Monday, 28 September 2015

Blogtember Day 28: A Day in the Life...

Hi honeys,
Welcome back for another post in the blogtember challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Blogtember has been such fun this year!

Blogtember Day 28 A Day In The Life

Today is day 28 and our prompt is: A day in the life. Take us through it with you. OK, I have to warn you, Hubby and I might be the most boring people on the planet, but we're happy in our boringness :)  Also I'm going to write this from the assumption that the day we go through is a "good" day.  A day where I am coping with the assorted baggage which accompanies living with a chronic illness.  So we'll assume I am managing to get around the house and carry out daily chores. On not so good days the arthritis does tend to kick my butt so we'll gloss over that and concentrate on a good day instead.

Our day begins early around here, before 5am normally, with our furbaby Jade wagging her tail against the wall. Either because she wants to go out or because it's chilly and she wants a cuddle :) I'll normally have been awake for an hour or so already, probably watching the news channel or reading on my tablet.  We'll both go downstairs open the backdoor and let our baby out into the back garden to investigate while Hubby gets dressed to take her walkies.

While she's waiting, Jade might be trying to find squirrels in the garden. She adores the little furry critters but they're too nervous to play with her so she'll sit on the grass staring up at the trees in the lane behind our back garden listening.  I remember one afternoon a squirrel fell out of one of the trees and landed with a soft thump maybe 9 or 10 feet away from where Jade was standing on the grass. They stared at each other fixedly and Jade's tail went up and started wagging. 

I'd only just appeared at the back door with a basket of laundry to peg out as this happened and to be honest it scared me. I mean she loves squirrels but the poor wee creature was probably scared silly of Jade. If she went bounding over would the squirrel be able to reach the safety of the trees before Jade reached him and pinned him down for a wash? If not what would the squirrel do? I didn't want the poor wee squirrel having some kind of fit of fear because of our baby nor did I want Jade chasing her new friend into the house :)

As it turned out I didn't have to worry, I called her name Jade turned to look at me and as soon as eye contact had been broken the squirrel was off. Running across the grass up the garden fence and up into the tree where he stared down at Jade who had run across to the fence trying to follow.  They stared at each other until the squirrel bounded off.  Poor Jade looked so sad, bless her.  The laundry stayed in its basket for a while so we could play fetch with her ball :)

Back to our morning then, Hubby will take Jade walkies and I'll switch the heating and the TV on (news channel again.)  When Hubby and Jade get back from their walk he'll have his breakfast then  shower and get dressed for work.  While he's doing that Jade will cuddle Mum on the sofa and we'll watch the news.  Hubby sets off for his morning commute to work around 7am and Jade and I will start our day.  First I'll go shower & get dressed. Then my first task of the day - laundry. 

Jade Helps Mum With Laundry

I can't be the only person who gets such joy from doing laundry, can I honeys?  On a sunny day - although it should be said that even in Summer we don't have many of those in Scotland - but on a sunny day laundry will be pegged outside - such joy!  Otherwise it will be arranged neatly on the pulley in the kitchen.  I do laundry every morning.  I'll have clothes of course, whatever Hubby & I have both worn the day before but also towels & nightwear too.  Towels are used once & only once and then popped into the laundry basket. I'm freaky about my linens and like them to be fresh & clean each time they're used.

With laundry done I'll decide what I'm making for dinner that night and gather the ingredients I'll need, including taking anything needed out of the freezer. Jade and I will go upstairs and make the bed & tidy away any accumulated clutter.  Then it's back downstairs and switch my laptop on. Check emails and either write or plan a blog post.  Jade will climb up onto the sofa with her Mum while I do this, or she'll instead go for a nap on her mini sofa, when she settles on her cushion I cover her with her blanket and off she goes for a nap.

Naptime For Jade

Our baby adores her blankets, and she loves being snuggled under them for her nap :) Jade & I will pass our time, me on the computer Jade either napping or playing with whichever toys she retrieves from her toy box, until around 3-3.30pm when I'll usually go make a start on dinner so that it's ready for Hubby getting home from work.  I know it might not be fashionable any more to say this, but  Hubby works really hard to provide for us and I like him to have a nice dinner waiting for him when he gets home.


After dinner, Jade & Hubby will get their jackets on and off they go for their evening walk.  When they get back we'll watch TV for a while until somebody starts yawning (Jade is too adorable when she gets sleepy :) we'll let Jade out into the garden for a few minutes and we'll all trot off upstairs to Bedfordshire. Jade has a large bed at the foot of ours and she'll hop straight in and usually hug which ever her current favourite teddy is, right now its an adorable panda bear from Ikea :) She knows when she settles into her bed she'll be snuggled under her blankets.

That's it honeys. That's as exciting as our lives get and God willing it will stay that way.  Honestly, I wouldn't have our lives any other way. We are sickeningly happy in our wee home full of hugs, and I hope with all of my heart that you're all every bit as happy too :)  Till tomorrow dear ones, sending hugs and smiles always xx


  1. I think it sounds wonderfully relaxing, and from a fellow spoonie, it sounds like you are doing a great job of reducing your stressors in your day, good for you!!

    1. Heidi! Thank you! It's wonderful to hear someone say they understand! I work late shifts on weekends and to be able to do that I have to almost completely shut down on Thursdays, if I don't do that I just won't be able to get through those shifts. I so long for the days when I had more energy than I could use. Thank you for understanding Heidi, but I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this too, you're such a lovely person. Sending lots of gentle spoonie hugs xx

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with laundry! I love the feeling of having it all clean and put away but sometimes it feels like an endless process!

    1. Hi Donna, you so made me giggle :) If I could, I would do everyone's laundry for them and smile all the while :) I adore it. I even love folding and putting it all away. Oh, the sight of a cupboard full of lovely fresh linens or a stack of fresh fluffy towels :) It's just joyful to me :) The only thing that comes close is a stack of books I haven't read yet :) Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello Donna, sending heaps of huggles xx

  3. Rosie! Thank you so much for walking us through your day. As I was writing I felt a bit vulnerable sharing my schedule moment by moment like it might not be exciting enough. But I loved reading about your schedule and bright cheery day. Your Jade is absolutely adorable and she look so cozy under her blanket. I cannot wait till we can get a dog!!! What a great little companion. And I am in awe of your ability to do laundry every day. My husband and I both DREAD laundry. I wish I loved it. I love clean but I hate laundry. It's a tough combo :) Sending you hugs!

    1. Hi Heather! Your post today is wonderful! You should be so proud of your day and of what you do. You make a difference every day, how many of us can say that? I'm so proud of you, I hope that you're proud of you too x I'm so sorry to read about your closet and hoping it will all be fixed soon. Thank you! Jade is a little furry angel who keeps her Mum smiling all day long. I keep being told that she's spoiled and my reply is always that she's so not! she's just loved a whole lot is all :) Thank you for visiting Heather, sending heaps of hugs dear one xx

  4. Love the centering around Jade, you rock!(ALL THREE of you!)

    1. Hi Pam :) I LOVE your post about Scout's day :) He's so beautiful and is very lucky to have you as his Mum. Your photos are beautiful too, what a gorgeous park, it must be such a joy to visit. Thank you so much for dropping by to say hello you've made me smile, I think you & your furbabies are awesome xx