Thursday, 24 September 2015

Blogtember Day 24: Favourite Bloggers!

Hi honeys
I'm back again, having skipped yesterday's blogtember guest post prompt.  I haven't ever done a guest post before or asked anyone to write one for me, not because I'm against the idea or anything more because I'm not sure how that works :)  So yesterday I enjoyed a lovely restful day hugging our furbaby Jade and watching TV. It was bliss :) Today then we're on to day twenty four of Bailey Jean's blogtember challenge.

Blogtember Day 24 My Favourite Blogs
Today's prompt has to be one of my favourites of last year! Bailey Jean asks: Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?

Again, as with last year's blogtember challenge prompt on our favourite blogs, it's really, seriously difficult to only choose five!  I can only promise to try honeys, so here we go....

Some Of My Favourite Blogs...


Do you have an interest in design? Do you love looking at gorgeous images of dream homes, to die for kitchens & bedrooms? If so then you have to visit this fabulous site!  I don't think I can say it any better than I did for this same prompt last year honeys when I wrote this....

There are no words for how stunningly beautiful the images all are at the Decoist blog.  It is my go-to place when I want to relax & immerse myself in beautiful design, gorgeous photos of dream homes & inspirational DIY ideas.  You can browse by room if, like me, you enjoy seeing images of beautiful bedrooms, dream kitchens (& accessory ideas), luscious living rooms & delectable dining rooms  Wait till you see some of the dreamy outdoor spaces.  It's a slice of paradise on the internet and I urge you to visit. Take a coffee though, you'll be there a while, enjoy!

Yep, that about sums it up :) It's where I go to unwind and relax, there's so much to see and it really is a wonderful site to get lost in because every new page leads to something fabulous. Remember to take that coffee with you... you really will be there a while :)

Just Me Leah

I couldn't list my favourite blogs without Leah's lovely site being here. It is the friendliest, warmest, loveliest place. I get a hug every time I visit I swear.  Again, I think I summed up Leah's wonderful site best last year when I said....

Leah's blog is like a ray of sunshine. I love it there. It's so full of love & smiles & I always feel like I've been hugged when I'm there :) You'll find marvellous make up & beauty recommendations Leah's gorgeous OOTD posts, (Leah, if you read this I still adore this dress, you look beyond stunning in it.) 

Leah shares life stuff, (do check out Leah's visit to St Thomas the Martyr Church in Winchelsea the photos are fabulous) blogging advice & she is a wonderful advocate for positive body image, do check out her Love Every Body Body Positivity Workshop I found myself reading posts, nodding & in turns smiling & crying because I recognised so much in myself.  Like me, Leah is a spoonie too, but she doesn't let it slow her down. You're an inspiration honey & I so wish I could cope so well <hugs> xx

Leah really is the loveliest, friendliest, sweetest lady and if you haven't met her yet, do go say hello honeys.  Leah if you read this honey, thank you for being you, you rock xx Oh and I LOVE this jacket, you look fabulous in it xx  You can find Leah's lovely site here honeys x

Homedit has become another favourite place to visit in order to chill, to relax and soak in lots of beautiful inspiration.  There are lots of diy ideas, a section of how to ideas, which is chock full of tips and suggestions for how to achieve a designer look while decorating your home without a designer pricetag.  You can browse through beautiful architecture, and there are apartment designs aplenty to help you make the most of even the smallest space. 

You can browse through themed room pages such as the kitchens or home office sections for example, but among my favourite sections to visit is the best of section with so many wonderful articles collected by theme or room or topic, such as 50 ways to use interior sliding barn doors in your home.  Since Hubby and I are trying to create order in our too cluttered with memories home, Homedit & Decoist are both wonderful places to find inspiration.  The fact that both sites are completely packed with the most gorgeous images is just a bonus :)

The Good Work In You

The Good Work in You is a lovely, friendly blog written by Meagan, an aspiring writer and very sweet person.  Meagan is a very new blogger, but her blog is such a welcoming place so why not pop over, say hello and welcome to the blog world honeys?  Good work so far Meagan, you make me smile and brighten my day, hugs honey x

Bows & Buttons

Bows & Buttons is a friendly, fabulous lifestyle and beauty blog written by Hayley.  Hayley is a very sweet lady who, from her previous blog welcomed me to the blogging world by nominating me for a leibster award.  That meant (and still means) the world to me since at the time I didn't really know anyone and was still trying to find my way with my blog. Why not pay a visit to Bows & Buttons and say hi? Hayley's latest post is a review of the My Little Fashion Box release.

Kajsa Kinsella

Kajsa is a sweet, friendly, incredibly talented lady who has written beautiful books including Nordicana a fascinating examination of Nordic culture & style and Sew Scandinavian, which has 35 gorgeous sewing projects dripping with beautiful Scandinavian style.  Kajsa's work has been featured in lots of magazines and her blog, which you can find here honeys, is a great way to keep up to date with her latest magazine articles and book news.

Do you enjoy crafting? High end fashion and home ideas you can replicate at home? There is so, so much to see at this wonderful site! There are yummy food tutorials to try including DIY Ice Cream Popcicles. Do you prefer sewing to cooking? There are adorable free sewing patterns for babies & kids clothing you'll fall in love with. Some of my favourites include the 15 gorgeous DIY bracelet designs, the fabulous DIY ipad and tablet cover tutorials or the beautiful projects (25 of them!) using scarves!

Coco Et La Vie En Rose

Written by Coco this is an amazing blog that always has something new to see and read, with gorgeous fashion & beauty advice. Coco has also been featured in several national magazines.  If you haven't been there yet, do check out Coco's blog, and say hi you can find her here x

OK, I'm going to stop now because I could go on and on, I haven't even mentioned my favourite history & recipe blogs and I adore quite a few of those.  Thanks to blogtember this year I've discovered more fabulous blogs to follow, I've met some really lovely fellow bloggers and I'm having such an amazing time.  It's so sad that we've only a week of blogtember left but huge thanks to the lovely Bailey Jean for organizing it for us again.  This year has been even better than last year x  Till next time dear ones, keep smiling. Hugs always xx


  1. Thanks for giving me a shoutout dear! I appreciate it very much! :)

    1. My pleasure Megan! Your blog is lovely, it's a cosy, welcoming wee corner of the web and a pleasure to visit. Huggles xx

  2. These blog sound interesting, I am most certainly going to pay them a visit.

    1. Hi Lily, thank you for visiting, it's lovely to see you here x Loved your choices today too, I'll check them out on Sunday (I'm working through till late Sat night) Loved your post yesterday too honey, I hadn't heard of the newsboys, have a great weekend! sending hugs xx

  3. Awww thanks so much Rosie! You're a star. Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend. xxx

    1. Hi Leah x You'll always be on my list of favourite blogs honey, your blog is my go to place when I sit down to catch up on my reading, it's a wonderful place to visit and I look forward to the hugs :) Have a fabulous weekend honey huggles always xx