Friday, 4 September 2015

Blogtember Day 4: What Are Your Passions?

Hi honeys
Blogtember is back and I almost missed it! How did I get so out of the loop?  Too much going on recently but this morning I thought I'd check through a few of my favourite blogs and what do I find? The lovely Bailey Jean is running her Blogtember Challenge again this year :) Yaaay! I had the most fun last year with the first Blogtember Challenge :) I was still a very new blogger then and it felt so wonderful to be part of something that was so much fun and created a fabulous sense of community too.

Blogtember is a list of daily prompts, suggested blog subjects/titles, for each day in September.  Don't worry though honeys, you only have to take part in as many as you want to, you can write every day or not it's up to you.   Blogtember is such a fun way for bloggers to get to know each other because once you've written and published your post for that day you can go to twitter and search for #blogtemberchallenge and you'll be able to read other bloggers posts too, remember though honeys if you do, to say hello in the comments section, it really is a fun way to meet fellow bloggers and make new friends :)

Since I've missed the first 3 days honeys, you can find my posts from Blogtember 2014 here:
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Blogtember 2015 Blogging Challenge Day Four
Today then is day four of Blogtember 2015, and today's prompt is "what are you passionate about?"

Family & Friends

First in any list of blessings I have are my Husband and our furbaby Jade.  They are the centre of my world. Hubby is my best friend, he knows me better than anyone else in the world. We've been married for so many years now and every year that goes past we get closer.  If I had a wish for everyone who reads this honeys, it's that you find what I have, and that you're as happy as we've been all these years.  Then I have my friends, you know who you are honeys and thank you for being a blessing in my life, I don't know what I'd do without you, love you x

Our Home

Our home is a happy one.  Right now it's still stuffed with too much clutter but we're working on it. Yep, I said we :)  Everything I've ever gotten excited about, from silly unimportant things to absolute passions, like the need to downsize and make our home more manageable, Hubby smiles his beautiful smile, gives me a huge hug and joins in :)  We have plans for each room of our home, I've shared what we've done to our kitchen for instance, but there is still much to do.  As we get it accomplished honeys, I'll share it here x


I can't NOT write. I really can't honeys. I've always written. Poems, fan fic, lots of scribbles in lots of notebooks.  Writing was always my favourite way to express myself.  In recent years it's become pretty much my only way.  My blog is my voice and it still surprises me that anyone reads my posts :) If you're reading this now, thank you honeys  Thank you for visiting and for making my corner of the web less lonely x

So, there it is, my wee contribution.  What are you passionate about honeys? Are you joining this year's blogtember challenge?  If so, do leave a link to your post in the comments section below and share your post?   Have a fabulous weekend dear ones, till next time, hugs always xx