If I have work next day I can't afford to "spend too many spoons."  or use up tomorrow's energy today, in other words.  If I do too much then I'll feel completely drained & it will take a day or even  a few days to feel what for me passes as normal again. It's not a great way to live honeys but I haven't a choice & as I said I don't do pity parties. Instead I prefer to focus on the good things.

Jade & I start our day by putting the first load of my morning wash into the washing machine. Then, I'll check our menu board to see what's for dinner that night & if I have to, take anything I'll need for it out of the freezer.  That done I might sit down at my laptop and plan a blog post,  check email or maybe just surf & or pin for a while & check how my twitter friends are :) This also lets me rest a little before tackling whatever I have to do next.

Around 4pm I'll make a start on dinner for hubby coming home, earlier if I have work that day.  We plan our schedule (and work shifts) around Jade, so that she isn't left alone. She's a very nervous wee dog, bless her. Her other owner, before she was at the rescue, treated her badly & she's never forgotten. We do everything we can to make her feel loved & secure, and planning our shifts around her helps with this.  She knows she's safe when she has Mummy & Daddy with her.

We have dinner, unless I have work in which case we pass each other at the door. I only work two days a week honeys, I wish I could do more but I was forced to cut my rota simply because I couldn't get through my shifts anymore. Even now, they leave me terribly drained. 

On days I'm not working, hubby & I will have dinner together (and Jade :) and then we'll watch TV for a couple of hours, I'll take my evening meds and we'll all head off upstairs to sleepville. 

It isn't an exciting life honeys, but it is a very happy one :) I hope that you all know such happiness too. Have a fabulous weekend dear ones, try to fill it with smiles, laughter & good memories. Till next time, hugs always xx

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