Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Smiles in the Garden :)

Hello honeys,
Just a short post to share a smile I had today in the garden with my furbaby Jade. While throwing Jade's ball for her, which I'm pretty rubbish at because of my shoulders (and she doesn't even seem to mind, bless her :) Well, today, I noticed some daisies :)

Sounds silly I know but I've always loved daisies.  They make me happy just by existing :) So, today while in the garden with Jade, when I saw some daisies growing among the grass on the lawn it so cheered me and I just wanted to share :)

Of course they're not roses, and I do so love roses, but I really do think that daisies are the friendliest, happiest flowers, each one is a perfect little smile :)

I had promised in an earlier post which you can read here that I'd snap a few photos of our beautiful red peonies when they bloom and whilst they haven't bloomed yet, they are starting to show their gorgeous colour, a rich deep burgundy, just peeking out from their buds, so I snapped another photo to let you see how they're progressing and I will definitely post again when they've bloomed properly.

They're so beautiful when in full bloom and I so can't wait to share them with you :) I hope you're having a great day today honeys, full of smiles of your own.  Do you have a favourite flower? Isn't summer just the best time of year? Thank you so much for visiting, sending heaps of hugs xxx

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