Friday, 30 September 2016

Blogtember Day 30: Advice From The Heart..

Hi Honeys
This is so sad! We've reached the last day of Blogtember again! Thank you so, so much to our lovely Bailey Jean for all of her work each year organizing and hosting this fabulous link up for us, thank you Bailey x

Blogtember Day 30

So, on to today's prompt then:  Picture this, you've been stopped on the street by the photographer of Humans of New York and he asks "what advice would you give to a large group of people?"  Share a picture of yourself along with the advice.

As the beyond compare Oscar Wilde is purported to have once said "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."  This quote has always made me smile because who else can we be?  It is true though that "the grass is always greener."  There is a huge industry (advertising) built on the premise that if someone famous walks down the street with an item, whether it be a handbag, a pair of shoes, a watch, then that item will sell massively.

Image sells.  Look no further than the Kardashians who have built careers on image.  I wonder how much happier the world would be though if everyone were happy just being themselves.  Being comfortable in their own skin.  Smiling when we look in the mirror instead of wishing our hair was thicker/longer/shorter/curlier/straighter.

My advice then would be don't compare yourself to anyone else.  Even the world's most confident people, I'll bet, have something they wish they could change about themselves. We all have our fears, our insecurities, but some people are blessed not to be bound by them.  You, yes you, are the perfect, wonderful, fabulous, only version of you. No one else can even come close and somewhere there is someone wishing they had your hair, your eyes, your manner, your confidence.... Be happy dear ones. You're perfect just as you are x

You're Perfect

Always be kinder than you have to be, always smile even when its the last thing you feel like doing, because honeys, that's when the world (and you) need your smile the very most.  My beloved Gramma always told me that I should start every day the same way.  Before leaping out of bed to start my day I should look around me, that if I had a safe bed to sleep in, a roof over my head and food in the kitchen, I was already blessed and I should take a minute to thank my angels for looking after me, because for sure they were.  We should all take that minute, just to be grateful for everything we are blessed to have honeys xx

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

The last part of today's prompt asks us to attach a photo and if you've read my blog you'll know I don't have a single photo of me online. So, this will have to do...

Have a wonderful weekend dear ones, fill it with smiles, happiness, hugs and fabulous memories x

Till next time, huggles always xx

Blogtember 2016


  1. Rosie this is such good advice and one im constantly working on ( as I said in my post ) we have similar thoughts on what the world needs to hear ;) Comparison is such a creep and its true that the grass is always greener on the other side. And your Gramma was right about starting the day grateful. Always is good for the soul :) oxoxoxo

    1. Hi Heather x Thank you angel, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to reply, still trying to catch up, I've been so drained this past week or so, but I'm so happy I managed to complete Blogtember this year, even tho I had to write two posts on a couple of days. It was such fun again this year :) Counting my blessings helps me cope sometimes, it really does. I've just been catching up reading your Blogtember posts and I loved, loved, loved your final post! It's beyond wonderful! I also loved the two videos you posted too, I was watching them and laughing my head off, trying not to wake Hubby or Jade :) Sending heaps of huggles always honey xx