Thursday, 1 September 2016

Blogtember Day 1: Introduce Yourself...

Hi Honeys
Welcome to the first day of Blogtember 2016 a wonderful link up organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.
Blogtember Day One
Blogtember is a fun opportunity for bloggers to challenge themselves to post every day for a whole month, Bailey Jean has even provided writing prompts for each day (which you can read here.) I'm so excited honeys! I've loved taking part in Blogtember in 2014 & 2015 and I've met so many lovely blogging friends too, thank you Bailey Jean x

On to day one's prompt then honeys: "Introduce yourself however you like, pics, vlog, collage, your choice." Such fun!  Off we go then honeys...

I thought, just for giggles I'd include a similar post from Blogtember 2014...
About the author

I can't wait to see what everyone else has written! Yaaaay honeys, we're starting Blogtember again! See you tomorrow for Day Two and a look at our current goals...

Til then dear ones, smile lots and hug even more :)
huggles xxx
Blogtember 2016


  1. Oh man, I wish you could come and do my laundry! I am so bad at laundry, haha. Maybe you'll inspire me to be better! :)

    1. Hi Stephanie!! I was at your blog earlier :) small world lol :) I love blogtember it's such fun and it really is a wonderful way to meet lovely new blogging friends too :) If I lived close enough I would gladly do your laundry for you :) A dear friend once told me I had a problem and to seek help lol :) I can't help it! I just adore laundry :) It's lovely to meet you Stephanie and thank you for visiting, huggles xxx

  2. Hi Rosie!!!!! It has been too long since I've stopped over. So happy you are joining blogtember again!!! This is where we met last year! So fun :) I so wish I shared your love of laundry. It would make my life easier. I love how much you love your hubby and furbaby. Having our puppy has changed my life in such a good way. We are crazy about him! Can't wait read all your posts this month friend oxoxoox

    1. Heather! I've missed you angel xx How are you? Are you joining blogtember again this year? I do hope so, I loved your posts last year, it's so, so good to hear from you, I've missed you! Sending heaps and heaps of huggles xxx