Friday, 2 September 2016

Blogtember Day 2: My Current Goals Are..

Hi Honeys
Back again for day two of the wonderful Blogtember Challenge organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.

Blogtember is an annual link up challenging bloggers to post every day for a whole month using a list of prompts as inspiration.  It's also a fabulous way to discover now blogs and to meet lovely new blogging friends.
Blogtember day Two

Today's prompt:  Share A List Of Your Current Goals..

This is a fun prompt :) OK, is anyone thinking about Halloween yet?  Hee hee :) OK, my current goals include...

1. Getting a Hogwarts uniform together for Halloween...

Hogwarts on my mind :)

What? Isn't everyone doing this? :) I make no apology honeys, I'm a Potter fan, a dyed in the wool fan of the Harry Potter books & movies.  I once proudly spent an entire late night shift at work on the night the last book was released (at midnight of course) dressed in a costume which (hee hee! see what I did there? :) had long, very dramatic (and useless to work in lol) black, velvet sleeves complete with a very tall (and utterly fabulous) hat,and a light & sound wand (of course!) 

Confession time! I only went to see the first harry Potter movie simply because one of my favourite actors was in it.  The beyond compare, and will be forever missed, Alan Rickman who so wonderfully brought Professor Snape to life.  Once I'd watched the first movie though I had to read the book and then... well, as with many (many, many) others I was hooked!  Add in the incredible Stephen Fry reading the audio books, the most incredibly talented actors all making appearances and the very finest talent in British film production involved how could anyone not completely adore the fantastic world created by J K Rowling? 

So, how am I preparing my Hogwarts uniform then? Well. I have my House tie, black trousers (more practical for work and since it will be end of October too... well it'll be cold honeys!) white shirt and of course my wand :) I've just sent for my house gown which (again with the which/witch hee hee :) in honour of dear Mr Rickman is in Slytherin House colours. Safe to say, I can't wait for Halloween honeys :) 

2. To continue working towards an organized & orderly home.. 

Right now I'm trying to decide on what should be the next project in our home.  If you're a regular visitor you might have read about our most recently completed areas.  The first was adding storage cubbies and organizing the large storage cupboard at our back door and the other was to paint & re-organize our tiny entryway/mudroom, adding shoe storage, somewhere to sit etc.

What's next though?  I'd like to start on our bathroom but that's more of a re-model and I don't think we can afford that right now since it will involve re-tiling and re-fitting as well as fitting a new shower enclosure.

Definitely too big a job for right now especially since Hubby already has quite a task ahead of him on his next holiday from work in a couple of weeks when he'll be stripping down the fence in the back garden and re-building it, lowering its height.

I'm tempted to start work on our tiny guest room which has somehow turned into a storage room again. It would be nice to have it looking lovely and all organized before our brother's visit.  OK, so, technically he's actually my brother in law, if you want to be picky about it, being Hubby's younger brother, but for too many years now he's just been my wee brother and he's loved too much by us both so it always feels odd to refer to him as my brother in law :)

Right now our guest room has too many boxes and the single bed in there is home to my own mini version of Ikea, since that's where I put organizing supplies like baskets etc.  Each time we downsize or declutter a little more I end up with empty baskets. I suppose technically it's evidence that our efforts to clear the clutter from our home are succeeding?  If that's the case though why is there still so much stuff everywhere? It realy does feel like a never ending task :/

The other area that needs a little TLC is the middle landing as you go up the stairs. Wall to wall (either side and under the window) is lined in bookcases and there lives our mini library... well some of it :) I am a lifelong book worm honeys and I married... you guessed it! Another bookworm!

Seriously, we have a ridiculous number of books scattered around the house but our mini library could certainly use a little order restored.  What are your thoughts honeys? Which shall I do first?  Whichever it is, I'll share here on the blog as always :)

Till tomorrow dear ones, (when our prompt for day three asks us about Summer's end) keep smiling and hug every single chance you get :) Huggles always xxx
Blogtember 2016


  1. No judgement here, I would totally dress up as a Hogwarts student for Halloween! I am a Ravenclaw according to Pottermore, so I would dress up in Ravenclaw colors!

