Friday, 7 October 2016

Mini Kitchen Organizing Project

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share my latest little organizing project x

Hi Honeys
Back again :) I'm sorry I've been missing for the past week or so.  I really needed a short break. I've been feeling very drained, I'm feeling much better tho so I thought I'd share my latest little organizing project in our kitchen :)

Mini Kitchen Organizing Project

Have you noticed that sometimes even a tiny change in your surroundings makes you feel good? This week I had our latest order from Studio delivered and included in the order were these three organizing trays...
Set Of Three Organizer Trays From Studio Cards & Gifts

I already knew when I ordered them that I'd use these trays in our kitchen and that's what I did :)  The three organizing trays all have tiny silicone, non-slip feet on their bases. In addition, as you can see from the image above, the trays have a silicone inner layer to prevent their contents from sliding around, which would make them ideal as drawer organizers, but I had other plans... 

The largest of the trays I placed on the window ledge, behind the sink, between two of my favourite cookie jars who also live there...

Largest Organizer Tray Used To Group Cleaning Items By The Kitchen Sink

I used the tray to coral frequently used items that normally live by the sink.  It just immediately tidied the area and gave the items a proper home.  There isn't a large number of things but somehow just grouping them into a container made it look neater.

From the left hand side, in the image above, there is my always-in-use bottle of Flash surface cleaner, in front of that is a bottle of washing up liquid.  In the middle, and I wish you could see it clearer because it's kinda cute :) we have a miniature blue sink/basin complete with tiny taps :)  I use this as home to a sponge.  Next is a much loved little penguin dish I use to store dish brushes, he looks happy to be living next to the penguin cookie jar :)

The green bin sitting to the far left of the photo is our food waste bin which helps us to recycle potato peel, egg shells etc.  I love this system, you can read about it here honeys.

This left me with the two remaining organizing trays in the set and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  Across the kitchen then to the worktop by the cooker/hob...
Remaining Two Organizer Trays Used To Store Oils & Stock Cubes By The Hob

I placed the last two organizer trays under one of the Ikea Fintorp baskets hanging on their rail by the hob.  The smallest I've used to contain my stock cubes.  No more opening a container I just have to reach into the tray and grab what I need...

Smallest Organizer Tray In The Set Used To Store Stock Cubes By The Hob

The final, mid-sized organizer tray sits alongside its smaller mate and so far is home to our two spray bottles which hold olive oils, with their bottles sitting behind them to quickly re-fill as needed...

Oils & Stock Cubes Stored By The Hob

I'll probably also use the extra space in this tray as home to our timer and the tiny glass timer for perfectly boiled eggs.  It's added to the pot with the eggs and changes colour to show each stage of the eggs cooking.  That presently lives in a compartment of our drawer organizer but it would be, like the stock cubes, far easier and quicker to use if it lived by the hob. 

So, there we have it.  Such a simple change but it made me smile, it's a tiny, new organizing system that's making using the kitchen even easier and has made our surfaces feel tidier too.  If you'd like to see how we organized our kitchen walls to add extra kitchen storage space you can read the post here.  We have since that post though added the Fintorp rail & basket and you can see that post here.

Thank you for visiting honeys, I hope whatever you have planned for this weekend makes you smile lots and that you're seeing some of this wonderful autumn sunshine this week.  Till next time dear ones, sending heaps of hugs always xx  


  1. Hi Rosie! How lovely to hear from you! I love how colorful your kitchen is. It is bright and cheery! I really like the idea of having a home for a sponge. How brilliant and easy! It really is the little things that make a difference. I'm always kind of grossed up by our sponge so I hide it under the sink but that's not very easy access when you want to scrub dishes! oxoxo

    1. Hi Heather x Aw thank you! I adore our kitchen, I spend so much time in there either cooking or doing laundry and it makes me smile :) I've discovered since becoming a spoonie that sometimes things that make life just that teeny bit easier can be fun too, like finding a designated home for a sponge. Nothing exciting about a sponge but give it a miniature sink as a home and it becomes kinda cute as well as practical :) I'm so, so proud of you for passing your finals! I could just burst I'm so happy! Well done honey, so deserved! Sending mountains of huggles always xxx

    2. Thank you Rosie!!! I'm so SO relieved! I seem to have used all all my brain power and have struggled to write anything recently. I've been just watching cheesy movies and shows. Finally wrote a blog today. I think a little home for our sponge would be wonderful. oxox

    3. You so deserve to rest Heather, and I so hope that you are angel. You worked so hard and you've achieved so much. Please be kind to yourself and try to rest for a while? Sending mountains of congratulations and well done hugs dear wee friend, I'm so, so proud of you xxx