Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Blogtember Day 21: If You Were An Ice Cream, Which Flavour Would You Be?

Hi Honeys
Welcome back :) Well, here we are on day 21 of the Blogtember Challenge, the fun yearly link up organized for us by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog. Only nine more days to go but there's still time to join in! You'll find the list of prompts here honeys...

Blogtember Day 21: if you were an ice cream...

Today's prompt: If you were a flavour of ice cream, which flavour would you be? Why?

What a fun prompt!  Of course I'd love to be able to say I'd be something exotic and interesting like mango & passion fruit flavour, full of rich, interesting flavours working perfectly in combination with gorgeous glossy, pastel shades of syrup whipped through but in reality dear ones, I think I'm a basic, value range tub of vanilla with a generous sprinkle of nuts.

I'm not an interesting person, not even a little. I'd bore myself to tears if I ever paid enough attention. Unless I'm with Hubby, I never (seriously, except to go to work or the Doctors/hospital, never) go outside. I'm the one who disappears in a crowd, nothing to make me stand out you see, except of course I'm not great with crowds. That's when my anxiety takes over and my pesky brain tries to hit the panic attack button :/

Hubby works long hours so the majority of my conversations during the day are with our furbaby Jade, and I'm fine with that :) I'll occasionally talk to squirrels or magpies if I see them in our garden, to the amusement of neighbours I'm sure :) I've been known (more than once) to walk into doors (and once a lamppost) and immediately apologize to them, and have been known to talk to Judge Judy while doing the ironing ("you tell them Judy... especially that cheeky one") Hubby once walked into the living room and said "you know she can't hear you honey?" and I replied that of course she can! Judy knows everything :)

So, yeah honeys, I'm a tub of vanilla with some nutty sprinkles but I'm OK with that :)

Grape-nut ice cream

What flavour has everyone else chosen I wonder...  You'll find everyone else's wonderful posts linked here. Till tomorrow dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles xx

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