Friday, 25 September 2015

Blogtember Day 25: 3 songs I'm connecting with right now..

Hi Honeys
Blogtember Day 25 Music
Today's prompt asks: Three songs you are connecting with right now.  I adore music! Earlier this week I asked Hubby if he'd help me find my MP3 player because I hadn't been able to find it in three days.  Three days without my music honeys, that's catastrophic! I can't be without my music.  Luckily, Hubby bless him had the idea of looking behind the sofa and sure enough, there it was :) Thank you sweetheart xx

So, now that order is restored to my world and I have my music back :) on to today's prompt.  I decided I would just clear my head and see what songs appeared in it and this is what I came up with....  

Dinnerladies theme song by Victoria Wood

This rarely heard, hauntingly beautiful song really does sum up how I feel about my life right now honeys.  The years are wearing (have worn?) me away.  I'm losing my "spark" I think.  Might be the change in the weather. It's getting chilly and I don't fare well without the sun.  I've always been sure that the stork dropped me off in the wrong place. I belong somewhere with constant sunshine, somewhere I can be happy hanging out laundry all day long :)  

Yesterday Once More by the Carpenters
I have loved this song for as long as I can remember, and even after all these years it can still make me cry.  I'm spending a little too long in the past right now.  Too many regrets, too many things left undone.  I really should do something about that, starting with making a serious effort to work on the novel I've started countless times.

Goodness my choices are terribly sad! Pay me no mind honeys I clearly have a dark cloud over my head right now.  Whenever I get that way I always count my blessings, of which I have many, and for that I'm sincerely grateful every single day. 

Fools Get Lucky by Barry Manilow
Without a doubt the biggest blessing in my life has been my dear husband.  He's as important to me as the air I breathe.  We're one of those sickeningly happy couples who are happiest in each others company. This song sums up how I feel about him perfectly. I got really lucky honeys. I was truly blessed and I'll be forever grateful.  Oddly enough he says the same about me!  Some people are just meant to be together, we're living proof of that.  If we hadn't met outside that cinema all those years ago we'd have met somewhere else. It was destiny, and now I'm getting teary again. Happy tears though.  Now those ones I don't mind :)  

I can't wait to see which songs everyone choose. Till next time dear ones, stay warm, it's gotten chilly really fast I've noticed, and smile lots :) Hugs always xx


  1. So glad you found your MP3 player....and I am so happy that you are one of those sickeningly happy couples! Hahah! The world needs more of those and it gives everyone hope!
    I feel like I got real lucky+blessed too with my husband and often I'm little embarrassed with how much we love each other!

    1. Hi Heather :) I'm so glad you were blessed too! You shouldn't ever be embarrassed about loving your dear Hubby, people at work must be fed up of my talking about Hubby :) Isn't it wonderful to be able to truthfully say that you're married to your best friend? Because that's how it should be :) On the day Hubby & I were married, when my Dad and I were alone waiting for the car to take us to church, my dear Dad told me that while girls needed their friends, from that day onwards I should make sure that Hubby was my best friend (and that I was his). He said if we faced life together nothing could ever beat us, we'd always be happy, and you know he was right, bless him :) I'm so, so happy that you've been blessed too. Have a fabulous weekend dear Heather, sending you mountains of hugs xx