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Blogtember Day 10: A Day In The Life..

Hi Honeys
I'm playing catch up today I'm afraid.  On what is now day twelve of the wonderful Blogtember blogging challenge, a fun yearly link up organized by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog, I'm typing up the events of yesterday for my "a day in the life..." post.

It isn't too late to join in honeys, don't blog? Why not join the fun on instagram using the hashtag #blogtemberchallenge.  You'll find Bailey's prompts, one for each day in September, here.

Blogtember Day 10

Today's prompt:  A day in your life!  Take us through it with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.

Such a long, incredibly busy (but very fun :) shift at work Saturday and I didn't get home till around 10.30pm that night. There had been an old firm match on Saturday and a whole lot of celebrating went on until the wee small hours in the houses around us.  We live in a very quiet area honeys and (luckily when you're an early riser) loud parties are very rare, but you can't grudge people a wee party when their team wins 5-1 :)

Finally all quiet around 1am and Jade, Hubby and I all trotted off to bed and I fell asleep watching Futurama :)  I woke up again around 4.30am with pain in my lower back and shoulders.  Couldn't lie down again, too painful, so I took my pain meds and changed the TV over to the news channel to see what was happening in the world.  Depressing and more than a little upsetting so back to Futurama boxset while waiting for pain meds to allow me to lie down again.

Around 6.30am: managed to lie down and fell asleep again watching Futurama (box sets are fab)

8.30 am:  Woke up & went downstairs with Jade who had stayed with me to watch over me bless her. Our baby always knows when Mum isn't feeling great and her hugs are the best medicine.  Hubby took Jade out for morning walkies and I had my shower, got dressed, put on a pinny and started my first load of laundry. Joy!
First laundry load of the day
 I adore laundry! Even looking at the above photo makes me smile :) While my laundry was running I went upstairs and stripped and re-made the bed, it's September honeys, I have no idea how many drying days I'll have left before the continually dark, miserable weather starts and I'm not about to waste a good drying day :)

I Stuffed bedding I'd removed from the bed into a pillowcase and dropped it (carefully) down stairs ahead of me. I'm not steady enough on my feet to even think about carrying it downstairs, I need both hands to hang onto the handrails, one fall on the stairs was enough, thank you. Don't worry honeys it was a while ago and I've learned my lesson.  Took pillowcase containing bedding in the kitchen and then went to living room to sit down and take pain meds in order to allow me to have a chance of pegging out laundry.

9.45am: Hubby & a very happy Jade return from walkies, an extra long walk this morning for our baby, she took Dad (she decides where they walk not Hubby, bless him) all the way to a park she especially likes and Hubby threw her ball for her for a while.

First load of laundry finishes wash cycle just after Hubby & Jade get home and Hubby carries the hamper out into the garden for me to peg onto the line.  
Pegging out laundry makes me happy

I've had this little peg bag for quite a while now and it always makes me smile :)

Laundry peg bag smile

10am:  Hubby makes breakfast while I hug Jade on the sofa waiting for the next load of laundry to finish it's wash cycle. Hash browns, sausage and a yolky egg, for us and hard boiled eggs for Jade, yum!

Hubby and I chat for a while over breakfast and then Hubby fetches our shopping list, it hangs in the hallway on a mini clip board so that we can add items to it all week.

11am:  Hubby leaves to go do our weekly shop.  Am I married to the most perfect man in the whole world honeys?  He does this every weekend, bless him.  Sunday generally isn't a great day for me, having worked two late night (and quite long) shifts over the weekend, so Hubby does the grocery shop and he's very good at it too.  Talk about organized! Thank you sweetheart x

While Hubby is gone I hang out next load of laundry and then iron Hubby's shirts for the week ahead at work...  

Hubby's shirts ironed for the week ahead

I like to iron Hubby's shirts while they're still damp from being washed because it seems to make them easier to iron.  As they're ironed I hang them neatly on the brass hook which sits over the top of the living room door.  I always iron in the living room since this lets me watch Judge Judy at the same time.  Judy helps time pass while ironing :)

On weekends CBS Reality (or as Hubby called it once the Judy channel :) show a catch up of all of the week's episodes of Judge Judy through the day.  This was helpful yesterday since it took me over an hour just to iron five shirts :/  Had to keep sitting down because of the pain in my shoulders & spine.  Getting older is nowhere near as much fun as they say it is honeys.  

Around 1pm:  Hubby returns with grocery shop and puts it all away in the cupboards and freezer (thank you sweetheart x) He makes a cuppa and then heads off for afternoon walkies with Jade... 
Afternoon walkies for Jade & her Dad - remember to bring my tennis ball Dad

While Jade walks her Dad.... yep, seriously honeys, Hubby is happy to let Jade decide (so long as it's safe of course) where they'll end up on their walk. Sometimes Hubby will take along a bag of bread, cut into tiny pieces so it's easier for the birds to eat, and Jade knows this means they'll go along to the canal to visit her friends the ducks and swans.

She adores the ducks and so desperately wants them to come out of the canal to play, bless her. She loves to watch her Dad throw bread for them. Hubby usually takes a ball along on walkies in case they go to the park :)

So, while Jade is walking her Daddy, I put the last load of laundry in to wash and plan dinner.

Just after 3pm:  Hubby returns with Jade and helps me bring in laundry.  Such a beautiful day yesterday honeys. I didn't have a lot of laundry yesterday, I wash most days so there never is a lot to do, but it all dried very quickly in the gorgeous sunshine yaaaay :)

3.30pm:  After another cuppa, Hubby and his assistant gardener, Jade cut the grass :)

Jade helps in the garden

Jade doesn't like to get too close to the noisy lawnmower but she will run over (never too close though) and drop her tennis ball for Daddy to throw for her :) 

5.30pm:  I head into the kitchen to start dinner.  No cooking tonight really.  Baby potatoes into a pot to boil, likewise with (frozen - thank you whoever thought of pre-packed frozen veggies) peas and baby carrots and into the oven with little individual steak pies.  

Sunday dinner

Jade is allowed a treat and has a little individual steak pie for dinner too :)  We're incredibly careful with what our baby is allowed to eat and this was a treat, her pie cut into tiny pieces for her by her Daddy.  

6.15pm:  Hubby (and his assistant Jade) have finished working in the garden and with lawnmower etc all put away and Hubby washed up we all settle in the living room for dinner. 

6.30pm - 10pm: Hubby and I put laptops on to chat online with Hubby's brother Paul, although I've always considered him my brother too.  He lives quite a distance away and for many years now we've met online every Sunday.  It's the highlight of our week and is very important to us.

Around 10pm:  Hubby & Jade go for short walkies, I have a quick shower and when they get back we all trot off upstairs to bed.  I fall asleep watching (another) Futurama dvd (yaaaay boxsets :)

That's it honeys. A day in the life, I know it's not exciting but I wouldn't swap our Sunday's for anything in the world. Sunday is the only day of the week Hubby & I both don't work, it's our day to catch up, chill out and spend with Jade.  It's always a day for smiles and is the highlight of our week. 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend too dear ones, till next post, smile lots and hug even more :) 
Huggles always xx
Blogtember 2016

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