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Blogtember Day 24: Rosie's Project Homage: Pet Clouds!

Hi Honeys
Welcome back! We're on day 24 of the Blogtember Challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog and today is such fun because it's all about praising another wonderful Blogger's work!

Blogtember Day 24

Today's prompt: Recreate an outfit or a project from another blogger. Be sure to link back to the original source!

In preparation for today's post I zipped about Pinterest looking for a fun craft project I could try.  I did find a few furbaby treat recipes I'd like to try, our baby Jade likes plain yoghurt too so I might try one of those soon but for today I decided to stick to a craft I already tried last year, simply because it's such fun and, on a personal note, also because I start early at work today and won't be home again till after 9pm!

I love this craft so much! It's adorable and I've made these cute and ever-so-much-fun "pet clouds" so many times over the past year or so. I've sent them to friends as little additional smiles and popped them inside cards as a cute surprise :)

Here they are then, via the lovely Jenn of rookno17

Pet Clouds.. 

First assemble your supplies....

Pet Cloud craft supplies

Jenn supplies a download (do say hello when you visit honeys she's such a lovely lady and so nice!) of the little header to complete your pet cloud.  So first go here and download it (and say hello too!)

Printable header from Jenn (thank you Jenn hugs x)
Some cotton wool
Some adhesive "moving" eyes - available from craft stores or from amazon.
A pack of 3 inch x 5 inch see through craft bags -available from craft stores or from amazon.
A stapler.

1.  Break off a little cotton wool (I buy mine in a pack of "pleats" but you can use large cotton balls too) Form your cotton wool into a small, fluffy, could shape.

2. Apply eyes.  I bought a pack of self adhesive eyes but you can buy ones you need to use a little craft glue with, be careful to read the pack honeys.  I always buy the peel off backing ones because I'm just not to be trusted near glue! I get it in my hair, on my clothes, it gets everywhere :)

3. You should now have the cutest pet cloud...

Pet cloud made from cotton wool and self adhesive eyes

4. Gently place your cloud into the bag.  Bend your header in half.  I laminate mine.  It gives them a stiffer, more professional finish and looks nice too. Staple the header through the bag (but not the cloud!)

Pet Clouds complete & adorable

5.  Give to friends, pop into cards as an extra wee smile, make some to pop into take home treat bags for mini humans attending birthday parties, spend a fun afternoon with your wee ones making these and happy memories or make some just because! 

There are no words for how much I adore these little clouds honeys :) They make me smile just looking at these photos :) Thank you Jenn for introducing me to them and thank you too to our lovely Baily Jean for including this prompt in this year's Blogtember :)

Till tomorrow dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xxx

Blogtember 2016

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