Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Smiles! Let's Make A Sunny Friendly Pet Cloud..

Hi Honeys,
taking a break from Blogtember today because today's prompt is to make a VLOG and I'm nowhere near confident enough to try that, so I thought I'd share a wonderful craft project I found on Pinterest and just had to try :)
Friday smiles lets make a pet cloud

Is anyone old enough to remember the craze of Pet Rocks?  I always wanted a pet rock but the closest I ever got was the prettiest pebble Hubby found for me on a trip to the beach before we got married.  I still have that pebble now, it's one of my treasures :) Which brings me back to todays post.

Have you ever thought about having a pet cloud? Not all clouds are rain clouds, some are bright, sunny, blue skies & laundry day clouds :) I was on Pinterest and saw the most beautiful, most charming, most adorable, cute as a button craft project :) Having seen it, I just knew I had to try it and I did!  This is the result....
Pet Clouds
Aren't they adorable honeys?  To make these gorgeous little clouds I followed a tutorial by the lovely Jenn of Rook No. 17 which you can see here.  Jenn even has a link to download the tab top for the packaging which has the sweetest little poem on it:

"In the whole wide world
With everything in it
You're one of a kind
The sky is the limit"

Wouldn't these make perfect little gifts? maybe a cute little craft to pop into a card to make a loved one smile?  Whoever received one of these would surely be smiling :)

Do say hello to Jenn if you visit. Her blog is wonderful and such a friendly place to visit.  You can find Jenn's blog here and the link to her beautiful pet cloud craft project is here.  If you're on Twitter why not say hello to Jenn here.  Thank you Jenn, you so made me smile and I'm sure I'll be making these little clouds for a long time to come <hugs> x

Tomorrow when we're on to day nineteen of the Blogtember challenge, where we describe one of the best days of our lives.  Till then dear ones, hugs always xx

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