Thursday, 8 September 2016

Blogtember Day 8: A Tiny Glimpse Of Home...

Hi Honeys
Back again for day eight of the Blogtember Challenge, the fabulous and fun link up organized and hosted by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.   Blogtember encourages bloggers to post every day for a whole month using prompts supplied by Bailey Jean, which you can find here.

Blogtember Day 8

Today's prompt is: A house/apartment/room tour! Give us a glimpse of your space...

I had no idea which area in our home to choose for this honeys, after all you can see most areas of our home by clicking on the homemaking & organizing tab :)  So, I've chosen a few areas that make me smile :)
Our home is a little semi detached house in a corner of a cul de sac.  There is so much work still needing done to it honeys but we're trying to tackle it one tiny project at a time :)

Our most recent project was to work on the tiny entryway/mudroom, which Hubby painted and we re-organized, removing the storage cubbies which had been there and replacing them with a small ottoman.  We're using the ottoman as a somewhere to sit while putting on or removing shoes and also as a place to store our re-usable shopping bags.

As you enter our home through the front door, you'll see this...  

Entryway/mudroom from the front door
The door straight ahead leads into our little hallway and through that to the rest of the house. Under the mirror is an Ikea Trones unit. One of  a set of three.  They're supposed to be used to store shoes in but they're such wonderfully slim units that they fit everywhere and have so, so many uses.  This one has my folding walking canes and umbrellas.

Sitting on top of the Trones unit is a solar powered fairy home :)  This will eventually move out into the garden, probably next year now, but I bought it to become part of a fairy garden :) It looks so lovely glowing warmly in the darkness.

On the other side of the door through to the hallway, Hubby recently installed the most adorable coat hooks for Jade's jackets...  
Our furbaby Jade's coat hooks

The hooks were from Ikea too :) The other two Trones units are sited on the wall behind the door...


The rail under the door of the cupboard (where the electricity meter lives) has tubs holding useful items ready to be grabbed on the way out the door such as Jade's baggies for walkies, packets of tissues and small bottles of hand sanitizer.

Sitting on top of the two shoes units from Ikea are a few treasures...
Entryway decor
Above the Ikea Trones units (on the wall) is a small cubby unit holding baskets with hats, scarves & gloves while the top of the Trones units themselves is home to the cutest ceramic container I fell in love with on sight, a (double sided) frame with photos of our furbaby, a pink glass heart and a crystal cube which, if you hold it up to the light you'l see a bouquet of flowers. It was a gift from Hubby a long, long time ago .  

If you'd like to see the rest of the entryway/mudroom you can see more photos here including the extra storage and how (I hope) I've managed to stop a little of the leaves and assorted dirt from outside making it past our little entryway.


I love our kitchen honeys. I feel so happy when I'm in there :)  

Before & After Kitchen

Hubby installed a worktop and base unit (along with the best little pull out trolley ever!) for me and now I have my own little piece of heaven.. a baking area!

Rosie's baking corner

When setting up each area we work on in our home we've added smiles wherever we could.  Above the hob in the kitchen is a canvas print Hubby bought for me...
Beatles canvas print

Doesn't everyone adore the Beatles? I so wish I'd been born 10-15 years earlier than I was :)  

If you'd like to see more of the kitchen honeys, you can see our makeover here, there are details about the adorable (and oh-so-useful) trolley here and there is even a tour of the kitchen walls, and their organizing accessories here. 

My Desk aka Rosie Central :)

Sitting in the corner of our living room is this... 
Rosie's work area
This is my little corner.  It's where my blog is written and it's a tiny corner full of smiles :)

I'd be lost without the shelf/cubby unit Hubby fitted above my desk which is not only home to lots of tiny little sentimental items but also notebooks, so many notebooks :) I do love them honeys, so they're kinda.... well everywhere :)
Cubby/Shelf Unit Above Desk

You might notice my desk has the pull out tray once designed to hold a keyboard and mouse when we all had desktop computers?  Since I use a laptop obviously this wasn't needed but it seemed like such a waste of what might be useful space.

So, on a visit to Ikea I brought home a drawer insert/organizer and did this...

Ikea drawer insert used as stationery storage

I'm still using this system and it's a fabulous way to keep useful things such as pens, pencils etc all close to hand. You can find the details in this post honeys. 

I can't wait to read everyone's posts today.  I'm running a little late with this one, I'm afraid.  I've been doing so well till now by scheduling a few posts but today got away from me because I also had a post to publish in the Picture Perfect Project link up too.  

Till tomorrow then dear ones, thank you so much for visiting, smile lots and hug even more! 
Huggles always xx
Blogtember Challenge


  1. So fun to tour your space Rosie!! I love your baking space. All the pinks look so inviting :) I also have those hooks and we have the little dog butts up Lenny's leash and harness. oxoxoxo

    1. Hi Heather, those little doggie hooks are the best! They look so adorable in our tiny entryway/mudroom and I so love that jade has her own wee space for her jackets, lead & harness, I'm so glad that Lenny has his wee doggie hooks too :) Hope you're having a great day honey, huggles always xxx

  2. It's neat to see other peoples spaces. I adore the elephant near your computer.

    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you dear one x The little elephant was a gift from a dear friend, she brought him home from her holiday in Texas, she also brought bone shaped doggy treats for Jade, bless her :) I keep him near my desk because he makes me smile :) I hope you're having a fabulous week so far Rhonda and looking forward to a fun weekend, huggles always xxx