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Blogtember Day 11: Favourite Instagrammers

Hi Honeys
Back again for day 11 of the Blogtember blogging challenge organized for us all by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.  It's still not too late to join in all the fun and you can find Bailey's daily prompts here.

Blogtember Day 11

Today's prompt: Round up of your favourite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?

I'm still very new to Instagram honeys and I'm not following so many people just yet, I'm still trying to figure out how it all works if I'm honest :)  I've been looking forward to this prompt to find lots of fun instagram accounts to help fill my timeline with smiles each day :)

When I finally updated my phone, (reluctantly! I still miss my sweet pink & glittery Nokia clam type phone! I had it for over nine years and adored it) one huge bonus was that I could finally join Instagram!  Here is a quick peep at my Instagram so far...


Miriam: Beautiful, amazingly smart (shush Meme! You are too!) heart the size of a planet, loves vintage Hollywood glamour (oh to live in the great age of Hollywood! Those clothes!) the Rat pack (joy! real music!) Miriam is my best friend and is closer to my heart than a sister.  Love you angel, thank you for always being there and Go Reindeer!

Leah of xLoveLeahx Blog:  When I did sign up, the first account I looked for and followed was our lovely Leah's.  If you haven't read her blog or followed Leah on twitter you are certainly missing out honeys.  She is the sweetest, kindest, loveliest person, she makes me smile even on not so great days and I adore her.

drtyauntyfranny:  My dear, sweet friend Francine.  We chat almost daily on twitter but I was so happy when I discovered Francine's instagram.  You brighten my day dear wee friend, thank you! Love you millions & huggles always xx

Alex: Alex is a very dear friend, fellow Scot, fellow Doctor Who fan, huge fan of all things M&M and just all round good egg! Alex can be counted on for hugs and smiles always, huggles honey xx   

Woosang: Yvonne is an inspiration and if you haven't visited her instagram, do go say hello honeys. Yvonne shares beautiful outfit posts, her life in Australia and is the sweetest, loveliest person.

Saturday Larks: Rhonda is another dear blogging friend, new Mom and a very sweet, lovely lady. Rhonda lives in Canada and if you haven't visited her blog yet, do go say hello here honeys.

Gorgeous Design Inspiration

Decoist: Decoist is an online magazine devoted to architecture and interior design and is completely, utterly & absolutely awesome! I visit every day with a cuppa and just disappear into a world of beautiful homes, gorgeous design and awesome, inspirational home make overs.  If you haven't visited, you so should honeys, it's beyond wonderful.

Homedit: Homedit is another fabulous online magazine to check out for gorgeous images, design & DIY tips and amazing dream homes.  I visit their site every day and their instagram feed is always full of stunning and inspirational images.

Elle Decor: Full of the fantastic images their magazine is known for, the Elle Decor instagram feed is a joy to see. Fabulous!

OK, that's a wee glimpse into my (so far) very limited instagram world honeys, now over to you! Please leave me your instagram addy in the comments below for me to follow? I need smiles, fun and friends in my insta feed.  You'll find me on Instagram here, do say hello :)

If you haven't followed our dear link-up host, Bailey Jean, you'll find her always stunning instagram here.  Till next time dear ones, smile every chance you have and hug even more! Huggles always xx

Blogtember 2016

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