Thursday, 15 September 2016

Blogtember Day 15: My Crazy Adventure..

Hi Honeys
Day 15 of the Blogtember Challenge, Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog's fun and fabulous link up which encourages bloggers to post every day for the month of September using provided prompts.

Blogtember Day 15

Today's prompt: What is the craziest adventure you've ever been on?

I have to admit honeys, when originally scanning through Bailey Jean's list of prompts I had decided to skip this one altogether.  As much as I do try to follow each prompt for the thirty days, there are usually one or two I don't write take part in.  The first of these was going to be this one and the next (and the same one I've skipped each year) is to record a vlog.

I don't vlog honeys, I have no idea how to and I'm no where near confident enough either.  Anyway, back to today's prompt :) I'm not the kind of person who has adventures I suppose.  I'm not interesting or exciting, not even a little bit and neither is my life I'm afraid.

I thought so long and hard about this prompt and as I said I was about to give up and just skip today's post, move along nothing exciting to see here, when I thought to myself, "have you really lived your whole life and have nothing to talk about? Nothing at all that could be considered even a teeny bit exciting?  Even if it's just to you?"

I've noticed others today have mentioned meeting their partners but (and I know Hubby won't mind even a little bit about my saying this) I really don't count that as an adventure. We met outside the cinema in a queue and got chatting but even if Hubby & I had been born on the other side of the world from each other the fates would have found a way for us to meet.  I know that in the marrow of my bones.

We were absolutely destined to be together. We are so alike!  I can remember in our dating days, when we both still lived at home, I sent a card to him once and his Mother, my beloved and much missed Mother in law, commented that when she picked up the post she wondered why he'd written himself a letter because our handwriting was so similar :) You know those matching salt & pepper shakers that look very odd on their own but look so right when side by side? That, dear ones describes Hubby & I to a tee and I'm fine with that :) Our natures, our hobbies, thoughts, and interests are so in sync it's scary :)

Goodness, I'm waffling!  Back to today's topic then...  An adventure.  The only thing I can really think of that might remotely match today's prompt is college.  Maybe college.  At the age of 29 I decided I wanted a change in my life and after many discussions with Hubby, my beloved Gramma and Mother in law (two ladies I was truly blessed to have in my life) I made the decision to go to college.

Decision made, I was beyond terrified at first! I had applied to study Law and was told in order to be accepted onto my HND course of choice I would have to complete an NC course first.  So, that's what I did. I studied for and passed my National Certificate in Office Technology (Business & Secretarial Studies.)  Towards the end of my course I re-applied to join the HND (Higher National Diploma) course in Scottish Law (we have an entirely different legal system in Scotland than that used in England, Wales & Northern Ireland honeys)

Those two years were among the happiest in my life.  I made friends, laughed a whole lot, spent so, so many hours in the library and passed my course with thirteen meritorious passes which gained me admission to an MA degree course (in Ancient Civilizations - History & Philosophy) at the University of Glasgow. While at Uni (like so many other students) to help pay bills I temped in so many offices, then worked for solicitors (thanks to my NC & HND I am a qualified paralegal) but nothing made me happier than a daft wee retail job I had over one Christmas break.

So, after having been very ill for a while and wanting to get back to work I dusted off my CV and started applying for jobs I came to realize I didn't even really want. There wasn't that buzz, that excitement that should be there at the thought of going to work someplace.  Then I chatted with my much loved Mother in law one afternoon and told her my woes and, as she always did bless her, she pointed me in the right direction :)

Do what makes you happy she said.  So I did.  I started applying for retail jobs which led me to my present position and even though it can be exhausting at times, even though we sometimes have to cope with rudeness and sometimes even abuse from customers (the stories I could tell you!) even though the salary is minimum wage, I smile when I'm there, I'm happy, I look forward to seeing regular customers every week and I absolutely love my job!

My much loved little Nuts About Work Peanut

This little peanut was a gift a long time ago now and I adore him :) I was told, many years ago, "the man who loves his job never does a days work in his life" and I think I get that honeys :)

Till tomorrow dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xxx
Blogtember 2016


  1. Rosie! I loved your post. And I do think you are very interesting and I think my opinion should count for something :) I loved college so much too! What a fun adventure it is! And I so love your mother-in-law. What a wise woman! I wish more people understood this and I hope to understand this deep in my bones someday. People are often after prestige and sucess and wealth but it doesn't make them happy. Often it's simple jobs that make them happy. I'm terribly embarassed to tell people I never want to do therapy full time again. It just drains me. Once I am licensed I plan to only have a small case-load of clients and only work part-time if we can swing it financially. I have no interest in stressing myself out for the rest of my life. But you should see the looks on people's faces when they realize I don't want a promotion or have a desire to be a lead therapist at an agency. It's almost funny if I wasn't so embarrassed! Your post was so inspiring and gave me much to ponder oxoxo

    1. Hi Heather, aw bless you for being so sweet! Your opinion absolutely counts dear wee friend xx Mum was lovely and I adored her, she was always there for me when I needed her most and I miss her terribly. You're an empath angel, and also the sweetest, kindest most caring person. I think that's what makes you such a wonderful therapist. You care about others a great deal and I know that you feel their issues too because you care so much but I worry that it must be exhausting because it must be so difficult to "switch off" when you care as much as you do. You are such a blessing to everyone you help Heather, I hope you know that, they're so lucky to have you but you have to take care of you too. Being part time would be perfect because it allows you to have time for yourself too. To be able to re-fill your heart with happy things, ever so important when you give to others as much as you do. I'm so proud of you dear wee friend, huggles always xxx

  2. Going back to school sounds like a definite adventure to me! I would not want to start again, but then I am a little older than 29 - HA! I do believe what you mom-in-law said about doing what makes you happy! My kids have worked in retail and I hear their stories of rude customers so I always try to read the salesperson's name and look in their eyes and thank them when we are done with the transaction. I know it startles them sometimes when I call them by name but it usually puts a smile on their face and that's what I'm aiming for! Great post Rosie!

    1. Hi Janet, goodness I'm quite a bit older than 29 now too, I still feel about 25 on the inside though :) Thank you so much, on behalf of everyone who works in retail, for being so sweet! I can't tell you what a boost I get when a customer takes the time to notice my name and to chat, to actually treat me like a person and not just a faceless uniform. It can literally make my shift when someone takes the time to ask how I am or even just to say thank you. Everyone is in such a rush nowadays, and that's understandable, life moves so fast, but it only takes a few seconds to wish someone a lovely day or a wonderful weekend. That goes just as much for retail workers too. I've worked in the past with (fortunately very rarely) co-workers who are so rude to customers :/ If only everyone would treat others the way they'd like to be treated themselves? I'll bet you are someone's favourite customer and they look forward to seeing you in-store whenever you visit, bless you for being so sweet Janet, I promise it means the world. Sending heaps of hugs always xxx