Monday, 26 September 2016

Hubby's Back Garden Fence Building Project

Hi Honeys
I'm determined to post every day this month for Blogtember and today I thought I'd share Hubby's latest project at home :)

Hubby's worked so hard this past week and what a difference he's made to the dreadful, weather-beaten ruins of the back garden fence.  That poor garden fence has suffered so much storm damage these past few winters and been repaired so many times :/

Hubby's Back Garden Fence Building Project

Honestly honeys I can't believe he did all of this, taking the whole fence apart before re-building, painting and lowering it's height, all on his own and in only four days!

Let's take a look at some quite ghastly before photos shall we?

Do you remember I posted recently how upset I was at losing our beautiful sycamore trees which once lined the lane running behind our back garden fence?
Our beautiful trees gone

The only trees left in the lane now are on the opposite side of the lane from us and I've been told the neighbours on that side have demanded the local Council remove them too :/  I've lost my little sanctuary and it breaks my heart, it really does.

Hubby had a few (very rare) days holiday/vacation time this week from work and spent it taking the fence around our back garden down, and re-building it again.  He's taken it from the seven foot high fence (here when we moved in) down to a much friendlier five foot high. Still high enough (hopefully) for home security and to make sure our furbaby has a safe play area.

Hubby at work removing garden fence panels

Our back garden is very wide, so it was quite a task to take on when he only had a few days to work on it, bless him, as you can see...

Very wide and tall fence at the back of the garden before being re-built

The garden fence was so weather beaten honeys and just looked ghastly! Just wait till you see what Hubby did though...
Newly installed, painted (and two feet lower) fence around the back garden

It looks so different! Looking at this photo I'm seeing how badly one of my clothes line poles needs re-painting. It's the only "vintage" pole (the other three were installed by Hubby after we moved in) and is probably as old as the house (early 1950s) so it will have some tlc by being re-painted with metal paint to protect it from the elements.

Hubby spent four full days, early till late working on this honeys but look how much better it looks...

Fence along the back of the garden completely re-built and painted

Hubby has also lowered the height of the fence which runs along the side of the garden, leading towards the front of the house, although this still needs to be painted...
Garden fence along the side of the house is also lowered in height and now needs to be painted

It would have been painted today but it's been raining all afternoon and is still raining as I type this. To be honest honeys, I'm actually quite pleased that it did rain today because Hubby has worked so hard all through last week and it's good that nature forced him to have at least one days rest before he's back to work tomorrow.

Loving our new garden fence

If there's anything I don't like about the new garden fence it's that, without our gorgeous trees being there we're now looking at the ugly metal fencing across the lane from us, installed by the local Council some time ago.  The metal railings may not be pretty but they are much needed I'm afraid.

We had problems with youngsters vandalizing our houses, using the lane to drink alcohol in, window breaking and all kinds of bothers :/  Living here became very unpleasant for a while until our local police and the local Council office got together to try to help.  There are times honeys, I really dislike the times we're living in.  

A little reminder of the before and after of Hubby's hard work this week...

Back garden fence re-build - before & after

It's already starting to get dark so much earlier in the evenings now and it will only be a few weeks until we turn the clocks back again. Next Spring though it will be wonderful to carry on working on our pretty back garden including creating a seating area on the patio and I'm toying with the idea of planting some roses in the back garden too.

Before & after of back garden fence re-build

As he was re-building the fence, Hubby left a small gap between each piece of the fence, in the hope of avoiding the kind of storm damage our garden has suffered over the past three winters.
A small gap in the garden fence to prevent storm damage from winter's high winds

I hope you've had a fabulous day dear ones, I'll be back tomorrow for day 27 of the Blogtember Challenge, till then, smile lots and hug even more x

Huggles always, Rosie xx


  1. He really did a good job! I hope it survives this winter. xxx

    1. Hi Leah, thank you honey, he really did, bless him. First test of the new fence was night before last when we had first gale force winds of the autumn and fence is fine. He worked so hard tearing that old fence down and re-building it and he's hoping to get it finished this weekend he says. Don't know what I'd do without him. Have a fab weekend honey, huggles xxx