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Blogtember Day 19: My Favourite Past Posts

Hi Honeys
Back again for day 19 of the Blogtember blogging challenge organized for us all by the lovely Bailey Jean of Love Baily Jean blog  It's still not too late to join in all the fun and you can find Bailey's daily prompts here.

Blogtember Day 19 - Favourite Past Posts

Today's prompt: A list of your favourite blog posts you've written...

Rosies Cottage Favourite Past Posts: Health, homemaking, organising and recipes.

Oh my! Choosing only a handful of posts from among the (not counting this post) 384 posts I've written since starting this blog in January 2014 was not an easy task! I've tried though and here are (some of) my favourites...

Health Matters

What To Expect When Attending Your Mammogram Screening Appointment - This post details my experiences during my very first mammogram screening appointment.  There is also a great video there to watch produced by the Scottish National Health Service as well as a link to a downloadable pdf file with useful information.

Mammogram Update & Helpful Links - This is the update post written when I received my results letter but it also has links to additional, useful downloadable pdf information leaflets.

12 Ways To Stay Cool In A Heatwave & 6 Ways To Help Furbabies Stay Cool Too - Ways to have fun but stay safe on hot, Summer days and to help keep your furbabies safe too.

Smoothie Packs: How An Hour A Week Can Help You Be Healthier!  I love this post.  As I type this I still have a drawer in our freezer with these little pre-made super healthy fruit bags all ready to become yummy smoothies :)

Homemaking & Organizing

6 Ways To Make Your House A Home - I had such fun writing this honeys, I swear our not-in-the-tiniest-bit-fancy home hugs me when I get home :)

Our Tiny Mudroom Tour - Our most recent organizing project and I'm still loving it!

How To Avoid Adding Clutter To Your Home When Shopping -  6 questions to ask before you part with your hard earned cash.

10 Simple Hacks To Make Laundry Day A Breeze! - I know honeys, again with the laundry! :) These tips might help though, honest :)

6 Never Fail Declutter Tips - I'm still using these rules as we work from room to room in our home :)


Super Easy & Delicious Banana Muffins - There are no words for how yummy these muffins are or how easy they are to make! Enjoy! x

Super Easy & Delicious Banana Muffins Recipe

Scrummy & Super Easy Chocolate Swiss Roll - So easy to adapt honeys, leave out the cocoa powder, add a little vanilla essence & use jam (strawberry or whichever is your favourite? Lemon curd is fabulous too) for a delicious alternative.

Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe - soft, moist, delicious and so easy to adapt to other flavours

Scottish Caramel Shortbread Traybake - A tray bake because you'll want to share honeys :)  Beyond delicious and a real treat! Replace the chocolate sprinkles with a layer of milk chocolate to make millionaire shortbread but this is how we rolled in 1970s Scottish schools :)

Scottish Caramel Shortbread, a favourite of generations of Scottish school children, always served with thick, warm custard #yum

Easiest Ever Yummy Gingerbread Cookies - These delicious cookies are so easy they practically make themselves :) Such a fun recipe to make with little ones on baking day.  Enjoy honeys x

Easiest, Tastiest, Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Rosie's Cheesy Scrambled Egg On Toast - You'll never want to eat scrambled egg & toast any other way ever again :)

Rosie's Cheesy Scrambled Egg On Toast

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni - A vegetarian version of cannelloni, so easy to make and makes a yummy dinner treat served with a crispy salad.

Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni Recipe


How To Safely Defrost Meats Quickly Without Using The Microwave -  So useful when you've forgotten to take a dinner ingredient out of the freezer.

How To Grate Mozzarella Cheese For Perfect Pizza Topping - So easy to do!

Photos, Memories & Believing In Yourself - The importance of self care.  Be careful whose opinion you value dear ones.

You are perfect dear ones x

This has been such a fun prompt today and a lovely wander down memory lane :)  Till next time, smile lots honeys and hug even more and please remember to check out the other posts in today's Blogtember Challenge which you'll find here. Huggles always xx

Blogtember 2016


  1. Rosie! I loved your mammogram screening posts! I've never had one and am very nervous about it so it's really helpful to have someone talk so openly about it. I also remembering reading your how to avoid clutter while shopping. This one is SO good for me. I just love small little treasures and knick knacks and they just take up space! Thanks for sharing oxoxo. Off to share that one via facebook. :)

    1. Hi Heather, aw bless you angel that's so sweet! I got myself into such a state before my mammogram and I wanted to try to take some of the mystery out of it. Information is power, you can't be afraid of something if you know all about it. You are entitled to ask for female staff, although the clinic I was sent to was a locked mobile one, with no men allowed inside, not even if they'd accompanied their partner, they would have to wait outside so it felt like such a safe space. The nurses in the screening unit were so nice and so friendly and it was all over in no time flat! Nothing to worry about at all.

      I know what you mean about lots of little treasures! I adore little things, momentoes, memories but they soon take over surfaces and collect dust too. Maybe the best thing is to have some kind of rotation system in place? Only to display some at a time instead of having them all out? I definitely need to try that :) Huggles honey xxx

  2. Good to have as I am catching up! :) Hope you are well. We head off to Manchester UK in two days!! Can't wait!

    1. Wonderful!! What are you going to do and see? I haven't been to Manchester (or anywhere else lol) in so many years! Have such fun honey! huggles always xxx

  3. Damn typed a reply and hit signout! Noo!
    We are bringing Heath's youngest two kids to see their grandparents who live in southport. They stay with us for 2 weeks then we are roaming when they return to Australia.

    1. Oh no!! I've done that :) Immediately followed by "no,no no I didn't mean to sign out! then what's my google password again..." LOL :) Wonderful! I hope you're having the best holiday Yvonne, you so deserve it, huggles xxx