Monday, 7 September 2015

Blogtember Challenge Day 7: Where Did Your Blog Name Come From?

Hi Honeys
Day seven of the Blogtember Challenge organized by the lovely Baily Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Are you taking part? It's never too late to join in and it's such fun :)  You can find the list of daily prompts for this month here.

Today's prompt asks:  "Tell us about your blog name?  Where did it come from?"
Blogtember Challenge Day 7 where did your blog name come from
My blog is called Rosie's Cottage.  Even the name makes me smile :) I named my blog after my dream home.  A place that probably only exists in my mind's eye and yet I can see it so clearly, down to the tiniest detail.  It's a tiny, perfect cottage by the sea where I would grow vegetables in the back garden and herbs on my kitchen windowsill. 

The kitchen would be the centre of our home, with pretty red gingham & lace curtains and always full of the smell of freshly made bread.  The back door would constantly be open so Jade could run in and out of the garden, inspecting but never catching (like now) her butterflies & other garden visitors :) 
Rosie's dream home by the sea
There would be roses and lavender growing in our front garden and it would have the prettiest little gate with our names on it.  Just a ways along from our cottage would be sand covered steps leading down to the beach.

We'd sit in the garden every morning with a mug of tea and listen to the waves and every evening after dinner Hubby and I would walk down to the beach with Jade so she could play fetch with a favourite ball. 

If I had to write a description of the perfect home for Hubby, Jade & I, well this would be it honeys.  This isn't to say that I don't love our present home, because I so do and every day I'm grateful for what we have because we've both worked hard for it over the years, but someday, somehow, it would be lovely to live in a tiny cottage by the sea...

Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx


  1. Love it! I wanna live in that cottage too...though, I think mine would have to be somewhere in the woods or mountains with a little stream running past and a stone bridge to walk across into the meadow filled with! Can't believe I came up with that!!! (I used the mountains or woods instead of beach because I really get sooooo tired and worn out in the heat where I live in Florida; and hardly ever go to the beach!!

    Loved reading about your dream cottage and how your name came to be!

    1. Thank you Barbara! oooo a meadow filled with wildflowers sounds beautiful! As does your little stream with a tiny bridge over it, wonderful! I live on the west coast of Scotland where it pretty much rains all the time :) Even when the rain stops it's grey and overcast so we soak up every little bit of sun we are blessed with :) I would so adore the sunny skies and lovely warmth of Florida :) Thank you so much for visiting & saying hello, it means more than I can say, sending heaps of hugs xxx

  2. Ahhh, your dream home sounds gorgeous. I think I might blog about mine or else this comment will be really long! I would like to visit your dream home. :) xxx

    1. oooooo Leah!! Please please blog your dream home!!! I'd so love to read it!! huggles always honey xxx