Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rosie's Wonderful Wee Closet - The Work Continues..

Hi honeys
Today I thought I'd share the latest little addition we've made to my very much loved (and it so is!) used every single day tiny closet :)
Rosies Closet - the work continues
I really do adore my wee closet honeys.  It's such a pleasure to use, putting laundry away is a breeze and everything I need is right at my fingertips. I used to practically live in yoga pants & tee shirts at one point and now I wear pretty dresses, add accessories, match hair clips & jewellery... even if I'm not going out of the house that day.  I really do look forward to getting dressed every morning :)

Do you remember my weeny closet?  Hubby had originally decorated the much bigger closet in our guest room/craft room for me but since we had a closet in our bedroom which was being used to store boxes, it seemed far more sensible to use that cupboard instead. 

Having decided to use the smaller closet, I then set out to find ways to squeeze every little bit of storage available in that space and did I :)  The parts I'm most proud of include the fabulous little shelf which sits behind the clothing rail... 
Narrow shelf placed BEHIND the hanging rail is ideal for accessories

This was essentially wasted space, and the addition of a narrow shelf here is just perfect to store accessories such as hair clips, jewellery and other small necessities a girl needs.

I'm also very fond of the shelf which sits directly above the cupboard door.....   
Shelf placed high above the cupboard door makes great use of wasted space

This shelf makes great use of what would otherwise be valuable, though wasted, storage space. I added these  pretty storage boxes and the smaller accessories stored in them are not only far easier to reach when I want them, but the boxes also keep the smaller items contained and free of dust too.
The latest addition to my happy little closet is such a simple idea and yet it's made such a difference already.  This idea is all over Pinterest and really I wasn't sure about incorporating it into my closet at first, but since we had two spare BYGEL rails from Ikea in our guest room, I thought why not try....
Scarf rail in closet
I adore scarves.  Love them.  I love wearing them too and until we added the bygel rail as a hanging rail for them I had them folded and stored in a pretty hat box.  It's so much easier now to instantly grab the scarf I need from the rail than it was to take down the hat box and rummage through looking for a scarf that will match the outfit I've chosen.

The shelf behind the closet's hanging rail is still similar to how it was when I last shared with you honeys, although I have added two small jewellery boxes and better organized my smaller accessories.  It's just costume but I've had some of the items for such a long time and they have happy memories attached :)  
Closet shelf BEHIND the clothes rail - Fabulous use of space
In addition to the two jewellery boxes, the shelf is also home to a clear acrylic box I got a while ago from Ikea. This is home to my hair clips, scrunchies etc.  On the other side of the shelf are two zipped fabric organizers.  The blue one is a wallet which holds my TENS machine, designed to help with arthritis pain, and its accessories.  The pink zipped bag is home to my collection of "footsies" and trainer socks.
Closet shelf BEHIND the clothes rail - contents
I really am ridiculously excited about this little bygel rail :) I love that my scarves at right at my fingertips and all out on display so I can "shop" my own closet :) As I said honeys, it really is a pleasure getting dressed in the mornings now.  I feel like I have my own wee boutique and it's all contained in a teeny tiny space :)

Over to you honeys, have you used a rail to organize scarves? or necklaces even, it strikes me that it would be a great way to store statement necklaces, either by fastening them over the bar itself or by using S hooks hanging from the bar?

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend dear ones, and that your week is off to a great start.  Sending heaps of hugs always xx


  1. What a great idea! My scarves are heaped together in a basket like a great big jumbled mess lol

    1. Hi Jenna :)
      Thank you so much for visiting I soooo love this teeny weeny closet :) I actually get excited about getting dressed after my shower every morning, how silly is that :) I love picking hair clips, scarves and accessories and they're all in one place :) It must be wonderful to have a "proper" closet, like the gorgeous ones on Pinterest but I'm so happy with my teeny tiny cupboard :) Hugs Jenna xx