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Blogtember Day 25: Rosie's Review: The Puripod

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote anything, this review is written as part of a blogging/writing challenge.

Hi Honeys
We're in the last week of Blogtember!  I always feel so down when we get here because it means it's almost over for another year. Thank you so much to our lovely Bailey Jean for organizing this fun link up for us every year and for all of the work she puts into it, it's been such fun again this year, thank you Bailey xx

Blogtember Day 25 - A Product Review

Today's prompt: Review something! A place, a book, a service, a product. Anything at all!

I did ponder over what to choose to write about for today's challenge and eventually I decided to review an item we bought recently in the hope it would help me sleep a little better by allowing me to breathe (even a little) easier.

I have asthma. I've had lung/breathing problems for as long as I can remember.  As a child I would have a yearly bout of Bronchitis which kept me away from school for weeks at a time.  During coughing fits at night I would find myself unable to breathe on my own.  I've always known honeys that this is how I'll die someday.

You can understand then, with my lungs trying to kill me, why I try desperately to avoid anyone with colds or flu, not easy when you work retail :/  A cold can never be a cold you see, it always falls into my lungs and becomes an impossible to get rid of, can't-shift-it-with-dynamite chest infection. Eugh!

Add to this that I take Arthritis medication which effectively flattens my immune system and the last thing I need are any other reasons for my lungs to have to work even harder than they do.

While shopping online I saw an item called a Puripod...

Puripod - Silent Ionic Air Purifier

I read the online description which promised to banish any number of pollutants, allergens and other air borne irritants and decided to try to research it online because, in spite of the packaging screaming "as seen on TV" I hadn't heard of it.

I have to admit that what I did find was encouraging.  There was no lack of positive customer reviews, on several different sites,  and I also found a video on youtube...
Having watched the video, in addition to reading the views of customers who had already bought it, I thought why not?  If this little unit worked even a fraction as well as the ad seemed to suggest, then it would be well worth the £22 cost.  Unfortunately, the Puripod was out of stock when I placed my order but I received an email saying more stock was expected and it would be with me as soon as possible.

When it did arrive, I removed the packaging to find a rather smart little plastic unit.  Not small, but also not big enough to be intrusive or to get in the way.  This is the unit...

Puripod - Air Purifying Unit

So, what we have then honeys was a compact, attractive little unit with no wires to trip over or filters to change.  Simply plug it into an outlet/socket and let it work said the instructions.  so that night when I went to bed, off upstairs went the Puripod too.

I have to admit I really didn't expect much. I sometimes have to sleep propped up with pillows because it's difficult to breathe and I have to admit, this tiny unit does seem to have made a difference.  I don't sleep through the night, but dear ones, I never will.  I haven't for many, many years. This little unit can't help joint pain I'm afraid.

The Puripod certainly has though helped the air feel different in the bedroom upstairs. Different how? I can't pin it down honeys.  The best I can say is that I don't wake up feeling that the room is too "close" or airless.  My head doesn't feel "stuffy" and I am very aware that I don't feel like I have a weight on my chest.

Is it silent?  Mostly yes.  If you listen very closely you can hear a faint "fan" like sound but it certainly shouldn't be loud enough to keep anyone awake.  It does boast that it eliminates dust particles but that doesn't mean you can bin your dusters I'm afraid, it's a teeny air purifier not a housekeeper :)

So dear ones, would I recommend the Puripod? I have to say that honestly, yes, I would.  I like how I feel when I wake up.  I'm none the wiser about how exactly it works, but I like that it seems to allow me to breathe, and so feel, better.  Go Puripod, you rock!

Till next time honeys, smile lots and hug every single chance you have, and please do check out my fellow lovely blogger's Blogtember reviews here huggles always xx

Blogtember 2016

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