    1. Hi Jenn, Wonderful! A dear friend is also Ravenclaw, on Pottermore I was placed in Gryffyndor but since I only discovered the Potter world through dear Mr Rickman, my Halloween will be a tribute to him :) You must be so excited about your move? Wishing you lots of wonderful times in your new home x I so hear you about clutter too, we've been working on our home for what feels like forever and still have a long ways to go, I have to admit that it's been a lot of work but it's been fun too :) We even found the topper from our wedding cake and it now has pride of place in our living room in a gorgeous display globe from Ikea :) Thank you so much for visiting, Blogtember is going to be such fun! sending heaps of hugs xxx

  2. I haven't thought about Halloween at all yet! So fun that you're dressing up as a Slytherin although my own heart bleeds red and gold for Gryffindor.

    I HATE clutter. I've been trying to organize my apartment for what feels like forever! I always feel more organized when my books are in order; if you feel that way, too, I'd recommend organizing your mini-library first!

    1. Hi Annie, it's all last year's fault :) I had planned a 1950s style costume with the prettiest circular skirt dress, petticoat with lots of layers etc. In the end that idea was spoiled because the petticoat I ordered didn't arrive in time :/ I learned my lesson so this year I'm getting organized earlier, then I'll put it all together on a hanger and in my closet til it's needed :)

      Thank you for your help with my next organizing project problem. I think you're right, the book cases I could get done in a single day (if I can avoid sitting down by the bookcase and starting to read that is :) Thank you for visiting Annie, it's lovely to meet you, sending heaps of hugs xxx
      ps: is your blog "what She Saw?" I was just there it's fab x

  3. Hi Rosie! I love that you are already planning a Hogwarts uniforms for your Halloween costume! Scotty loves Harry Potter and I got him the new Harry Potter book for his birthday along with an illustrated Hobbit book. AND good for you on organizing! It is so much work. I am trying to tackle our guest room as well. I can't seem to part with our books but I did manage to get rid of 4 bags of clothes! oxoxox

    1. Hi Heather,
      You're so right! Clothes I can get rid of without a second glance but books!!! nooooooo!! :) hee hee :) I love being a bookworm & love that I married one too bless him, so he understands why books are as precious as air :) Have a fab weekend honey, huggles xxx

  4. Great goal getting your Halloween costume in place in September. I've heard from my neighborhood Facebook page that last year the number of kids that came through our neighborhood was 450 😳 Yipes.

    1. Hi Rhonda, 450! wow! that is a lot of candy to fetch from the store! Aww and you'll be able to choose a costume for baby J too! Such fun! There were two lovely ladies who'd decided to take their babies for their 1st Halloween in our neighbourhood year before last. Both were babies, bless, so didn't want candy just to join in the fun :) Both Moms were dressed up, one as a witch and other as a bunny rabbit and mom in the witch's costume had made a tiny matching costume for her little girl (soo cute! they looked adorable)and her friend had made a little bunny suit for her wee boy, he even had ears sewn onto the hood of his suit :) Sweetest costumes ever, bless them :) Hope you're having a fab weekend honey, huggles xxx

  5. Wonderful idea for a costume. My daughter wants a Potter wedding! Our trick or treaters are fewer and fewer each year as most of the kids want to go to the "rich neighborhood" to get their candy! I enjoy your posts in the Blogtember challenge!

    1. Hi Janet, a Potter wedding!! What a fabulous idea! I attended a Babylon 5 wedding once, it was at a convention and Bruce Boxleitner (LOVE him!) walked the bride down the aisle! It was such fun and a memory the couple will treasure I'm sure. I know what you mean about seeing fewer kids halloweening each year, it makes me sad because I remember Halloween being such fun as a child. I love your scrap/craft room, it's just fabulous, I so wish I could be so well organized. Thank you so much for visiting, huggles xxx