Monday, 5 September 2016

Blogtember Day 5: My Most Memorable Birthday...

Hi Honeys
Is everyone having fun with Blogtember?  I'm having such fun so far :) Thank you and heaps of hugs to our lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog for organizing this fun link up which challenges us to blog every day through September.  If you'd like to join in you can find Bailey Jean's prompts here.

Blogtember Day 5

Today's prompt: What was your most memorable birthday?

This prompt really made me think.  I don't really have many birthday memories that jump to mind. A few when I was younger I suppose.  I don't do parties and I'm just not a social person.  I've never been all that comfortable with attention.

OK, I have to choose a birthday :)  The first one that comes to mind was my thirty second birthday. I was at college, having gone back as a "mature student" (ouchie!) While working in a study room two dear friends both left, I thought they'd gone to fetch something from their locker or maybe nipped to the loo, so I carried on working.

They came back armed with a birthday cake in the shape of a wee dog (so cute! & I still have the shaped candles they used :) a huge badge stating "Over the hill and ready to thrill" LOL (loved that! I wore it for the whole rest of the day) a bottle of Asti and a birthday gift & card each :)

It made my day/month/year! It was such a sweet thing to do and I loved them for thinking of me and for all of the fuss it must have been to put together (not to mention the room things must have taken up in lockers! we always had those things stuffed to bursting lol :)

What's your favourite birthday memory honeys?  Are you a social person who loves parties?  I haven't been to a party is so many (many, many) years, but if I found myself at one I know where I'd be.  I'd be in the kitchen (happily) doing the dishes :)

Till tomorrow then dear ones, thank you for visiting x  How much fun is Blogtember this year? Sending heaps of huggles xx


  1. Aww, that's lovely. I hate the word mature too, it means ancient! ;) I hope you have many wonderful birthdays to come. xxx

    1. Aw Leah! Bless you angel and thank you xxx I was 29 when I went to college. I had to get an NC before they'd let me study for an HND in law, which I did. I was 32 when I graduated and therefore a "mature student" eek! I adored college, it was the best time :) I saw a fab image on pinterest that said "these are not grey hairs! They're experience highlights" Love that :) Sending heaps of huggles dear wee friend xxx

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    1. Hi Janet, thank you honey it really was :) I loved your post today! I would have loved to have been able to walk across the bridge with you, the view must have been so beautiful and how fabulous that your Mom could go with you too. That has to be the best birthday ever! Huggles xxx