Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blogtember Day 4: Currently I'm....

Hi Honeys
Day four of the blogtember challenge already and I'm having such fun this year!

The Blogtember Challenge is a wonderful link up organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  In it bloggers are challenged to post every day for a whole month, Bailey Jean has provided writing prompts for each day (which you can read here.) Why not join in the fun? Don't blog? Why not join in on Instagram?
Blogtember Writing/Blogging Challenge 2016
For today's prompt Bailey Jean asks: "What are you up to currently?"

Well, honeys, as I write this I'm dashing around getting things together to dash to work but since this post will be scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday the fourth, that means.....

Catching Up With Laundry & Housework

I wash every day, it's my first homemaking task each morning.  Hubby goes off to work, I go have my shower & dress, then my first load of laundry goes into the washing machine and I start my day with a smile :)

I'm sure someone very smart could work out why I get so much joy from laundry but all I know is I'm just so happy to do it :)  It is of course proof, each time I complete any of my laundry tasks, that the arthritis hasn't beaten me yet and that's important to me, but I truly have adored laundry for as long as I can remember.

In my teens I washed and ironed my own school uniform each weekend for the week ahead and loved seeing the five designated hangers in my wardrobe, one for each day, hanging alongside my blazer and two school ties.

I work Friday and Saturdays so Sunday is my catch up day.  If my shifts at work haven't drained my body batteries then laundry will be done, Hubby's shirts ironed and it'll all be done with a happy smile :)  If shifts have left me drained and in pain then my laundry will wait till Monday.

According to the BBC this morning we're supposed to have a dry day Sunday so hopefully my laundry can be pegged outside yaaaaayy!!!

Organizing Outside On Our Little Patio

Now that autumn is officially here I'm hoping this weekend we (mostly Hubby, bless him, since he does all of the heavy lifting and moving of things - thank you sweetheart x) can try to get some work done on our patio before the weather changes.  

We're planning on moving the three huge (and not very pretty) wheelie bins from just outside the back door to the other end of the garden. They'll sit against the garden fence by the side gate. 

This gets them off the patio and also has the bonus of making them easier to wheel out on trash collection day.  The patio will then be emptied of anything we can get rid of and will need weeding. Once that's done (sorry sweetheart! I know that's a tough job x) we get to do the fun part :) 

The newly cleared & weeded patio will be home to a beautiful new garden bench we bought earlier this year.  Because we've been working on inside our home we haven't managed to get it put together (it comes flat pack) and in place yet.  It looks like this...

Rose patterned garden bench
I so love the rose pattern in wrought iron in the back rest honeys :) Next Spring I'll fill lots of pretty pots with flowers to place around the patio to brighten it.  I don't know how much we'll get done in one day but I'm sure we'll have a laugh while working on our patio :) 

So there it is honeys, those are our current plans for our next day off together.  What are your plans for this weekend?  Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xxx
Blogtember Challenge 2016


  1. You just gave me some ideas for the front yard that needs to be finished this coming week!! Thank you!!

    1. Pamela! Hello honey, how are you? How are your furbabies? We didn't get so much done yesterday after all, I got my laundry all done & pegged outside and then the skies just opened and soaked it all again :/ Then I got a sick headache too. It had been such a busy weekend at work I think my body was just saying enough is all. So I still don't have my lovely bench put together yet, it's flat pack so has to be put together & painted with weatherproof wood paint to protect it against the elements too. Oh well, I've waited this long I suppose :) Huggles Pamela and thank you for visiting xxx

  2. Replies
    1. :) hee hee :) You're one of the few people who get me :) hugs xx Our baby Jade is a family member and so if my baby doesn't like something it's definitely noted! I wouldn't let Jade jump up onto a wooden bench (once it's built) without lovely cushions so that she doesn't hurt herself but whenever we do use the bench outside she'll have her own wee padded pet sofa out there too :) No lying on concrete patio for our baby :) huggles honey xxx

  3. I get a lot of joy out of laundry too. ;) It's just so satisfying! My husband always tells me that I don't need to do his for him, but I do it anyway just because I like it!

    1. Hi Leah, yaaaay! A fellow laundry lover! I was starting to think I was all alone in my love for all things laundry :) You're so right too, there is something just so satisfying about gorgeous fresh clothes and bedding. Such joy!! Hope you're having a fabulous vacation honey hugs xx

  4. Rosie!I love your photo of the clothespins. It's dreamy :) And yay for your patio and bench. I hope your shifts didn't drain you two much. My hips are especially achy today so am doing some yoga to calm them down. oxoxo

    1. Hi Heather x aw bless! thank you honey but I found it on wiki commons (which you can find here it has a searchable database of useable images which you download as an html code & copy into a blog post by clicking html at top (where usually you'd be writing using the compose tab instead) There are such beautiful images and art work there, it's definitely worth checking out. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling so good either yesterday. I had such plans for yesterday and I did get my laundry all done but then the skies just opened and rain soaked my laundry again :/ Had a horrible headache for most of yesterday too. Not a great day at all. I hope you're feeling better today dear wee friend, sending heaps of huggles xxx