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Blogtember Challenge Day13 Rosie's Mood Board

Hi Honeys
Hope everyone is well and loving the blogtember challenge too, it's been such fun so far and I've discovered some wonderful new blogs to follow too.  Thank you Bailey Jean, I'm loving Blogtember :)  Yesterday was such a busy day.  I was awoken a little before 4am by a photo album, containing photos from my College days, landing on my head! What a way to start the day! We then spent the day delivering all of the boxes of things we'd spent most of this week de-cluttering from our home to our local charity shop and then some grocery shopping around a crazy busy supermarket.  A very busy, but smile filled day :) 

Today then we're onto day thirteen of the blogtember challenge hosted by the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love Blog.
Blogtember Day 13 Rosies Mood Board
Day thirteen's post asks: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life.  How much fun is that?  I love this prompt because it asks us essentially to look at where we are in life and at what we hold dear.

So, without further ado dear ones, here is my mood board.  It's not an exciting board but every part of it is very precious to me.  Here we go then honeys... 

Blogtember 2015 Rosies Mood Board

1 Jade

Our furbaby is the centre of our home :) We were blessed to adopt her five years ago from a local rescue and I joke that it's taken her a wee while but she's finally gotten us trained the way she wants us :) Co-workers joke that she's spoiled but I always tell them she's not spoiled, she's just loved an awful lot :)  She's a wee ray of sunshine and brightens every single day, bless her. 

2. My Husband

There are no words for how blessed I was the day I met Hubby.  Bless him he always says the same thing too (thank you sweetheart x)  One of my posts during blogtember last year was written entirely about Hubby and I stand by every word :) If you'd like to you can read it here honeys x

3 My Blog

I adore my blog :) I've always written honeys, everything from poems to fan fic, (I'm a Babylon 5 girl :)  Lots of scribbles in lots of notebooks through the years but my wee blog is the first time I've been so focused, not only on writing regularly but also on what I write.  Previously I would usually just sit with a pen in hand or fingers on a keyboard and stuff would appear :) I'm also mostly writing to a timetable rather than just because I want to.  Blogging has been a real learning curve for me,  I've discovered that I actually enjoy having deadlines to meet, even when I'm really only answerable to myself.  

4. Experimenting in the Kitchen

I love to cook, bake and generally have fun in the kitchen.  I love new recipes, but I also adore  experimenting with ingredients just to see the results.  I spend ages with my nose in various cookbooks, well lots of books really but I'm getting ahead of myself :)

5. Fluffy Clouds On A Sunny Day  

I adore fluffy clouds, love them.  They make me smile :) Jade and I try to see shapes in them when we're out in the garden on (rare) beautiful sunny days... well maybe that's just me really, Jade mostly wants to play fetch with her ball :)  The best thing about rare Scottish sunny days is when the sun (and fluffy clouds) appear it's laundry time :) Such joy!

I adore laundry.  As I've said before on this blog honeys, it really is my favourite homemaking task. Love it, love it, love it :) I really do get such joy from a freshly made bed, lots of lovely clean, fluffy towels, Hubby's crisp, ironed shirts and Jade's soft fluffy blankets.  Our furbaby adores being snuggled under one of her throws when she goes for a nap and I like to keep them fresh and fluffy for her.

6 Books 

Long books, short books, fiction, non fiction, textbooks (still have lots of my College/Uni books, couldn't bear to part with them, they're friends :) recipe books, more recently blogging books... you get the idea :) You can see a teeny tiny glimpse of my obsession hobby here and here  and again here :) I read a wonderful quote recently that made my heart smile.  

"An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise" - Thomas Wharton

Isn't it beautiful honeys?  Books were my best friends from a very early age.  No matter where I was I'd have a book in my hands and I was so happy.  Life was something that got in the way of my reading :)  Luckily I married a man who loves books as much, if not more, than I do so we're a happy, well matched wee pair :)

So, that's my mood board.  I can't wait to see other posts for today's prompt.  Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx

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