Saturday, 3 September 2016

Blogtember Day 3: Summer's End...

Hi Honeys
Back again for day three of the Blogtember Challenge, a fabulous link up organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.

Blogtember is a fun opportunity for bloggers to challenge themselves to post every day for a whole month, Bailey Jean has even provided writing prompts for each day (which you can read here.)
Blogtember day Three

Today's prompt has to be the absolute saddest for me.  I live for Spring & Summer and I dread (and I mean properly dread like something from a Gothic horror novel!) Autumn & (especially) Winter. "Why Rosie?" I hear you ask.  Lot's of reasons really honeys, chief among them being...

  1. The stork who delivered me couldn't read his map or instructions (please deliver this small Rosie somewhere it's warm... All. The. Time.)
  2. I can't bear the cold (brrrrrr!seriously! just no!) 
  3. I have rheumatoid arthritis (among other things) and winter hurts, I mean really "tries to twist me into a human pretzel" type hurts) 
  4. I'm on the West Coast of Scotland and we get around six hours of daylight per day, tops, from October till around end January :/
  5. To be fair to Autumn, I really only dislike it so much because it means my precious Summer has gone and it's dragging me (remember that dread?) towards Winter :/   
Is it any wonder I want to hibernate every year?  Now that we all need cheering up :) Here's today's prompt from Bailey Jean: "Now that Summer's at an end, share a list of favourites from the season!"

OK,  I can do this!  I can share some gorgeous things that will (hopefully) make us all smile :)

Without a doubt honeys, the one, single, thing I wait for (very impatiently) every year is this..
Rosie's perfect sky
A perfect, azure blue sky with the fluffiest of clouds :) On a day like this you can put bets that I'll have laundry on the go and will be pegging it out on the line... bliss! It's been raining here today and I'm already wishing I could step into this photo and feel the warm sun on my face.

Of course Spring's arrival means the garden starts to wake from it's long Winter's nap and I can watch mother nature at work.  Every year I watch the beautiful peonies begin to fight their way to the surface..  

Spring Peonies
and every year they are stunning...
Gorgeous Peony in our garden
This year, on Mother's day, we went shopping for the perfect rose shrub to plant in honour of my beloved Mother in Law who loved roses.  We planted Mum's roses next to the long established rose bush we'd planted in memory of my much loved Gramma.  Imagine our surprise when after less than two months we saw this...
Mum's first roses
Mum's tiny baby rose bush grew six tiny rosebuds! Imagine what it might be like next year honeys :)

Gramma's gorgeous roses never fail to make me smile year after year, isn't there something exquisitely beautiful about a rose in the rain?
Rose in the rain
  There is a printable version of this image here honeys.

Of course we have more than roses (although they are my favourites) in our garden and it's such fun watching apples appear on our still young apple tree..
Apples on our tiny apple tree
 Then there are the blueberries, such a bumper crop this year too!
Bumper Blueberry Crop
If you'd like to see more of our garden honeys I've been keeping a photographic diary all year, through the Picture Perfect link up.

So, farewell to Summer then.  Hello to scarves, windy days and wishing it would all hurry up and take us to Spring again :) What's been your best Summer memory so far? Are you a Spring & Summer girl like me or do you look forward to Autumn & Winter?

Till tomorrow then honeys, when we'll be onward towards day four of Bailey Jean's wonderful Blogtember Challenge.  Till then, hug loads and smile till your face aches :)
Huggles always xxx
Blogtember 2016


  1. Oh Rosie! I may love fall but I would NOT love 6 hours of daylight! I am a light kind of girl. If it's too dark in my apartment it makes me depressed. That would be so rough! I love your peonies. My good friend had her baby shower and those are her favorite flowers. Of course the season was just about over here so no peonies came to her her shower :( I love that you have an apple tree AND a blueberry tree. They look super tasty. oxoxox

    1. Hi Heather :) The worst part of winter here is the darkness. I say every year that I want to hibernate and I really do mean it. The constant darkness just drains the life from me, it's awful. I adore the peonies and as much as I dread winter each year I so look forward to watching the garden wake up again and to our beloved peonies arriving each year. That's so sad that your dear friend didn't have peonies for her baby shower, especially as she loves them so much. There are so many tutorials on how to make gorgeous tissue paper ones in places like pinterest? Maybe some pretty paper ones with a little rose essential oil drops for when she has her baby? Thank you for visiting Heather, you always makes me smile :) It's been such a busy weekend at work and yesterday I ended up with such a bad headache, just tired & worn but don't worry angel, today I'm having a sofa day with our furbaby Jade to recover. Sending heaps of hugs always dear wee friend xxx