Friday, 9 September 2016

Blogtember day 9: My Dream Location..

Hi Honeys
Back again for day nine of the wonderful Blogtember Challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.

Blogtember is an annual link up challenging bloggers to post every day for a whole month using a list of prompts as inspiration.  It's also a fabulous way to discover new blogs and to meet lovely new blogging friends.
Blogtember Day 9

Today's prompt is: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Why?

I have a couple of answers to that honeys, and anyone who knows me will know what they are :)

Today, right this minute, I wish I could twitch my nose, like Samantha from Bewitched, and appear at my dear friend Francine's front door.  She and her lovely husband John have just moved to their beautiful new home, and I so wish I could just appear at their front door with lots of baskets and organizing supplies, roll up my sleeves and help her unpack and get settled in, right after I give her at least a dozen huge hugs first of course :)  Francine & John, wishing you both so much laughter, happiness and all good things in your new home always xx

If the prompt means where do I go to get away from the world? Even if it's only by closing my eyes and willing myself there?  Well then that would be a warm, sunny afternoon at the beach.  I go there when life stuff gets too much to handle sometimes.  I close my eyes, I go there and I sit on the sand, listen to the waves and feel the warm breeze on my face.

On the wall above the bed in our master bedroom is a canvas print. It looks like this...

Rosie's Dream Location

For years now I've used this canvas to escape.  Please don't misunderstand me honeys, I know how fortunate I am, I have a home, a wonderful husband and our dear wee furbaby.  I know I have much to thank my angels for.  

I do still have bad days though. It might be a customer having been rude or abusive at work, or maybe something I've seen on the news that's upset me, or maybe I'm not coping with the RA pains so well that day.  Whatever it is honeys, I go upstairs, sit on our bed and I stare at this beautiful canvas.  

I imagine myself at the top of those sandy covered stairs, and then I mentally walk down them to the beach itself where I sit on the sand, listen to the waves and just breathe.  I've done it so often that I don't even have to stare anymore. The image of that gorgeous canvas is imprinted onto my memory.

There is no doubt about it honeys, if I could live anywhere I wanted to, it would be by a quiet, sandy beach where Hubby & I could walk in the evenings with our furbaby Jade.  Did you know there are lots of videos on youtube, like this one...

What a way to drift off to sleep :)  

Living by the beach really is a dream of mine honeys, but the truth is that so long as I have Hubby & our furbaby Jade I don't mind where I am.  I can't wait to read about everyone else's dream places dear ones, till tomorrow, smile lots and hug even more :) Huggles always xxx
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  1. There is something just so relaxing about the beach. I am with you on that one for sure, drop me off at the beach and never come back!

    1. Hi Erika, absolutely! I'd even live in one of those little beach huts and wake up to the sound of the waves every morning :) It's my dream :) Wishing you a fabulous weekend and heaps of hugs always xxx