Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Blogtember Day 20: I Wish For The World...

Hi Honeys
It's day twenty of the Blogtember Challenge link up organized by our lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Hasn't it been fun again this year?  I can't believe we're almost three weeks through already! Only ten more days to go! Please catch up with my fellow bloggers all participating today, you'll find today's link up here.

Blogtember Day 20: I wish...

Today's prompt: Something you wish more people knew or believed.

This prompt made me think honeys, there are so many things I wish for the world. Among them are:

  • I passionately wish our elderly citizens were treated with the respect they deserved.  Here in the UK our elderly ladies and gentlemen have worked all of their lives, paying their taxes, raising their families and are sometimes treated as an annoyance, even by their own families :/   TV and the press call them "bed blockers" and accuse them of taking up precious resources such as doctors appointments and hospital beds. I chat to our elderly customers at work and they can seem so lonely, many of my ladies might only have their pet to keep them company. If you ever see an elderly lady or gentleman sitting alone, why not say hello?  chat even for a few minutes.  It could mean the world to someone and might even be the only conversation they have that day.   
  • I wish life was fair. I wish good people never got hurt, I wish kindness wasn't seen as a weakness and exploited so cruelly by the unscrupulous. I wish no child was ever hurt or found themselves facing danger in the world. Ever.  I wish cruelty toward animals did not exist anywhere. Ever.  I wish every human took the time to look into the eyes of an animal and to see a beautiful, sentient soul looking back. 
  • I wish the world understood that some illnesses are invisible.  I wish the world wasn't so quick to judge others or be so quick to write them off.  I wish compassion, respect, kindness and empathy for others were universally taught from an early age and that no one should ever be forced to face life's occasional bumps in the road alone. I wish more people understood the power of a simple hug and that they never felt uneasy or hesitant when faced with another being who badly needs a friendly arm around them. 
  • I wish every child grew up knowing how special they are, that they are all awesome in their own way and that bullying, in all it's forms, would simply vanish from the world, never to be experienced again. I wish that no child ever feels left out or overlooked, that they all have an opportunity to reach their potential and to follow their dreams.
I know, it sounds like the wish list of a dreamer doesn't it honeys, but the thing is, if every one of us decided we wanted the world to be like this, eventually it would be!  We all just have to work towards it, one smile, one kind word and one hug at a time.

Till tomorrow dear ones, wishing you a world full of smiles, hugs and happiness always xxx

Blogtember 2016


  1. Oh Rosie I so loved your "wish list" and I so agreed with every single one of them. I so wish the elderly were treated better. I feel really uncomfortable with how the media depicts them at times (as if only the young and thin can have fun, how absurd) And YES to some illnesses being invisible. I'll never forget how rude doctors were to me because of my chronic pain that wasn't visible to the eye. Made me wish I could just bleed to show them how bad it hurt. And oh I wish all kids felt safe, secure and special. These were just lovely and made me want to add a whole bunch more to my list of 20 now hahaha. oxoxo

    1. Hi Heather, I loved, loved, loved your post today! It's fabulous as always and I've pinned to my Blogtember board x Wouldn't it be wonderful if medical professionals weren't allowed to treat anyone unless they had some insight into what they were treating? I've seen some lovely, kind doctors and I've also dealt with a few very poor (and seemingly completely uncaring) ones :/ When people in pain seek help they're already vulnerable, I so wish more Doctors could understand this. I'm so sorry that you were made to feel like this honey hugs xxx

  2. agree with all your things, Rosie! Especially about not all illnesses being visible. Mental illness is a horrible thing too. Great post!

    1. Hi Janet, well said. Anxiety and depression can be so debilitating, I've battled both for many years. It's so important to find our happy place, something that shines a light into the dark times and to hang on to it. Having a support network is important too, even if it's just having someone willing to listen. Sending mountains of hugs honey xxx